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Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography)

When she got pushed out of a car by her friends and almost had to walk home. 

She was worried that they wouldn't come back. When they did come back she thought they were a weird stranger 

Story # 2 (Biography)

When her dad ran out of the house in his underwhere playing his trumpet and got one of her friend caught in a close line  

Story # 3 (Biography)

HIding in the bushes at a frined house when the state patrol rolled up 


Story # 4 (Autobiography)

this story will be about a time when me my mom my grandpa and my brother slid into a ditch in the winter and had to wait around 2 hours for a tow truck



Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement:  

-Prison does not help to rehbilitate criminals, but things that go on in prison help some.   

(i don't really know how i want to say this i will talk to you about it. 

Specific Research found:  



The effect of prison on prisoners



does jail work dan mdan mdan m



this is a good one weather prison punishment works Good Graphs and statistics i can use.



The outcome of prisoner and weather they are better off.



This link will definatly be used in my essay







Does prison helps criminals. Can they start again when released.



Key Point and Quotes with refrences


-Most people write about how prison doesn't work and not about how it does work. But the ones against it don't ever have a better idea or system to fix the problems


-Religion may be a good tactic to rehabilitation


-(lead in sentence) We see it in movies all the time a criminal finds good in prison and turns a new leaf but is religion really good in prisons.


"Prisoners who come under religious influence while they're behind the walls do better once they're back on the outside and in society than those who lack the religious influence," 

"it was found that prisoners who received religious instruction while in prison had a lower rate of recidivism - return to crime - after being freed than did those who had no such instruction."

By George Cornell, AP Religion Writer

(Edited from The Wilson Daily Times, December 1, 1990)



"One might conclude that those incarcerated are less likely to be rational, cost-benefit calculators." Stuart Henry, Ph.D. http://www.is.wayne.edu/stuarthenry/Effectiveness_of_Punishment.htm

-This say that peopel that are in prison don't reilize the severity of it so they don't think about the cost of comitting a crime.  Use chart.




Work Cited


Aaron. “does jail work?” Crime and Federalism (2005) 30 Mar. 2009


Bonta, James. “The effect of prison on criminal behavior” Public safety Canada (1999) 30 Mar.


     2009 <http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/res/cor/sum/cprs199911-eng.aspx>


Cornell, George. “Study On Effectiveness of Prison Ministries” Bible believers fellowship, Inc.      


     (2008) 30 Mar. 2009 <http://www.prisonministry.org/stats.htm>


Henry, Stuart. “On the Effectiveness of Prison as Punishment” www.is.wayne.edu 30 Mar. 2009




Rosen, Jeremy. “Does Prison Work” Daily Jews (2007) 30 Mar. 2009      





When i copy and pasted this from open office it messed up all the spacing i fixed it best i could. 







Assignment 11



Questions How did the prison/prisoner come to be. Was it thier fault or were they framed. how are the handeling it. What kind of people are held in the prison. has he/she ever escaped. Has annyone ever escaped or tried toe escape from the prison. Types of prisons and prisoners. What is going through a prisoneers mind. challenges they are faced with.

Possible sources


-Prisoners dilemma stanford encylipedia of philosophy http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/prisoner-dilemma/

-Prisons: History - Early Jails And Workhouses, The Rise Of The Prisoner Trade, A Land Of Prisoners, Enlightenment Reforms

-The effect of prison on prisoners


-does jail work



Assignment 10


To view better put your mouse over glogster.com

in the top right corner and go down to view full size.




Assingment 9



The differnce between what occurs in the forest and what occurs in the city.


Things i still need



-Upload song


-More text


Forest 1 http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn209/bilalghouri/magical-forest_800x600.jpg

Shadow forest 1 http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_-LJxArqWsQc/Rb0l8Ofcb2I/AAAAAAAAAmo/YTpqRpngLjk/s400/Sepia%2520Forest.jpg

Stone stuff 1 http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/00/14/60/12/parthenon-remains-athens.jpg

The trees lyrics http://www.scribd.com/doc/104366/Rush-Trees

 Man in forest http://www.william-shakespeare.info/shakespeare-play-a-midsummer-nights-dream.htm

The action takes place in Athens and nearby woods during the age of myth in ancient Greece. However, the play has the atmosphere and lighthearted mood of a land of enchantment which could be anywhere.

