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Indie Reading Tips and Procedures

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Objective for the second nine weeks:

to explore the way journalist convey events and opinions in a newspaper or magazine.



One due by Wednesday @ midnight

One due by Sunday @ midnight



Label like this: (exactly like this)


Blog #1   Oct 3rd 2010 "Travels in Europe While Looking Over Your Shoulder"  by Beth Darva.  (hyperlink the title to the article)

Here is what you should do: (but not limited to)

1. Summarize the main point of the article/name a few ways in which the article is supported

2. Discuss if the article is Objective or Subjective and give reasoning as to your decision

3. Categorize the article by type (click here for a hyperlink)

4. Write a thesis statement in response to the topic of the article (this is a one sentence reaction to the article in your opinion as if you are going to write a response...you should give your opinion




Objective for the first nine weeks:

to take a careful look at choices made by the author



One due by Wednesday @ midnight

One due by Sunday @ midnight



Label like this: (exactly like this)


Blog #4   The Old Man and His Older Man" by Mitch Westfoot.  Choice: How characters use lying to communicate.  Pages (45-100)


Some Options include: (but not limited to)

1. Characters/characterization

2. Conflict types (man vs ?)

3. Setting

4. Relationships

5. Themes

6. Dialogue

7. Point of View

8. Mistakes in judgment

9. Atmosphere

10. Tone

11. Motivation of a character

12. Antagonist

13. Turning Point

14. The ending

15. The Beginning

16. Romance elements or the lack there of

17. Plot

18. Organization of chapters

19. Chapter titles

20. Pace




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