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I.                    Introduction- The racism in sports is improving, and there are many ways on improving the problem.  Thesis- What are the problems with racism in sports.

II.                 Body- What are some of the ideas on improving the racism in sports.

III.               Body- What are some cases of racism in sports.

IV.              Body- The racism is improving from the past.

V.                 Body- The kind of people causing the problem.

VI.              Body- What sports are affected by racism.

VII.            Body- What can we do to erase the racism in sports.

VIII.         Conclusion- Tie all of this to the thesis statement




Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography)His first job. Why was it tough? What was the reason he got the job?



Story # 2 (Biography)What he did in his spare time. Was he into sports or was he more of a indoors person



Story # 3 (Biography)How he was in school. Did he get into trouble?



Story # 4 (Autobiography)When my dad taught me how to play basketball. What tips he gave me. Why he was a good influence.




Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement:



Specific Research found:











Works Cited

Brenda,Farnell, and Carol Spindel "National Coalition on Racsim in Sports and The Media". University of Hartford


Antonio, Matarrese "Serious Measures Need to Be Taken". Racism in sports coversation group.


 Dolph, Hatfield "The Jack Nicklaus Syndrome". The popular conditon column.


Mondial, Antirazzisti "Targeting Discrimination in Football". Fare Partnership with the European Commission.


Valeriu, Nicolae "Racsim Breaks the Game". Campaign with racsim.






Assignment 11

Topic-What are the problems of racism. 

Why are people racist? What's wrong with racism? Will racism every stop? What are some ways that show a true person's feelings on racism? Why is racism harmful? What are some problems of racism?



Films-Remember the Titans, Malcolm X, Men of Honor, and Mississippi Burning. 











Assignment 10



              First off I went with the idea of dividing the glogster  down by the half to make a good side of love and a bad side of love. Dealing with my thesis I had to represent the emotions of the good side and bad side. With pictures of anger and then on the good side pictures of love and passion. Also I went with two songs that both have two different meanings and they really give a good explanation. My quote really supports why their were many emotions running with people with others.My graphics also gave a difference between the two sides of love in the book.



Assignment 9 



Every character went through love in the story from bad to good.

To Do List/To Need List

1. Get pictures that involve love.

2. Think of a song that deals with love.

3.  Find graphics for characteristics of love.

  Begin to workk on Glogster.

5.  Get hyperlinks for love.                      Assignment 8 February 6

     I think Shakespeare is trying to bring out the romance of the novel in Act 4 and the problems with love. Shakespeare uses the fairies to mix up relationships in the novel for for example with Helena. Also with Lysander being unlucky by getting hit by the magic of the fairies forcing him to be in love with Helena which only gets people thinking he's joking and Helena doesn't like how he's doing that to her when he knows she loves Demetruis. Shakespeare uses many different ways to show that Act 4 is the act with the most love and infatuation. You get to see how Shakespeare would have the world be if it was up to him with peoples love towards one another. He tries to bring it lots of drama between most of the characters in each act such as the fairies to the daughter and father relationship between Egeus and Hermia. In todays world love and infatuation are not tht same in Shakespeare books. In todays world 50% of marriages fail to work out. Shakespeare like to keep passion between his characters were they would die for the other person. In the play Theseus says "That is the madmean. The lover, all as frantic, Sees Helen's beauty in a brown of Egypt. " This shows that Theseus wishes he could have more control over love and how he doesn't understand why some people love other people for example Helena.

     I think Shakepeare is trying to show many things about his opinion on love and infatuations in the act compared compared to the rest of the story. I think the main point is that he is trying to show how strong the subject is in the story and it's the whole theme behind the story is the love and what it can do to people. Shakespeare has each character has a different level of love in the story. Some have it extreme like Helena and some or more dull like Bottom with his wife which he hides from. The love for these chacters are very intense and that's what Shakespeare wants for the climax. For example Bottom turning into a donky and falling in love with fairy. Also how the fairies are changingthe scene or backround of the story so characters are falling in love with people they really dont like but the fairies are changing who they fall in love with. Shakespeare also brings the fairies in to bring interest so the love between chacters are not boring and the fairies help bring spice to the story line. I think Helena was the person who most befitted most from the fairies because she had no coversation with Demetrius and after the fairies she had Lysander and Demetruis wanting to marry her. Egeus says "My lord, this is my daughter here asleep. And this, Lysander. This Demetrius is. This Helena, old Nedar's Helena. I wonder of their being here together" this means that he is wondering why their are all these different couples in love."

     Most of these example show how smart Shakespeare is in the love category for writing books. He is also very well in describing characters for their chacteristics of love. Shakespeare alos uses very good romantic words in order to show when he is trying to bring romance into the story. That's why Act 4 is the most romantic part of the book. Quince says "Yea, and the best person too. And he is a very paramour for a sweet voice." this proves my point of Shakespeare using certain words in order to make the scene more romantic.


