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Rain Man

Page history last edited by Jayson Yeagley 11 years, 11 months ago


Major Characters


Charlie Babbitt....................Tom Cruise

            A young Los Angeles businessman who sells expensive sports cars.


Raymond Babbitt................Dustin Hoffman

            A "high level" autistic man who lives in a home for the mentally       disabled in Ohio (Some words on autism follow the plot summary).


Susanna................................Valeria Golino

            Charlie's Italian girlfriend.


Dr. Bruner.............................Jerry Molen

            The administrator who is responsible for taking care

            of Raymond at the Ohio home where he lives.






Like the majority of severely autistic people, Hoffman, as the character Raymond, displays these characteristics:

He has almost no facial expression.

He makes no eye contact.
His speech is limited mostly to single words and short phrases.
He tends to respond only to short simple commands and requests. He shows extreme anxiety when unable to maintain his routines. He has obsessive tendencies. 

He is also blessed with sparks of genius






1) How did Charlie change from the beginning of the film to the end?




2) Was it in Raymond's best interest to travel to Los Angeles with Charlie?

Would it have been in his best interest to stay and live with Charlie?




3) Was Charlie "entitled" to 1/2 of his father's estate?




4) Do you know anybody like Raymond?




5) How is it possible to be a genius in math and still think a candy bar and a car both cost about one dollar?




6) Did you like this movie? Why? Why not?






Comments (1)

Jayson Yeagley said

at 11:46 am on Apr 2, 2012

1. In what way is this film a rejection of the American Dream concept?
2. What does the director do to create mood and tone in this film?
3. What do we learn about Charlie from his actions and from the miss-en-scene?
4. What role does the girlfriend play in this film? What function does she have?
5. Describe the pace of this film and how it adds to the narrative.
6. List the conflicts going on.

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