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Junior English 11 First Nine weeks Project

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First Nine Weeks Project: Your chance to shine; hard work pays off! 120 points



Your independent book review is due Friday Oct. 21st by class: Optional 10% bonus if completed by Wednesday at midnight.  Everyone has to do # 1.  You will then pick two additional options below and complete the activity.  It is very important you put a lot of time into this.  Show me you read your novel and you are prepared to support it that with textual support.  It is very important you take the project descriptions serious.  Also, pay close attention to the tips below each number in order to earn the most points possible.  ***YOU MUST PUT THIS ASSIGNMENT ON A SPECIAL PAGE LABLED FIRST NINE WEEKS PROJECT IN A FOLDER CALLED INDIE PROJECTS...YOU MUST MAKE THE FOLDER AND FILE.



          #1 (the one everyone must do)

Build a timeline for the major events in the story, focusing on at least twelve incidents.Highlight the initial conflict(s), climax, and resolution of the story in some way. Be sure that the action is accurately placed and that the time between events is indicated neatly.  Make sure you do a good job and you don't rush it.  Let's remember...there are lots of things you could write as this is an entire book.  It is up to you on how you set it up.  You don't need to have the story arc shape...you just need to be very specific about the parts...use your head!


remember to:

* Do awesome; spend a lot of time of this

* This is your first chance to show us what you know




#2 (Hollywood likeness and Character info and quotes)

Decide on a few Hollywood stars you would you choose to play the roles of three of your book's characters.  Support your choices with explanations (appearance, experience, similarities, personality, conversations, attitude or any other character wheel activity).  Find two quotes per person that supports your assertions.  If you choose this one...you would want to focus on one character at a time.  For each of the three characters, explain appearance, experience, similarities, conversations...


remember to:

* Pick a good hollywood star and then explain the common personalities with your book character...

*then do all elements of the character from the novel...be specific!  Don't be general...this is your grade and you must earn it

* two quotes per character that support your assertions (ideas) about your characters.



          #3 (obituary of one character in four paragraphs)

Write an obituary for one of the characters in the book.  Your obituary should follow the outline provided at http://www.lippertfuneralhome.com/owg.htm.  Your final version must be in paragraph form.  It must be

at least four paragraphs in length.  Use information gathered from the story as well as your own imagination as long as you're being 

true to the character.  Your paragraphs should reflect a mature effort that displays that you are a junior in high school.  You should draft this and then go back and fix and edit out issues as well as adding addition information.


remember to:

*Pick a character and then review in info at the web link.  You might also want to look for examples on line (see Google)

*Draft a four paragraph obituary.  

*Review your obituary and fix and edit mistakes.  Look for places to expand your work so that it reflects the idea 'I care about my grade'



        #4 (Quiz using QAR questions and answers) 

Create a twenty-question quiz about your book.  THis must be completely original.  You must also use a specific combo using QAR.  You must have 5 'Right There'.  You must have 5 'Think and Search'.  You must have  also have 5 "Author and You' and 5 "On My Way'.  The questions should test a reader’s knowledge of the story and should focus on character, plot, setting, motivation, conflict, and resolution.  Please include the answers to your quiz questions as well.


remember to:

*Review QAR on this wiki site

*compose a 20 questions test that have 5 questions from each of the four QAR question types

* Provide the answers to each of the questions (some might need to be potential answers)



       #5 (book review)

Take the role of a book reviewer and review your book. Model your review after actual book reviews. Discuss and critique the plot, the characters, the ending (while not giving it away), use of literary devices (symbols, foreshadowing, dialect, irony, figurative language, etc.), other books by the author, overall opinion, etc. Your review should be at least four paragraphs in length.


remember to:

*Review some quality sites that show a book review

*Read some sites that show how to set things up

*write four paragraphs that are quality and worthwhile



      #6--->(Plot made quotes and a reflection)

Tell the story via quotes that from the story.  You should have three quotes for each of the five aspects of the plot structure (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion).  After the quotes, reflect on the story and how the quotes work.  


remember to:

*pick great quotes that show each part of the five parts of the plot. (who said them in parenthesis after the quote).

*make sure you spend a nice amount of time reflecting and not reviewing again...





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