Book Babble

Book Babble Version 2


You will be continuing your book babble.  This new focus will be in the format of your recorded one from last nine week.  You can use visual aids.  You need to complete your Book Babble in 2-3 Minutes.  You should not use your name, school, state, or any other information.  You should also not wear clothing that is identifiable to your school or your town (etc.).  


The assignment is worth 20 points and it is due by Friday on Youtube (you need an account....make one with a name that does not say anything about you.)


You need to pair up with a person that you can grow with.  The other person will interact with you in the comment box.  The comment should be made with the last three letters of your last name.  Example: Jayson would be signed --Son.


Each person must comment very critical comments that would help improve: Presentation, Depth of Discussion, Clarity, Connection to Text.