Title page http://www.fullspectrumottawa.com/images/mid_summer.jpg



 Assignment 8: Essay

          Caught off guard characters in Shakespears A Midsummer Nights Dream cannot believe what has happened to them. Many characters remember infatuations that seem to them to be completely unrealistic. Characters that were once madly in love with one another find them self’s love stricken by someone else. Shakespeare is saying that in more ways then one love can be blinding.

          When people fall in love with somebody they can be completely blind to Every thing around them. In some cases a person falls in love with somebody and the person they are in love with is not at all interested in them. Sometimes they can even be taken for all their worth. In Act 4 scene 1 Titania is madly in love with bottom, And because of this she does not see that he is not at all in love with her. She is so blinded by her love that she does not notice that he is taking her love and using it to his benefits. He tells her servants to listen to his every wimb and the do because she does not interfere. People can be completely blinded by the love they share with someone or at least the love they think they share.

          While some people cane be blinded by love others are blind to love. Some people can be surrounded be people that love them and not even realize it. In the play a spell is cast on Demetrius and Lysander making them believe that they are in love with Helena. Helena is infact truly in love with Demetrius at the beginning of the play but she slowly realizes that he does not love her. So when the two Demetrius and Lysander both come at her full of love she is completely oblivious to it and trys to shrug it off as though they are getting some enjoyment out of trying to trick her. She can’t see the love they have for her and before she gets the chance to realize its real they don’t love her anymore.

          When some one was once truly deeply in love with some one they can look back on it in the future and not be able to comprehend what they were thinking. What was once a strong bond of love that two people had can be completely destroyed and no longer under stood. This is easily shown in this play by the characters of Titnia, Demetrius, and Lysander. When the three come around once the spell has been taken off they look back at their previous infatuations as nothing more then foolishness and they can almost not believe that it went about. Love can change and no longer be looked at the same.

          While some are blind to it and some are blinded by it and some are even blinded of it in the past. love can be a very confusing thing. Shakespeare obviously has a very odd overview of love and he sees it in many different ways. Which way do you see it.      


Assingment 7



Assingment 6

The reason that the faires could find the mortals so foolish is becuase of how love strucken they were and how quick they were to challenge each other to a fight to the death just so that they could prove thier love to helena. 


Assignment 5

Dear abbey   My name is demetris and i am torn in a terrible situation. A man in witch I have the utmost respect for wishes me to marrie his daghter. But i don't know if i really should. she is a pretty girl and i like her alot but she is not in love with me. she is in love with lysander another man. She dose not want to marry me she wants to marry him but her father won't let. You see abbey i need to know should i break up the love that hermia has for her lysander or should i speak out and say no i will not marry her for she is not in love with me.

Dear love troubled demetris. If you truly want to do the right thing you should step aside and let love take over. if you know that lysander and hermia truly love each other you need to let them be wed and live happily toghether becuase that is the right thing to do. you will find another some day but you can't take some one elses lover away from them.


Assingment 4

     When we watched the video in class i got a better understanding of how all the characters felt about each other and i got to see how they interacted. I have had some trouble unbderstanding this book so far and i belive that the video really helped me understand. I never really reilized that helena was so in love with demetris and i don't know how but i missed that hermia and lysander are going to sneek away i figured they would but i didn't know they talked about. The other thing i saw was that bottom is a total tool i didn't reilize how obnoxious he was and how he tried to run everything. I knew that he was kind of out thier and loud but i didn't reilize that he kind of jumped in to every role that they were talking about.

     It really helped me to listen to diffrent people speak the lines i have some trouble with telling the diffrent characters apart while reading the play. I don;t really take the time to see who is talking i just read through all the lines and now i can get a better understanding of who everyone is.


Assingment 3

Wordle: Untitled     


Assignment 2

in act one scene two all the characters that will be involved in the play are discussing what parts they will have bottom is always very disspleased by the part he gets and when another person is given thier part he steps up and trys to show quince what he can do to bring that specific part alive. and in doing this hemakes him self look like a total goof. Every time bottom trys to show off and he thourghly irritates quince and it starts to get comical. also when the part of the women is given out you can tell how upset the person is who has to play it and everyone else thinks it is funny. And when the line part is given the man that gets that part is worried about being able to remeber his lines even though all the line does is roar.