                                                                                 Assignment 7 February 3        



                                                                                            Assignment 6 January 27            

In the novel many of the characters look very foolish. The novel right now is very focused on the love between people and fairies. How anything can happen. When Puck says "Lord, what fools these mortals be," he is referring to the big drama with Demetrius liking Hermia and how he is wasting his time trying to force her to marry him. Although many events make you wonder what will be the next lover switch. The quote also refers the desperate Helena who couldn’t stop thinking about someone that would not truly love her back. Now that’s the exception of magic from dust. Puck says this quote mainly because of how he can fool them easily with his magic but I think he needs to realize that his wrong doing might get him into trouble. The main point is they need to avoid the pixie Puck, and that Oberon should not order Puck to do specific orders when it could get out of hand, which it did.





                                                                                                   Assignment 5 January 22

DEAR ABBY: My name is Helena, and I really need someones advice about this guy. His name is Demetrius and at one point we had relations between one another because of his the feelings I thought he had for me. We were in love and now it seems like nothing happened between us. Now he doesn't love me and I don't know what to do to get him back. The more I scream and shout for him to even look at me the more he avoids and hides from me. I don't understand why he loves Hermia. She has nothing that I don't have but he thinks she's perfect and I wish I could look the way she does just so we can continue our journey which has been delayed. Why can't I be like her?  What can I do to get him back? I will do anything to have him again. Why can't Demetrius realize that Hermia doesn't love him and she wants to run away and get married with Lysander. What should I do? Please help me!



DEAR DISTRESSED: Ok calm down, calm down. Now im going to tell you the truth and maybe not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Now hearing your story made me think off many ideas and suggestions. Some are harder than others and it's up to you if you take in this information or still don't look at the obivious. My first suggestion is too get over this Demtrius. From what you said it sounds like he was just pretending to be the guy you wanted for the relations part and you need to understand that. Also, you sound like a very sweet person and if Demetrius can't see that then you shouldn't be going out of your way to socialize with him. Another idea you might think about is not acting so desperate. You need to try to not act so in love with him but try to become better friends with him first so he stops thinking your crazy. Now here are some harding suggestions for you to consider. You could tell Egues about his daughter atempting to escape in to the woods and maybe he will have her killed for her actions for not marring Demetrius. So she will be out of the picture and thats why Demetrius will be crawling back to you. Now I know this idea sounds very good for you but it is very cruel and losing a friend might not be the way to go. Another idea is too be a liar. You might not be that kind of person but this route might be the way if all fails. To clear things up I would go with the first idea and just forgot about this jerk and spend some time on something that doesnt involve getting rejected. Now if you want to go with the liar scheme then I would lie to Egeus about Demetruis and say that he is in love with you and that Hermia will never marry Demetrius. You really only lie about Lysander loving you and still having relations with you. Again if none of these plans work in order to have Demetrius then I would find a new guy and try not to act so attached. I would have  him screaming your name for attention and not you. Do not try to be someone your not, act yourself no matter who you wished you looked like or swayed like someone. Forget about Demetruis and move on! That's the best advice I can give you if you never get Demetrius back, don't feel sorry for yourself. I really hope everything falls into place for you.


Assignment 4 January 21

The film A Midsummer Nights Dream gave me a better imsense of the characters in the book. So far the movie has been very interesting and the movie also was easier to understand what each character was saying. Before watching the movie I knew Bottom which is my favorite character would be very loud and cocky with his acting skills. Although I didn't expect certain things. For example I knew Helena was in love with Demetrius but I didn't think she was that crazy about him when Demetrius heard Helena screaming his name and didn't respond but closed the door to avoid her showed that he has no passion for her. Helena is stupid for acting the way she does and that's why Demetrius avoids her. I also thought the movie is a lot more funnier then the book. With the book its hard to catch on to certain parts that are suppose to be funny because of the way they speak but in the movie its easier to think its funny because of how you can see how each character acts and responds. For example Flute not wanting to play the part of a woman. Or Bottom showing how outgoing he is. I pictured the set very different in the book. It seemed to be more of a dark place and sad place, but in the movie it was sunny and everyone was happy besides Demetrius Helena and Egeus. The costume design was what i predicted from the novel very old fashioned but I knew Bottom would be wearing something different and new because of his personality. Mostly all the characters were what i predicted them in a movie. I knew Bottom would allows want attention and he would be very confident of his acting which makes him look a little cocky and might lead to him getting embarassed like when he got a liquid poured on him. Another character i was sure about was Egeus. Egeus is a character that you can relate to people that you know. He the person who always will try and get what he wants and will stop to nothing until he succeeds. He also thinks what he thinks is what everyone else should think no matter what occurs for example the reveal of him finding out about Demetrius sleeping with Helena. After he heard that he still kept his idea of hermia and Demetrius together. I pretty much who what they were going to look like in the movie. The movie helped me a lot and gave me a better image of the story. My opinion is the movie is a way better way to get a better picture when your reading the book with the chacters image and personality.  

