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STARS and Tears Assignment

Page history last edited by Jayson Yeagley 10 years, 8 months ago

STAARS Template



S         Subject (one to two words)


T         Thematic Statement (what the writer says about the subject)


A         Attitude (Tone – 3 words.  What the writer feels about the subject)


A         Audience (To whom is this passage written?)


R         Rhetorical Strategies (Choose one, cite it from the text)



Write a paragraph explaining how the rhetorical strategy you chose contributes to the meaning of the passage following this format:


T         Thematic Statement including a TAG (title, author, genre)


E          Evidence – Incorporate quotations from the text in a sentence which restates           

            what you will explain


A         Analysis – Explain how this strategy contributes to meaning of overall



R         Response – Your response (without using first person) to passage


Created by Linda Davey


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