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Film Studies Materials and Assignments

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Clapboard Animated Film Studies Materials and Assignments Projector Animated


Film studies can be used to teach literary criticism, research strategies, integration of quotes within a paper, and correct format for parenthetical citation and bibliography. Although most students watch film passively, they enjoy movies and want to learn more. Film as a genre allows us to teach narrative and poetry, as well as the specialized vocabulary of film.

Teacher Materials: You can print copies of the student handouts below. We have also provided several PowerPoint presentations you may use. Note that you will have to have the application in order to view the shows.


On a Mac, hold down your mouse until a menu pops up. Choose "download link to disk."
On a PC, right click until a menu pops up. Choose "save target as."


Basic Film Terms Film History
OWP Presentation Genre Characteristics (soon)



Guidelines for Legal Use of Videotapes in the Classroom.


Student Materials:
 Handouts for students follow below.


Brief History of Film Group Project & Presentation

Glossary of Film Terminology defines the terms.

Film Terms: A Visual Grammar also defines film terms.

Composition Topics suggests several possible writing assignments based on film.

Viewing Practice Form and Viewing Notes Form can both be used for analysis of film clips.

Rules for Effective Viewing can be used as an overhead to guide student film viewing.

Film Review Information Guide and Film Review Outline provide information for student reviews of outside viewing.

The Student Critic: Critiquing a Black and White Film gives the guidelines for a tightly-structured five-paragraph essay on a black and white film from an approved list of films that I know will work well for this particular essay.

Approved List of Black and White Films offers a variety of readily available films. I have included silent and foreign language films, even a few R-rated needing parent guidance (such as Schindler's List).

Film Genre Guidelines is a generic handout for noting genre characteristics.

Film Genre -- The Western presents three assignments further exploring the western genre, largely as related to the characteristics previously studied in class. See the High Noon Viewing Guide for a specific western film.

A Baker's Dozen: Questions for Reading a Film includes specific questions students can answer to evaluate the quality of a film.

Is This Film Art? Criteria for Evaluating a Film are general concepts that influence whether a film is considered a "classic."

Reviewing the Reviewers gives directions for a critical analysis of a film review.


You will also find links to internet sites about film on the Film Studies Links.

Because there is so much uncertainty about how to cite internet resources, please check the Standard Bibliography Format, where you will also find links to universities and organizations that will provide up-to-date information.

Standard MLA Bibliography Format






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