Assignment 1 

The characters Hermia and Egeus are father and daughter. In the book Egeus wants his daughter to marry a man that he likes, but Hermia does not like him. Egeus likes Demetris (i think i spelled that wrong), but Hermia does not like Demetris, and it is said that Demetris has been cheating on her. Hermia likes Lysander and she wants to marry him. The big problem with all of this is that due to athenian law Hermia has to marry the man her father picks or become a nun or be killed. Obviously, due to this situation, Hermia and Egeus don't have the best relationship. Egeus loves his daughter and only wants the best for her and that is why he wants her to marry Demetris. Hermia knows that her father only wants the best for her, but she is very upset because she doesn't want to do what her father wants her to. This is common between kids and thier parents so I think that Egeus and Hermia have a pretty basic father daughter relationship but, because of the place and time they live they are in a bit of a perdicament.


Independent Reading Journal

After the First Death Robert Cormier

Indie Reading 37 pg(108-120) 5/12/09 Tuesday

ok so now that we are done with IR's i am afraid that I won't be able to finish this book an my own because I hate to read but this book is pretty interesting. T to read it but the at is something I have never really understood about my self. I can really like a book and get into it if I have to read for school but I rarely ever finish a book if I am not required to by a teacher. but, i think that i might be able to read this book and finish it because i really like it.  Mr. Yeagley i know that during the course of the year it might not of seemed like i enjoyed your class but I really enjoyed it for the most part. I think i learned more in you class this year then in the past two years of english. And, Thanks for getting me into Macs.


Indie reading 36 pg(96-107) 5/11/09 Monday

After reading on more and more i am really starting to think that Robert Cormier is one of my more favorit authors. I have read three of his books and I have liked them all. The only other author that i can say that about is Gary Paulsen. I don't really know what it is about Cormiers books that i like. It might just be the pure fact that they are just kind of out there books. They aren't like books I have read before. A Fight over Chocolate or a hostage bus. They are weird thrilling Books that really grab My attention. P.S. Did this IR on my new Mac its sweet.  


Indie reading 35 pg(81-95) 5/07/09 saturday

I am eally liking the character development in this book. It is really cool How each chapter is a difrent person in the book. It gives a really good point of view on how the characters are felling in each situation. I Like how the characters are very realistic IN situations were they should beconfused they are extremly confused and the way cormier shows it is very interesting. Thier are many charactes in this book and the way that it is writen i am having no problem with mixing them up. And i usually hasve that problem the worst was in the mystery book we read this year but i am not having those problems anymore.


Indie Reading 34 pg(68-80) 5/07/09 Wednesday

Today while i was reading my book i made the connection that Robert Cormier is also the author of Iam the Cheese and The chocolate war. This stuck me as odd becuase i couldn't really remeber those two books being anything like this book. it made me wonder if robert cormier wrote this book at an earlyer or later time then the other i though maybe he was into a diffrent style of book than he was when he wrote After the first daeth than he was when writing I am the cheese and the chocolate war. So i did sone research and no infact they were not writen very far abart at all infact theses three books the chocolate war I am the chesse and after the first death were all writin in a row Between 1974 and 1979. This made me kind of reilize how he is a really good auother to be able to write three books that were very diffrent all in a operiod of Five years.


indie reading 33 pg(56-67) 5/03/09 sunday

I was wrong when i assumed the firsdt character in the book was a passenger from the bus he was not on the bus he was sent to the bus by his father a general in the army.The set up is that the hijackers want some allies released from prison and they want a certin amound of cash broght to them. The boy from the beging of the book is the person the army decides to send the money with. I would have to say that if i was the Boy being sent with the money would be very unhappy and scared about it. I would also be mad and my father for picking me for the job this kind of confuses me that the man incharge of the situation would choose this son to be the carrier for this tight situation.


indie reading 32 pg(46-55) 4/27/09 monday

He looked at her with those deep brown eyes, almost black, and she felt as though he were measuring her for a coffin. This is a sentence from my book and it is a use of the Run on sentence technique we are lerning in class. It is explaning her feelings in a way that is easy to understand and not to wordy.


Journal 31 pg(34-45)  4/26/09 Sunday


Journal 30  pg(25-33) 4/23/09 thursday

Miro is one of the bus hijackers and it is starting to become very obvious that he is a nervous about the job that he is about to do. His job is to kill the driver of the bus and the regular driver is not driving it is a girl that is subing for him. Miro is hesitent about killing her which is reasonable for an average person but becuase he is a criminal he shouldn't have a problem with it. they way that he has to kill her is to walker her out of the bus and away from it so none on the bus sees the death i think that when he walks her away he will hesitate and somthing might go wrong and make a flaw in the plan.


