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How Language Works

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How Language Works

Much of Tuesdays with Morrie takes the form of aphorism, a short statement of wisdom.  



1. In evaluating life in "bite-sized philosophies," Morrie urged, "Don't assume that it's too late to get involved."

2. Of Mitch's troubled life, Morrie reminded him: "Dying is only one thing to be sad over, Mitch. Living unhappily is something else."

3. Mitch recalled that, in his sophomore year at Brandeis University, Morrie had counseled him on ambition: "If you really want it, then you'll make your dream happen."

4. Of human frailty, Mitch observed, "We all need teachers in our lives."

5. On giving up, Morrie quipped, "When you're in bed, you're dead."

6. In the end, Mitch remarked on the endless possibility of change in human life: "The teaching goes on." 

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