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Top 10 Hamlet Assignment

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Hamlet Activity: The Top Ten

For as long as he's been on television doing his late night show, David Letterman always has a Top Ten list - usually comic and sometimes delivered by a celebrity. The Top Ten is a handy way of summing up what's effective (or amusing) about some large event, idea, or story.

For this open-ended assignment, you will design a Top Ten list to present to the class based upon Hamlet. You can pick any topic at all for your Top Ten. For example, you may do "Top Ten Quotations" or "Top Ten Plot-Changing Choices" or even "Top Ten Uses of Symbolism." For possible ideas on what your Top Ten could be about check out Shmoop's sections on:

Make your Top Ten list into a poster that you can reveal to your class one-by-one, starting with your number 10, just as David Letterman presents his list. Feel free to go for comedy -- even if what you're reading is tragic. For example, "Top Ten Irritating Hesitations in Shakespeare's Hamlet."






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