Assignment 3 January 20

   This cartoon strip shows some of my character characteristics Bottom. The strip shows he is a very funny and enjoyable person. The strip also showed that he sounds childish when talking to people. My opinion is that Bottom is bringing the humor into the novel with his outbursts of excitement and his love for acting.





 Assignment Number 2 January 9


     So far throughout the novel there has been many cases of dialogue where you might think are humorous. For example how Shakespeare gives each character a interesting personality. For example Bottom the weaver has the very talkative role in the story and will bring the humorous part to the novel with his sudden outbursts of who he wants to be in the play. Also I like when they have moments were u think about the situation and u think its funny but the actors are just acting the way that they think is normal.


Assignment # 1

did not complete this assignment


                                                                                Larry Bird Drive by Larry Bird



Indie reading #37 172- End

       Finishing these pages really just ended his basketball carreer into the life after the sad day of him retiring. Larry pretty much gave every detail of the story of his life being associated to basketball since he was a little kid. He is a great role model too many kids who have the same dream of becoming a professional athlete espically one who is white. One of Larry's biggest problems before going pro was the critism on him being white and couldn't play with blacks because they were quicker and could jump higher, but Larry found a way to be better and to prove all the non- believers that he was fit for the NBA no matter what someone said.

Indie reading #36 161-171


        These pages were very interesting because he says stuff that is very private and people wouldn't know unless they read this book. He really gets into detail on why he can't believe what happened to him from the work he put in when he was a kid. Larry Bird was a very quiet person to the press so they didn't  know much of the information giving in this book. Finishing this book is making me realize that Larry and people in general have to work very hard in order to accomplish their high standard goals. As you see in the book about how Larry didn't get to the NBA without pure desire and determination making him the hardest working person I know.










Indie reading #35 150-160     

        In these pages Larry is explaining the end of his career and the reasoning for it. He really didn't want to retire when he did but had to because of injuries. Larry did many things off and on the court for the city of Boston. He was a very nice and friendly person to the fans mostly because he wasn't use to it when he was growing up. he would sign many autographs as long as he had the time he would take a picture or something for a fan. He was a person who just loved the sport and the opportunity to win for many people. In the book you can really tell that he is a person who is a caring person for the friends he gets to make on his the team and he watches everyones back on the team during all of his games learning that from his dad.



Indie reading #34 138-149

        The chapter was very different than the others in many ways. One thing I noticed was the meaning Larry was trying to get out with writing this book. He really wanted to show what kind of a person he was and not to believe all of the lies the press would put out like he was a baby and couldn't have a family with his personality. Larry is trying to get across the hole message through this book one step of his life to another. He isn't holding any of his feelings about any subjects because he wants to be honest and show the people reading what kind of a person he really is. The biggest thing he tried to show was that he was as greddy as everyone said he was. He worked hard for the money everyday and thats why they called him a gymrat.




Indie reading #33 125-137

        In the chapter Larry Bird said something that I thought was important because it showed his true character on the money subject and how much an NBA should make and when you want too much. "I really don't like talking about money. All I can say is that the Good Lord must have wanted me to have it". This statment by Larry showed that he wasn't a greedy person and that he got through tough times before the NBA were he wouldn't have any money. Larry wasn't a person who liked to talk about money just because he didn't want to be known for the fact that he had lots of money and didn't want to look like a stuck-up person who just wanted money. He wanted to be the guy that people knew that he loved the game and that he tried his best no matter the game. 



Indie reading #32 114-124

        These pages really gave the credit to the people who really made a difference in his life. Larry was very goal set and hardworking and people either saw that or didn't. The people that saw that really tried to help Larry keep on target with his goals and not to get into trouble. The good thing I noticed in the pages were that Larry never really got into trouble when he was young. He stayed out of trouble because of the people he hung out with and the activities they were involved with. I really realized that Larry didn't have great parents because they couldn't be. Larry's dad killed himself when Larry was young making it hard for his mom to raised the big family that they had. She trusted them to protect each other and that's what they did. Larry's dad always told Larry and his brothers and sisters to always look at for each other no matter what. This Larry remembered and followed everywhere he went with his brothers to the park or his sisters to the pool.


Indie reading #31 103-113

        In these pages the helping side of Larry Bird really showed. Throughout the book and in these pages you can really tell that Larry is responsible for a lot of the players on the team's success. He has really given them a role on the team and what they should know how to really play as a team. Larry went through many cases were his best of friends were traded or waived. In result of this he has had to greet many new celtic players. For example Bill Walton. Bill would have been clueless if not for Larry helping him fit into this far from developed team. Larry was the captain and the guy to ask questions. He was the rock of the team and your best friend. He knew when to yell and when to not say a word. He was the reason for the 3 championships they won during his time and why they were a contender every year.



