Examples of Student HOT paragraphs


Sample # 1

     The theory of dystopian literature functions within various narratives. Five novels that I have read, "Harrison Bergeron", "There Will Come Soft Rains," "All Summer in a Day," "The Lottery," and "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" have several things in common.  All five of these narratives have similiar themes dealing with depression or the society not being as perfect as they would like. Characters of the narratives do not try to make their society a better place, but instead they go on with their normal lifestyle without caring one bit.  People living in a certain society make it seem like everything and everyone is perfect, but really their society is just a complete mess. 



Sample # 2 

     When one looks at the future it is not uncommon to look at it with uncertainty.  Many think of what new things may come, if they look at the present as worse than the past they can only wonder how the future could ever look brighter.  Truly there seems to be much negativity found within many thoughts of the future, especially when looked at through a dystopian themed story.  Many times these stories venture into the future to find society crumbling, the world gone wrong, and most of this has shown to be caused by good ideas and well thought out plans that do not turn out well. The stories show that there is much darkness and depression to be found in the future.



Sample #3 

      Humans have been on earth for millions of years. As we live on earth longer the technology has advanced greatly. We visit other planets and soon may be inhabiting them. Then imagine just one day all human life is gone. Some may wonder, what it might look like. In this essay I'm writing about what earth will be like in the future. Also how technology will advance and government will overcome adversity to make things better for the people. The dystopian theme in the short stories tell us how the future might turn out.  



Sample #4 

     Dystopian literature gives you the feeling of Horror and fear.  It is hard to be able to control it.  You never know what to expect will happen next.  Dystopian literature tells deep dark stories that leave the reader a lot to think about.  Each kind of dystopian literature has a lot of things in common to one another.  Reading and worrying, the reader of the story is stricken with the truth behind each of these stories.  In dystopian literature, the main character undergoes extremely harsh conditions and are eventually killed or locked away.



Sample #5 

  Picture a land somewhere far off with blue skies, pretty rainbows, sweet-smelling flowers all around, and millions of smiling faces.  Does this seem like reality, or simply a fairytale to you?  Some may argue that utopia is simply a figment of the imagination, and this heaven-on-earth would be impossible to obtain in our lifetime.  However, some optimistic folks may feel that if we found the right solution, the world could almost be a perfect place to live.  Various authors have taken the risk to explore the journey from our current lifestyle to a world where everything is raindows and cupcakes.  Our problems would cease to exist, and everyone would live in perfect harmony; everyone would be equal, and everyone would be happy.  Often times, there would be an authority figure  that would look after the people and make sure everything was running smoothly, and that everyone was living to the standards that were expected of them.  If the authority figure is not chosen correctly, however, we would soon run into more problems, possibly leading us to a less-than-perfect world: a dystopian world.  In this type of literature, people try to contol others to maintan order and improve society, but more often than not, it turns out to be a disaster.