Journal 29  pg(16-25) 4/19/09 sunday

No after getting to the next chapter in my book i do not think that it will be the same set up as frankinstein. I thk that the story is going to bounce back and forth between a hostage and the people or specificaly Miro that are taking people hostage. Thier is some sort of distance between ben and hi father andi  am wondering if his parents are divorced or what is cuaseing ben to be so awkaward towards his father.


Journal 28  pg(1-15) 4/18/09 saturday

 Their was a short introduction that said somthing along the lines of in the next 25 min. a man will be daed becuase of me. i think that this means the title of the book after the first death comes from this book being about events that take place after one person is killed in a hostage situation. This book follows the same type of layout that Frankinstein does becuase after the short intro the story cuts to what i think is a year later and a boy is talking to his mother about what happened in the bus. I think this book will be pretty good and i am exited to read it.    


The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger


Journal 27 (did not do)


Journal 26 chapter 25-26 pg(201-214) 4/12/09 saturday

I just finished this book today and right at the end of the book there is one chapter at the end that is not even a page and holden says that after all the crazy experiances and everything he has gone through he almost misses everyone he encontered even though he said he hated most of them. He said he doesn't know if he willl apply him self when he starts school again. I think he is kind of regreting not having more fun with all the time he had.


Journal 25 chapter 24-25 pg(191-200) 4/05/09 sunday

This book just had a very weird turn in it. The good friend of Holdens that i just mentioned in the last jopurnal entry i did offered Holden a place to stay after he left his his parents house. To start off while Holden was at his house the guy seemed like a swell guy up until Holden went to bed and awoke at about 3 A.M. To his friend petting Holden on the head while he slept. Thi Really creeped me out becuase this was and older man that was doing this to Holden and they were good friends for the longest time. I wonder if this type of thing went on throught their entir friendship and i am really mad becuase i don't think that i will really hear much about weather it was a recent thing of if his friend was just trying to take advantage of him through their entir friendship. 


Journal 24 chapter 23-24  pg(175-190) 4/04/09 saturday

This section of the bbok kind of confused me becuase holden bagan to talk about and old english teacher named Mr. antolini I thought that this was kind of odd becuase he is apparentlly a very big person in holdens life and he is the man he goes to when he needs somewhere after leaving his home. I just think that if this guy really was and is an important part of holdens life that holden would have mentioned him or gone to him for help befor just now in the book. 



Journal 23 chapter 21-22  pg(157-174) 3/29/09 sunday

I just read a part of the book that showed me how much respect that holden has for his little sister. The reason is becuase holden goes home to visit his sister and she find out that he got kicked out of Pencey, and he just kind of sat thier and listened to her lay into him about it. I think this shows the respect that he has for her becuse he didn't get mad and start in on her about somthing. She also pointed out somthing i have noticed through the whole book Holden says that just about everyone is a phonie.


Journal 22 Chapter 18-20 pg(134-157) 3/27/09 Friday

Wordle: Holden

These show some of holdens feeling during the last few chapters I have read 


Journal 21 Chapter 17 (123-133) sunday

I got my first hint about what this book may be about today. While holden was walking through New York he was a behind a family with a little boy. The little boy was singing a song about a body catching a body in the rye. and that sound like the title The catcher in the rye. I don't yet know if the title means somthing litaral or if it is a metaphore for somthing that holden will do. The on;y thing i can think of is holden talking to Sally about moving out of New York and going away and maby the rye is new york and holden is catching her in new york and taking her away to be happy with him. The other thing i Think the title might be a metaphor for is new york is the rye and holden goes around and when it say catches people it mean he finds people that need help with simple things and does it. I think this might be right becuase Every time holden sees sombody that is nice or polite he helps them out. For example He see two nuns that are very nice and he makes a donation. He sees a little girl that can't get her skate tight and he helps her out with it. Also at the beginning of the story he sees sombodys mother on a train and he tells her how great of a boy he has. He lies becuase he thinks his boy is crumby but he makes her happy.


Journal 20 chapter 16 (112-123) wednesday

Holden Caulfeild The main character in this book is a very interesting character becuase he is so real. The author rights about him and has him do things that make him very real. The main thing i see is how he doesn't have a ton of witty comments for people, he uses the same comments over and over, as though a real person would. Another thing is he has a very realistic consious and regret. For example some one asks him if he wants a prostitude sent to his room and at first he jumps at the thought of it and then once he gets back to his room he second guesses himself then when she actually arives he is very embaressed by the whole thing. He is regreting what he did very much. Alot of the time he regrets doing things after he does them like a real person such as lying which sombody might regret or giving somone a false name. Man of these things he does make him more of a realistic character.