Indie reading #30 91-102 4-20

        In these pages I think I disagree with how Larry Bird handled a certain situation that he should of reacted differently. Larry has had to adapt his whole life because of all of the different customs he has lived in. The team Larry was on during the 1984 championship squad were a group of people with very different personalities. There were guys who were quiet and kept to themselves and there were guys who wouldn't shut up because they were trash talking the whole time. Two of the players were Cedric Maxwell and M.L Carr. These guys tried there hardest to get under the opponets skin. Although sometimes they would take it too far with the opponets. For example a game were they played the knicks. Those two got into many arguments and I think LArry should have been the guy who said that they should let their game talk  the trash. Instead he thought it was a good idea to join them. I think he has a good point to back up your teammates and get fired up for the game but he should of stayed in the middle group. He should of just watched and played to back up their teammates.



Indie reading #29 71-90 4-19

       These pages really related to normal people because Larry had to make a big decison. The big decison he had to make was to either stay in college at Indiana State University or declare into the draft for the NBA. His decison was tough because of him knowing the contract a NBA player gets and how much money he could make, but Larry really loved it at Indiana State and he thought he should stay and play %100 to show how it was important to finish off his college carrer. He also said something in the book that explained his reasoning. "I've got a theory that if you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end". Larry thought that if he went %100 in college somehow the NBA would be better for the reason of staying in the college field for just one more year.


Indie reading #28 60-70 4-18

       In these pages Larry mostly talked about his college life and some of the decisons he had to make playing for Indiana State University. After reading this he made me feel really proud of LArry Bird for some reason. JUst from what he went through and what he accomplished after all of the madess. For example his dad killing with a shotgun after his dad and mom got a divorce. Larry's dad pretty much said good bye to everyone hinting that he didn't want to live because he thought not living would be the best thing for Larry and his family. Then another bad event that happened to Larry was getting married then getting a divorce while she was pregnant. The press really made Larry look like a bad guy because of leaving a woman to raise a kid by herself. Being in a small town Larry has got nothing but he can't be in the NBA. He's too slow or he can't jump, but Larry proved everybody wrong as he became a great player in the NBA.


Indie reading #27 (DIDN'T DO)

Indie reading #26 45-59 4-11

       The reading today was another informing character of his playing career and his drive to his first championship. As a person Larry knew he was a great basketball player, but he knew he couldn't win a championship by himself. So he made sure every game he made his teammates also look good. He was an unselfish player that wanted to take the last shot or winning shot so it would be in his hands. What I liked is how much Larry wanted to be a professional basketball player since he was a kid. When he had so many people telling him to give up on his dream but he wouldn't. He practiced and practiced till he couldn't anymore. Coming from a small and poor town Larry was under a lot of pressure getting money for college so he knew basketball was his key to college.


Indie reading #25 34-44 4-5

        The reading today was more informing than anything as Larry Bird really told me about falling in love with basketball. The part that I believed was the most important was when Larry said Basketball kept me out of trouble and gave a place to live. He lived in the gyms, in the parks just playing. He didn't how much slower or smaller he played his hardest everyday. Reading more and more of this book makes me feel how hard it was for Larry to be someone espically a porfessional basketball player. The chances of Larry doing anything big from his hick town that knowone thought a real basketball player could come out from. He beated the odds knowing he had the talent he just needed the effort to get him there. Reading all of these pages makes me have lots of respect for his work ethic. The book really inspires you to work like Larry did and try to have the succes that he did when no one that he could do it.





Indie reading #24 23-33 4-4

       The reading today really made me want to comment on a certain character in the book. His name is Isiah Thomasand is talked anout is this book very much and some of the things he said dealing with Larry Bird. First of all after reading about Isiah I get the feeling that he is a racist against people that are white. He says many things that show that and really make Bird not like him as a person. For example he said many things about Larry Bird and how came out saying he was a dirty player and is overrated. Thomas also talked about Bird and his backround. Bird responded and those two became enemies towards each other every time they played with the Celtics and the Pistons squared off.


Indie reading #23 11-22 3-29

       The reading today was very informing for his career. He had many things about himself that people didn't know until this book came out explaining his life from high school to retiring. In these pages he mostly talked about finishing high school and having a tough time deciding where to go to college. He visited many colleges and all of them knew about his basketball abilites so he had many options on picking were to go to . Coming from Springs Valley High School Larry was scoted from many colleges. Living in the town that he did gave him the nickname of "the hick from french lick" for the town he lived in being called french lick. Bird was offered a scholarship to Indiana university but left because of the size which he didn't like that it was too big. He later enrolled to Indiana State University which was just right for him.




