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Student Pop Article Info

Page history last edited by Jayson Yeagley 13 years, 5 months ago

The Student Pop Article will focus on one element of pop culture that you would like to critically comment on.  You must first pick something worthwhile of commentary.  You must then decide your take on this topic and write a persuasive article like one's that we have read in the past.  This work will be published in a CHS 11th Grade AP Lang PDF file for online distribution. It is important that you put effort into this process.


Due Date: Tuesday February 8th 2011


You must:

1. Create a crafty and witty title that is both catchy and apt

2. Decide what "entire" style you are going to use regarding patterns of development (use one pattern for entire piece)

3. Decide elements of Aristotle's Triangle (all three)

4. Provide an authentic voice in your writing

5. Be prepared to multiple revisions and self-reflection

6. Use Rhetorical strategies (including the chart) that will help you prove your point

7. Use any literature terms that will help you prove your point.



Do you have to ask at this point? 


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