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Quiz YGB

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Question 1.
What does Young Goodman Brown go out to the woods to see?

 a  his wife
b   a private hunt
 c  the old man
 d  a witches' gathering
  End of Question 1



Question 2.
What does the man's staff turn into?

 a  a hangman's noose
  b a gnarly stick
  c a black snake
  d a robe's cord
  End of Question 2



Question 3.
Who does Young Goodman Brown think is in the woods with him?

 a  his wife
 b  his father
  c an angel
  d his older brother
  End of Question 3



Question 4.
Who or what does Young Goodman Brown lose in the woods?

 a  his life
  b his walking stick
  c hope
  d faith
  End of Question 4



Question 5.
"Young Goodman Brown" exemplifies what kind of story?

 a  a fable
 b  a parable
  c an allegory
  d a myth



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