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Maus Info

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A Maus Perspective



1. Describe the faces in Maus.  Are they iconic (could be anyone) or particular (could only be Vladek)? 



2. Why do you think Spiegelman drew the characters this way? Hitler reduced Jews to vermin. Is Spiegelman doing the same thing? Why? 



3. What adjectives would you choose to describe Spiegelman’s artwork? Generally, comics artists draw their works twice the size of the eventual published product. When the artwork is reduced by half, the resulting image is crisp and detailed.  Spiegelman drew Maus at its actual size.  Why do you think he did?  Look carefully at the frames  (the lines around the panels) and the gutters (the space between the frames).  Gaps in the borders, and lines intruding into the gutters are considered “unprofessional.” Why do you think Spiegelman drew Maus this way? 



Characterization in Maus


What are the main personal characteristics of Artie or Vladek


What do we tend to like or admire about either of them?  Are there things about them that we disapprove?


How does the reader feel about the values of Artie or Vladek?  What might the narrative be speaking for the author?


Does the reader see things more clearly than Vladek?


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