Journal 19 Chapter 15 (107-111) sunday

I  am having a terrible time trying to guess where this book is going. I really enjoy reading it becase it is intersesting but i don't have the slightest clue what wil happen at the end. I am starting to think that their is not going to be any really big turnig point in this book and ithis is kind of like a memior of holdens crazy experiance after Leaving pencey. The reason I think so is becuase holden would be to stubborn to change and have and big turn around and change his ways.


Journal 18 Chapter 14 (102-106) Saturday

somthing i have noticed through the book is how holden always talks about him and girls and how he is good with girls but when it comes down to it in the past couple of chapters he is really not all that great his kind of just throws him self at all the girls he sees and if they don't like him he calls them phonys which i htink is ironic becuase i think he is kind of phony just the way he does that.



Journal 17 Chapter 13 (96-101) sunday

I have been reading this book for a wile and i am starting to wonder where it it going to go. so far it has just been about holden going aournd new york after leaveing school. At first i thought that he was going to have some crazy thing come into his head and start working hard at school and stuff but i don't this that is where it is going at all. I really at this point can't even guess at where this book is going to go.


Journal 16 chapter 13 (89-95) wednesday

Holden gets his mind set on somthing and then he almost can't get it out of his mind for example the past like 7 chapters he keeps mentioning how he hated the thought of jane gallagher in the back of ed bankys care with old stradlater. He is constantly thinking about this and he can't seem to get it out of his head. also he has been talking alot about the ducks in the lagoon in central park and he can't figure out what happens to them when the lagoon freezes over. sombody told him that the fish in the pound just feeze in the ice and i am almost positive that thats not true i think that only the top of the pound feezes and the fish live under the ice i think if a fish got frozen in ice it would die but if i am wrong let me know. Back to the point when holden asks people about the ducks and they don't know either he gets really irritated it like he expects everyone to be able to awnser his questions when ever he has them.


Journal 15 chapter 12 pg (80-88) sunday

I have started to notice what seem to be typo's or grammer mistakes. such as "that annoyed hell out of me" the author very clearly left out the word "the" I think most of them have been during holden has been speaking, and if that is the case then i would assume that the are on pourpose but i think i recall some that wern't in dialog. I don't really know why this is getting to me but i am going to pay more attention to it for the rest of the novel and see if i see any that are not in holdens dialog.


Journal 14 chapter 11 (76-80) saturday

Holden has been talking alot about his little sister phoebe. One night holden talks about her alot he tells about how she is really intelligent way smarter then him he says. He gets o the subject of her becuase he wants to call her but is afraid his mother will pick up the phone. He reeally has a positive out look on his sister he always liked to talk to her and take her places with him and his sister. He talks about one time when him and he brother took her to the park and they all three had a very intelligent talk even though she was so much younger then them. he liked her because she liked the same type of movies the he liked and she would appriciate the same type of things that he did.


Journal 13 Chapter 10 (71-75) Thursday

In this chapter holden decides to leave school early and he ventures off and catches a subway. While on the subway a women gets on a sits down next to him. The begging to talk and she notices that holden goes to pencey. Her son goes to pencey and holden beggings to lie his head of about her son he tells her everything a parent would want to hear hes cool popular smart good with girls everything. In the coversation holden askes the women out to drinks and then she shuts him down majorly. I think seeing how much holden would lie and then ask out a women very clearly way to old for him shows that he is very out going even if it is in a bad way.


Journal 12 Chapter 10 pg (66-71) Sunday

I would have to say that id if i was a character in this book and could say one thing to sombody i would probly tell holden to get himself on track and take advantage of the oportunities his parents give him by sending him to good expensive schools. I would tell him to stop wlaking around like he is a "prince" as he would say and stop finding fault with everyone else and start to try and do somthing with himself.


Journal 11 Chapter 9 pg (61-65) saturday

In this book i wonder a couple of things. 1 Why do holdens parents keep sending him to expensive private schools when he fails out of all of them. I don't understand why they don't put him in public school and not waste the money on a kid that dosen't try hard to get good grades. 2 I have been wondering if holden is a total B.A. and just does what every he wants and doesn't worry about the consequences or if he is a total idiot and dosen't thing about what his actions will cuases. 3 Holden seems to be a big jerk to the majority of the people he meets through out this book and he seems to not like just about anyone. I am curious if anybody in this book really likes or cares about holden of if they aree just being as holden would say "phony" 


Journal 10 Chapter 8 pg (54-60) Friday

In the first two or three chapters of this book i didn't really know where the book was going to go and to be honest i still have no idea what is going to happen. I have read the book before but it was a long timne ago and all i really remeber from it was at one point he gets beat up by a pimp, and the other thing is i remeber they he wants to catch the children in the rye. I remeber that part becuase it was my favorit part becuase he has that big experince and reilizes what he wants to do and it was writen so well it almost inspired me. I also remeber reading this book agin how good J.D.Salingers writing style is and it makes it really easy to connect to and understand.


