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Masterpiece Sentences

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Masterpiece Sentences


Just like great artists create masterpieces, you can use your words to “paint” a masterpiece sentence.


STEP 1: Prepare your canvas


                        Subject + Predicate (verb)

                              The birds flew.


STEP 2: Paint your predicate (verb)


            How? When? Where? How much? How often?

                             The birds flew

                                    gracefully                        (how)

                                      over the trees            (where)

                                        at sunset.                        (when)


STEP 3: Move the predicate painters


            1. Over the trees the birds flew gracefully at sunset.


            2. The birds flew gracefully at sunset over the trees.


            3. At sunset, over the trees the birds flew gracefully.


            4. Gracefully over the trees, the birds flew at sunset.


STEP 4: Paint your subject


            Which? What kind of? How many?

                               Over the trees,

                           the flock of                                      (how many)

                               large birds                                       (what kind of)

                                 coming from the north            (which)

                                      flew gracefully at sunset.


STEP 5: Detail your words


            birds- Canadian Geese            flew- soared

            coming- descending                        over- above


            Above the trees the flock of Canadian Geese descending from the north soared gracefully at sunset.


STEP 6: Apply the finishing touches


         Refine your wording. Move sentence parts. Check for parallel structure. Check punctuation and             spelling.



            Descending from the north, the flock of Canadian Geese soared gracefully above the trees at sunset.


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