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Junior Death Body Paragraph Examples

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Example #1--->This is the body paragraph from the Death of a Salesman mini Essay


Willy struggles with the fact that his oldest son, Biff seems to lack any motivation for make a life for him, while Willy works hard every day. Willy set extremely high expectations for Biff, and since Biff still has not done anything with his life, Willy is disappointed. When Willy’s job begins to put him and his family in a budget crunch, Willy ends up having to rely on Biff for financial help. His loss of pride and his sense of manhood sent Willy into a down spiraling depression, and cause him to consider suicide, and also he begins to hate every aspect of his life, including his family By allowing his emotions to take the best of him all because of issues at work, Willy allows his personal life to be turned upside down because of his work life. 


Example #2---> This is the another body paragraph from a different student's  Death of a Salesman mini Essay



First, while Willy had been far too concerned about the success of himself and his children, he forgot how to be a good father and husband. Willy’s goals in life, to be well liked and gain material success, had been leading him in the wrong direction. He completely forgot to care about the little things in life, like the fact that he had a wife that loved and supported him. He offered pour advice to his boys while they grew up, and then later blamed them for their mistakes. For example, he had his sons believing that is they were popular and good looking, they could get anywhere in life. “…but when he (Bernard) gets out in the business world, y’understand, you are going to be five times ahead of him. That’s why I thank Almighty God you’re both built like AdonisesBecause the man who makes an appearance in the business world, the man who creates personal interest, is the man who gets aheadBe liked and you will never want. You take me, for instance. I never have to wait in line to see a buyer. “Also, he took complete advantage of his wife. She had always had his back, and made sure he knew she was there for him. Her lies and treats her badly instead of being there for her and showing her he appreciated her. To ease his lonely life on the road, he has an affair with a woman that works at one of his client's offices. Making these mistakes lead Willy to continuously lie to the people he supposedly “loved,” and to himself.


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