Journal 9 chapter 7 pg (49-53) Sunday

(i put this up late but i really did do one on sunday it just didn't save)

I have been slowley noticing through out this book that holden has a few phrases and words that e likes to use alot. He like to call people "prince" He also says "bastared" "moron" and "phoney" alot. In some ways i think that this makes him seem way more realistic to me becuase in real life people get caught on one word or phrase and use the heck out of it. I think this shows that J.D.Salinger has a very good way to develop and make characters.


Journal 8 chapter 7 pg(45-48) saturday

After the fight that holdenhas with stradlater holden stumbles acrossed the shower into the room of his annoying friend ackley. this is an odd desision for holden becuase holden does not like ackley at all. after they stand around and talk in ackleys room you reilizethat relly the only reason that holden went over to ackleys room is becuase he doesn't want to sleep in the same room as stradlater after the fight and he goes over thier to see if ackleys roomate is going to be thier.


Journal 7 Chapter 6 pg(40-45) tuesday

In this part of the story holden is very bothered by somthing. I think it is that his roomate went out with an old friend of his. I think that holden really liked this girls and he is afraid of what might happen while she is out with his roomate. Also when stradleter gets home holden and stradlater getr in to an argument that turns into a fight.


Journal 6 Chapter 5 pg(35-40) sunday

Holden had a younger brother named Allie. Holden speaks very highly of Allie he had alot of respect for him. Hold brought up Allie in a descriptive paper that he is writing forf his roomate stradlater. He talks about allie old base ball glove. Allie used to write poems in it and holden though that it was great. Allie died when holden was 13 years old holden took his death very hard he broke a few windows around thier house in anger after hear off his brothers death. Allie was a very nice kid and he was very intelligent he had alot of things going for him according to holden. But he died of lukemia.


Journal 5 Chapter 4 pg(27-34) Wednesday

Holden gets on the topic of Jane Gallagher a girl that he used to know. He has alot of troube getting her out of his mind. He remebered little hings about her such as when she played checkers she always left her kings on the back lined. He kind of fet bad for her becuase she had a bad child hood according to him, But he seemed to be very fond of her yet he didn't go and talk to her. Holden seems to get bored very easiley and when this happens he does very werid things to occupie him self like tap dancing and pretending to be blind. 


Journal 4 chapter 3 pg(17-26) Monday

After visiting Mr. Spencer Holden goes back to him room. When he is at his room you meet Ackley. Ackley is not holdens room mate he lives next to Holden but thier rooms share one common shower. Sckley barges in through way of the shower often and he always annoys the heck out of holden. Ackley comes in univided all the time and he touches evryones things and he never puts the stuff back were he finds it. Holden cannoot stand this the whole time ackley is in his room he thinks about how much he dislikes ackley.


Journal 3 (did not get in on time)


Journal 2 Chapter 2 pg(7-16) 2/1 sunday

Holden visits his history teacher Mr. Spencer. He visitshim so that he can say good by befor he leaves the school. Duringthis visit Mr. Spencer begns to lecture holden and holden isn't very happy about it. Mr. Spencer talkes about holdens future and how he needs to start working now to get a good future but it seems like holdens mind is on other things. For instance while talking to Mr. Spencer holden begins to think about the ducks in the cental park lagoons and where they go when the lagoon freezes over. After a while of listening to the lecture Holden just wants to get out of the house. He says he has to gather some equipment form the gym and he takes off out the door with out looking back.


Journal 1 chapter 1 pg(1-6) thursday

In this first chapter the main character (holden) starts to set up the book. It is around christmas. He attends a presteiges prep school that he was just kicked out of for failling. he dosen't really seem t care that he is getting "the axe" as he puts it in the book. He was told not to come back after the brake for christmas. He seems like he is a loner. It sounds like its not that he dosen't have any friends its just that he dosen't really care for tham all that much. He seems to have a bad relationship with his parents but he has alot of respect for his brother.





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