Indie reading #22 1-10 3-28

       Starting this  new book I already know about the author and his backround. Larry Bird who wrote this autobiography was a legend in sports. He played for the Boston Celtics and accomplished many awards that make him one of the best players ever to play in the NBA. After retiring because of back problems he wrote this book to show all of his fans and his haters the work or drive he put into the game. He had one of the toughest mindsets as he played through major back injuries. People called him a gym rat and people called him larry legend. As I'm reading the book I noticed a key quote that Larry said that I believed was very interesting. "A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals." Responding to this quote I believe it mean that all Larry wanted to do is win he didn't care about the stats or the awards he just went out their and tried his best to win. He won three championships with the Celtics in the years of 1981, 1984, and 1986. These three championships made Bird a winner and that's all he ever wanted.






Indie reading #21 53-107 3-22

        From the beginning of the book until now made me realize some important lessons or the theme of the book. There three that stood out and I gave an example of what happened in the book to the lesson. People need others to talk to to survive. (Crooks' statement about needing someone or going crazy, the attachment of Crooks and Candy to the dream Lennie and George share, Curley's wife seduction of the ranch hands as a buffer against loneliness). A man's ability to dream is directly attached to having someone to share the dream with. (George lets go of the dream after Lennie is killed.) Sometimes, even though it's not what you want, you have to do what's best for you and those you love. (George shoots his best friend, Lennie so that Lennie can escape a brutal lynching.) All three lessons really were big in the story because they all made sense of what George was trying to do. I strongly recommed this book tor anyone that likes to laugh because their are many funny parts through the book, but their are also many sad parts for example Lennie's death. The ending in this book was one of the best endings I have ever read, and I'm not going to say what happened incase you want to read this great book.




Indie reading #20 42-52 3-21

           These pages  made me frustrated about what was going on in story and how some characters acting. The certain characters that were making really have a strong opinion were the workers. One that stood out the most was the boss's son joe. He treated people very bad no matter what kind of a mood he was in the time. He espically treated Lennie bad because he knew Lennie wasn't the smartest guy but he knew he was the biggest. He picked on Lennie because he believed that Lennie had a crush on his wife and he wasn't going to just let it go. Lennie really didn't want anything to do with joe because George said if he did then they would get fired and their chances of getting their own farm would become smaller because there weren't too many other farms hiring for service. When Joe took it too far with Lennie with his bully tactics George gave Lennie the sign or the permission to defend himself. So Lennie gripped his large fists and swung as hard as he could knocking out Joe. Joe really makes me mad because I predict that he will tell the boos about what Joe thought happened and get both fired and will tell the rest of the head farmers not to hire them. 






Indie reading #19 31-41 3-15

          One of the important quotes I thought happened in the reading of these pages were said by one of  fellow workers said to Lennie." I seen hundreds of men come by on the road an' on the ranches, with their bindles on their back an' that same damn thing in their heads . . . every damn one of 'em's got a little piece of land in his head. An' never a God damn one of 'em ever gets it. Just like heaven. Ever'body wants a little piece of lan'. I read plenty of books out here. Nobody never gets to heaven, and nobody gets no land". When Lennie heard this he started to get scared that the black worker was right and they would never get the chance of having their own farm. The black worker was also very smart and gave Lennie a sense of lost hope. Lennie really slipped up by telling a few of the workers their plan to having thier own farm and they would quit as soon as they had enough money. This gave workers the option to black mail george that if he didn't include them in the plan then they would go tell the boss and get them fired. So George had to agree to telling a worker that he was involed in the farm project but to tell no one.





Indie reading #18 21-30 3-14        Their was a very interesting quote that I wanted to respond to in the inde reading. The Boss, on George and Lennie: "Well, I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy. I just like to know what your interest is" (25). This quote really stood out to me because of how George is trying to hide that Lennie is very dumb. George is trying to bring out of how tough of a worker Lennie is which is very difficult for George. The boss notices that George is taking a lot of the trouble Lennie should get. This shows how George is wiling to do anything for Lennie and is trying to save enough money so they can start a farm of their own and George won't have to look out for him as much.




Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck             http://www.steinbeck.sjsu.edu/works/ORWhy.jsp--- Click on link

Indie reading #17 13-20 3-8

          After reading these pages I wanted to do a character review over George because of how great of a person he is in the book.George really has it tough with Lennie and his size. George was right when he said he could be succesfull if he didnt have to look out for Lennie all the time. Lennie really doesnt know better to grab a ladies hair and not let go because he likes the feel. So when the lady screams in fear for her husband to come, George must get Lennie and run off to another place to work. George with his size being small and not as strong is having a hard time trying to defend for Lennie's stupidness. Thats why George is a very good person with his patience and neck to look at for Lennie no matter what he has done. Right now both are looking for a new farm to work out to save their money so they are living next to a pond sleeping on the ground. Lennie is the funny because he cant stop asking what the farm is going to look like when they have enough money and he always says he wants a rabbit. Thats all, a rabbit. 





