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Door In the Floor

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Door In the Floor by John Irving



There was a little boy who didn't know if he wanted to be born.

His mommy didn't know if she wanted him to be born either.

This was because they lived in a cabin in the woods, on an island, in a lake -- and there was no one else around.

And in the cabin, there was a door in the floor.



The little boy was afraid of what was under the door in the floor and the mommy was afraid, too.

Once, long ago, other children had come to visit the cabin for Christmas, but the children had opened the door in the floor and they had disappeared down the hole.

The mommy had tried to look for the children, but when she opened the door in the floor she heard such an awful sound that her hair turned completely white, like the hair of a ghost.

And the mommy had also seen some things, things so horrible that you can't imagine them.



And so the mommy wondered if she wanted to have a little boy - especially because of everything that might be under the door in the floor.

Then she thought: 'Why not? I'll just tell him not to open the door in the floor!'

Yet the little boy still didn't know if he wanted to be born into a world where there was a door in the floor.




There were also some beautiful things in the woods, and on the island, and in the lake.

'Why not take a chance?' the little boy thought.


So he was born, and he was very happy.

And his mommy was happy again too, although she told the boy at least once every day, 'Don't you ever, not ever - never, never, never open the door in the floor!'

But of course he was only a little boy.


If you were that boy, wouldn't you want to open that door in the floor?




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