Indie reading #16 1-12 3-7

          In these pages a quote stood out for me to reflect on. George, on life without Lennie: "Whatever we ain't got, that's what you want. God a'mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy. I could go get a job an' work, an no trouble. No mess at all, and when the end of the month come I could take my fifty bucks and go into town and get whatever I want" (11-12). This quote showed how much George cared about Lennie no matter what Lennie did. The two main characters in the story are Lennie and George. George is the smart and determined one that is small and weaker than the average man while Lennie is the dumb and careless one that is very strong and works hard. Together they look at for one another because of Lennie's mom dieing and George promising to take care of him. Lennie and George are looking for somewhere to work because they had to get lost at their last job because of Lennie grabbing the boss's daughter and not letting go. He did that becuase he likes felling things and doesn't understand wants wrong with felling a womans hair. George and Lennie have a big dream that they will have a farm of their own so they dont have to listen to anyone and they can do what they think is right in running a farm. So they are looking for a job to save up enough money to have thier own but Steinbeck forshawdows that it wont be easy and things will come up along the way.














The Pearl by John Steinbeck Indie reading #15 83-The End (90) 3-1

           I just finished the book and it had a really good ending. What surprised the most about the ending was Kino throwing the pearl back into the water he found it from. This surprised me because of all the troubles he had to go through and now he decides to throw it in the water. Yes it was a good idea but its a very arguable point because he could have got something from the pearl and instead he went through so many hard things and nothing came out of it besides a bad story for Kino. Another thing I couldnt understand is why the pearl buyers thought it was a fake because of its size. If i was a pearl buyer and saw this giant pearl i would put up a price. Overall this was a great book with lots of suspense and it gave each character an important role to carry out into the story. There was one thing I wished the author would include but never did and thats the indentity of the robber who tried to steal the pearl when Kino was sleeping. I think it was one of his neighbors that got jealous but the author never did tell.



Indie reading #14 72-82 2-28

          In these pages I reviewed over another character who pulled in the sadness of the storyline. Her name is Juana. She really was the person who cared about Kino no matter how he acted. After Kino found the pearl he lost friendship from many people. His friends, neighbors and anyone who made contact with him. Juana's always tried to bring out the postive no matter how bad she knew it was. being poor and living in a bad house she thought it was her job to get Kino's and Coyotito's spirts up. After Kino got nothing but a " this pearl looks like its a fake" she told Kino to just throw the pearl back into where he found it because she thought that it brought nothing but bad luck into thier family. I predict that she is going to be right because of all of the bad things that are hapening to their family from people trying to brake in to just bad luck events. Telling from the book I think she is not on the attractive side and probably doesnt look very good but is a very bright person that cares more about her family then herself. What I think is a arguable point is how people treat her because of how she looks and dresses. Its not her fault that she is poor and would rather spend the little money she has on her daughter then herself. I really see something bad happening to her because of this pearl and it makes me mad that Kino doesnt get rid of it before someone gets hurt. She is my favorite character just because of her caring nature and her intellignce with the postion she's in. If not for her I think Kino would be either dead or really hurt because of how she watched over him when he is sleeping. A bad ending in this book would be her getting killed or something with violence because of all of she has done for her family.



Indie reading #13 61-71 2-27

           In these pages I did a review over the main character Kino who went through some tough days. Through these pages I really examined a certain character. He is the father of the family and his name is Kino. Kino was a well liked and respected person by his peers until what he thought was good luck. The day after he found this giant pearl even he knew not being a pearl expert that this pearl could make him rich depending on the price he managed to sell it for. An arguable point with Kino was too finding this pearl because his reaction was horrible. If I was in Kino's postion I would have stayed low and not of told too many people about me finding a huge pearl besides my wife. Instead Kino tells everyone and then realizes it was a bad idea and goes crazy over the fact the someone would try and kill him to have the pearl. Which happens one night when Kino was sleeping a the robber got through his bad built house. Kino managed to survive and make the robber run out of the house and away. After that day Kino took the little money they had and bought a shoutgun for protection until the day he finds a pearl buyer to give him the price he wants for the pearl. Thats were the big problem happens tpo my favorite character Kino has probably the worst day of his life. Kino goes to the place to sell the pearl and gets nothiung but bad news. Kino was first offered a price that made him furious and thought it was a joke. Then the word got out that one of the pearl buyers thought it was a fake because of the size of the pearl. The things that my character Kino did wrong in these pages were becoming obsessed over the pearl and thinking everyone out there was to steal his pearl. He should have been less calm but still protective for his family. Instead he cared more about this pearl that he thought would make him rich then his own family and friends.





Indie reading #12 41-60 2-22

     The pages that I read had a great climax of the book. What happened in these pages were that Kino finds a pearl and its size is incredible. Kino right now is dealing with greed and doesnt know what to do first with the pearl because of how great of a amount he could get from selling this pearl. People are trying to give him advice but he wont listen to anyone because he doesnt trust anyone. Not even his family. The first thing he buys is a gun just for anybody who will try and steal the pearl from him because the word is out that he is going to sell the pearl. I predict that someone will try and steal the pearl when he is sleeping to add suspenese. Also Kino's daughter still hasnt been treated yet for her scorpion bite so im afraid she might be a major factor in his pearl that is taking over him with greed.  


 Indie reading #11 9-40 2-21

     The pages I read gave me many opinions about Kino and all of the problems he is having with supporting his family. I realy dont know why Kino doesnt get a new job that gives more money because right now a pearl diver isnt very doing well for him. One of the big things that happened is these pages  was that Coyotito got stung by a scorpion and is feeling really bad. Kino doesnt know what to do because a doctor will cost to much for him. So he needs to find a pearl to sell in order to pay the doctor for healing Coyotito. So right how hes worring about finding a pearl. If he doesnt his daughter could die because of how his house doesnt keep the cold out. His wife and him got into a fight because of thier kid and what could happen if he doesnt find a pearl and how he doesnt have much time left. My opinion is that I really hope Kino finds a pearl big enough to have more than he needs to pay the doctor so he can buy more things with the left over money for his house. Also I hope Coyotito survives the scorpion sting and gets better from the doctor because she plays a big role in the book.



 Indie reading #10  pg 1-8 2/20

     As I just begin this book I already notice many things about ceratain characters and the author John Steinbeck gives them a very harsh life. What I found out in these pages was that Kino is the main character in the book and he is a poor pearl diver. His wifes name is Juana and John gives her a very postive personality meaning that even though she is on the bad sides of things she still stays on a postive attitude. Their kid's name is Coyotito and he is a very young child but they havent mentioned his age yet. I also read how they are Mexican-Indian and not American. Their house is very small and is made out of things you would find outside for exsample part of his house is made out of straw. Also Kino lives right next to were he works which is the ocean were he searches for peals in order to make some money and provide for his family and atempt to get a better home to live in. They use singing to lift their spirts,to help past the time and bond with each other.                              











     Independent Novel

                                                                                  Caddie Sense by Michael Carrick

 Indie reading #9 pg 132-169 2-15  Sunday

Well I just finished the book and I felt like it covered every question I had and the book gave me information that would help anyone. The big part of finishing the book was probably the most important area of golfing. That is the art of putting. One of the things that he said that I most agreed with was the part of having a putter that you feel comfortable with and try to stick with the same putter intil their is no hope for doing great with that putter. Of course practice comes in as you start to feel more comfortable with the putter. You always want to keep your left wrist very firm with the putter and keep it vertical with the putter. Also with putting comes the part of approaching the green and reading a putt with is very difficult to do with the speed's and up hill or down hill scenories. The author also gives some of the mistakes golfers are making today and really how to fix them. For example the big mistake is bad grip and how you should really be griping the golf club. Also how tempo is the bigggest thing is golf and how far you hit the ball. You always want a good tempo in your swing. With this come preparing to swing and how to postion yourself for good tempo. This was a great book on golf and I strongly think that anyone who wants to know more about golf should read it because it will help out there game by a lot.



Indie reading #8 pg 11-132 2-14 Saturday

     Again all of these pages were more of a helping tool to learning how to be a better golfer. Some of the things that Michael explains to better your game are the tee shot. My opinion on this shot is that its probably one of the more difficult shots and takes the most practice. These pages really helped me on preparing for this shot in the future. With the tee shot you really can have many options. With the height of the ball, how far you stand back, how far your back swing goes or anything that separates your swing from everyone else. Also another case of shot he informs you about is the tight fairway shot. He says "a Tour Pros generate more spin for the ball on this type of surface". Which I agree and disagree because I think people just are starting to play put more spin in the rough. He also talks about heavy rough and how to get out of that and sandtraps. He goes through almost every tough shot from the hard fairway shot to the cart path shot. Reading this chapter would help out anybodys all around game. It really is going to help out my when ever I go out to play this spring.



Indie reading #7 101-110 2-13  Friday

Not much happened in these pages besides good instruction fro MIcheal and how he teaches people the game of golf. He mostly teaches the funtamentals of golf for example the gripping of the club or how you want your feet to be lined up to the ball when in all different types of shots.

The shots that he explains or swinging in the postion for a drive, putt, chip, draw, fade, flush, punch, or just a fairway straight shot. Their is one thing that i remembered most about the pages that I read and that was the advice about how to focus on your target and not the past. This information means that if u have a bad shot and your going in to your next shot forgot about that last one you had and focus on the task at hand. In the last few caddies the author has just been giving more of a instruction on how to play the game better and not feeling giving stories. Although he has been giving key facts that will help you succed in being a good professional caddie.


 Indie reading #6 79-100 2-8 Sunday

          Trough these pages Micheal ( a professional caddie ) gave lots of information about stuff you must know before being someones caddie at a golf course. For example you must know all the greens before starting a tornament. When he says that he means the speeds of the green. Also you must know the course. How wide a fairway is, how long to a body of water, how long to the middle back or front of the green, how the wind will play a factor, and anything else that information might help out the golfers chances of winning. This chapter felt very much like a instruction manual on the game of golf, how to play. For example setting up to hit a golf ball. How you postion your feet to how your grip the end of the club. He also gives many different playig conditions that you might want to think about approaching. Playing in the morning to playing in wet conditions. HE expalins what you might want to watch out for when your in conditions that are different then what your use to. Another important thing that he used when cadding was a yardage book. This book contained the distances to anything important like the green or to a water hazard. The best thing in the pages was when he explained hitting a perfect shot and how you postion yourself in order to succed in a perfect iron shot. This chapter gave lots of inform that I might want to read again because it could really help out my golf game.


 Indie reading #5 pg 58-78 2-7  Saturday

          Through these pages Micheal the caddie really unfolded with his life before he was a caddie and we he started to get interested with golf and how much fun he had teaching the game. I really got a better understanding on how it was so hard for him to make it to the professional level and help guide a golfer to winning so many championships. Micheal really make you think of how you think your future will look like and how being resondsible is very important. I'm guessing right now in the book their is going to be a swith to another great caddie's life story and we can see some of the tips he has in life and in golf. I'f really noticed how great caddies can be with people. So far from the information i've got it seems like caddies are very good at socializing with other people and knowing how another person is feeling. LIke Micheal seemed to know when Tom was very disappointed or nervous or just excited. They alos had a bond that would never break, and thats what I like most about the book so far is how two guys grew up loving golf and now they are best friends. THis book is a great book for making you think about decsions you make in life because the caddies give their stories expalining how they made very decsions, because saying your job is going to be a professional caddie is very risky. Mostly Because of how you either can make it or break it as a professional caddie and if you break it its vey hard to try and start off new doing something else.  


 Indie reading #4 pg 47-57 2-6  Friday

          Through these pages most of the major points of the book came out. I really liked these pages because they involved the difficulties and work it takes to become a professional caddie. He expalins what you have to know and really understand about to be a well balanced caddie. So far I really like the chacter of Tom KItes caddie because he seems to be a very nice guy and takes resondsiblity for anything he does. He aslo knows when to take things serious or well just to kick back and enjoy the great game of golf. Also through these pages the caddie expalins past experiences were he had to make tough decsions or made a mistake and gives the reader a heads up if wanting to become a professional caddie. I also really like how Tom KIte's caddie gives me a good idea on what Pebble Beach and other tough courses golfers have to face.  Im predicting that the caddie's name is Micheal because it's in first person meaning that the caddie's name is Micheal. I hope the caddie keeps telling past stories that give me a better understanding of how his caddie experience got better or worse.




Indie reading #3 pg 31-46 2-1  Sunday

          Through these pages nothing really big happened in the tournament but Kite continuing to hold his lead and pray for a day of heavy winds. Tom finished off day 2 with some very nice birdie chances and just came up short. The players in the rest of the field were all gunning for Kite not being too far back to try and take down the experienced golfer. I predicting pretty soon a big conflict between Tom and his caddie will occur over a certain shot or decision Kite made. I also think a rising point will be coming up with the end of one of the biggest tournaments in golf. With Kite either prevailing or chocking to the pressure of the hardest course and to a great group of golfers closing in. Kite so far is being very patient and making no major mistakes. Again him and his caddie heard there is going to be heavy winds on the last day of the tournamnet and all they have to do is hold on to their lead until that day and they think they will have a great shot of winning.



 Indie reading #2 pg 16-301-31  Saturday

          Through these pages many events occurred in the tournament of Pebble Beach for Tom Kite and his caddie. Tom Kite's caddie is going through the first day of the Pebble Beach major. Explaining how Tom Kite is a great wind player and they need wind to come into play and have a good chance of getting off to a lead. On the first day Kite didn't get any wind but still was playing great golf. Kite and his caddie showed great friendship and chemistry many making hard decisions on a certain club to use or reading a putt. Kite's caddie showing that he wants to win this major as much as Kite does. Also the caddie explained how Kite is a great wind player compared to the field of players and if Kite wants a chance of winning the major he needs a day of the tornament to have winds. How Kite knows how to keep the ball low to get the distance without the wind holding it back. The putting was the key Kite had to perfect if he wanted to get a lead. He knew he can chip in close but had to finish every hole with par or better. Ending my reader was the caddie finishing off day 2 with a lead.


 Indie Reading #1 1/30/09 1-15 1-30

           So far this book has been very good. The book started out with a view point from a professional caddie who is a caddie for Tom Kite. The caddie never says his name through the first 15 pages. In the pages the caddie explains how him and Tom are working out to try and win a major at Pebble Beach. To be more specific the caddie described the workouts and preparation that they went through in order to be ready for one of the toughest golf courses in the world. The caddie had a strong relationship with Tom and that working together was the only solution on taking home the prize they were so desperate for. I choose this book because golf is a great appeal to me and to read about the determination and desire they had to win is also an appeal.

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