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Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography)- The story of when my dad went to myrtle beach and an started to get taken out deep into the ocean.



Story # 2 (Biography)- When my dad got his first car and some lady hit him the next day.



Story # 3 (Biography)- When my dad boxed my uncle and he knocked him out.



Story # 4 (Autobiography)- when the knife cut me in the mouth.




Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement:



Specific Research found:







Assignment #10


* I used the pictures on the left side to show people that are still in love.

* I used the pictures on the right side to show people that where falling out of love.

* In the bottom right i typed out a quote from MNSD.

* And above the quote I put my thesis statement.


Assignment #9 Thesis: Love will change people.


Things To Get:   Pictures of people in love, a song that relates to love, hyperlinks to a news article that realates to my thesis.


Things To Do: I need to put some of my pictures onto my glogster, find a good song to go with my topic, i need to put my thesis into the glogster. And find some hyperlinks to things that relate to my topic. 


Assignment # 8: Essay (did not do)



Assignment #7 

Assignment # 6 (did not do)



Assignment #5

           DEAR ABBY: I am writing to you because I need some advice so i can get a woman away from me. I did have relations with this certin women, and now she thinks i am in love with her. She allways is looking for me so I just try to hide from her. She consistently follows me and shouts my name. And to make it worse I am getting married soon. But she still won't leave me alone. I don't get why she like me, i always ignore her i thought she would get that I don't like her. So please tell me how to get rid of her.



          DEAR SCARED IN ATHENS: One thing i can tell you to get the crazy lady you are refering to is to start doing things that she thinks is annoying. You might also consider just walking up to the girl and telling her that you don't like her and you don't want to see her anymore, and that the night you spent together you where drunk and you didn't know what was going on. You could also considder trying to get one of your friends to go on a date with the girl. She might just stop once you get married and realize that she needs to find somebody else.




#4 By seeing a clip from the movie it helped me understand the book a little better because i was able to see what was going on in the book while it was happening. Most of the women wore hats and it made them look like they where rich. The men wore longe sleeve shirts. The peasents in the movie wore worn down clothing. It was mostly set in a small town. Some small buildings and a castle.


#3Wordle: Untitled


#2 In the story it uses humor unintenionally. For example bottom was sure that he would get a great role in the play that he wanted to do but he got a different part. So he started to complain to the guy that he wanted a role that suited him more so he started to act out the parts, but each time the guy turned him down. Making him look like an idiot.


#1In the story the father and daughter do not get along, because she wants to mary lysander, but her father doesn't like him. He wants his daughter to marry Demetrius. Lysander was talked down upon, in front of every one, so it would embarress him if she married him.




________________________________________________INDEPENDENT READING______________________________________________

indie reading assignment #35 pg. 469 - 500

     Tom Clancy has done an amazing job on this book. I can actually enjoy reading it.  Which is saying a lot for a book. He keeps the action coming. The only thing i didn't like about this is I thought that the beginning of the story started off pretty slow.

indie reading assignment #34 pg. 446 - 468

     This book has gotten very good the story line has turned out to be very good.  The characters in the story all have seemed to play an important role in it.  The book is about to be finished and i can't wait to see what happens at the end of the story to see how Kelly finally gets revenge from the guys that killed his girlfriend Pam.

indie reading assignment #33 pg. 411 - 445

     The scenes in this book seem to change very often because Kelly is all ways going to a place where he has not been before just so he can find the person that killed Pam.  The setting is most of the time a perfect fit for what is going on in the story.

indie reading assignment #24 pg. 397 - 410

Wordle: Untitled

indie reading assignment #24 pg. 356 - 396

     In the last couple of chapters it seems like nothing important at all has hapend  and everything that Kelly has been doing hasn't been important to the story at all and the author of the book could have let it out of the  book completly.

indie reading assignment #19 pg. 341 - 355

     I think in the next couple of chapters in the book Kelly will go to russia to find the man that killed Pam, and while he is looking for her he will run into trouble with the russian police, then he will get released and he will continue his search for the man that killed her.

indie reading assignment #18 pg. 286 - 340

     Kelly has went seemed to change a little he has become a lot calmer now that he has gotten information out of billy. He used to be stressed and he was all ways watching over his back because he didn't trust any one that was near him. Now he has let his guard down a little bit because he knows who he is looking for. 

Indie reading assignment #16 pg. 270 - 285

     The setting during these two chapters is in Kelly's garage at his house on his island. The garage has one window on it but Kelly boarded the window up so no light could shine into it while he was interigating Bill. All the lights where off in there and it made it pitch black. But there was a little lamp facing Bill. The garage was big enough to fit a single car in it.

Indie reading assignment #15 pg. 238 - 269

     Kelly decides to get revenge on the people that killed his girlfriend Pam. So he packed up some of his belongings and he went down to Baltimore, when he got there he set up a safe house. Then he started recon on the drug dealers. He started to kill several minor drug dealers to get information on the more important ones. And after the last drug pusher he killed he got some information on a guy named Billy one of the men responsible for Pam's death. Kelly took Billy up to his island and he is getting ready to tourture him.

Indie reading assignment #14 pg. 222 - 237

     In this book Tom Clancy seems to like to get into a good amount of detail for every thing that ends up happening during the book. He takes his time to get into the really important stuff by setting up every thing that happens. Then after a couple of chapters he usually has something big that happens during the story. He puts alot of action into a short time of reading, he has some parts of the story that seem to drag on but when he gets to a part that is good it is easy to get into the book.

Indie reading assignment #13 pg. 187 - 221

          Kelly is a man in his late 20's that has had a rough past in the military, from other books that Tom Clancy has written. He has a great sense of what is going on around him, he knows when he is in danger or when he is putting other people in the danger. He now has made a good amount of money and he was able to rent an island for a little while so he and his friends could relax and party on it as much as they wanted to. The woman he fell in love with in this book was killed by her old pimp.

Indie reading assignment #10 pg. 125 - 157

     The setting in these two chapters changes a couple of times, it starts off in the hospital, in the room that Pam passed away in. It is about a resonable size for a hospital room. With baby blue walls a white celing and a blue carpet. Then the setting moves into Kelly's car. Then it swiches into Kelly's large house it has a number of paintings, he has war medals in his bedroom up for display. The walls are white just like the celing and the carpet. But he has black leather couches and a 50 inch tv, in his living room.

Indie reading assignment #9 pg. 112 - 124

     After a couple of minutes the cops and an ambulence arived at the crime scene. The paramedics got Pam and they took her to the hospital. Kelly was still at the crime scene and the cops where talking to him about what happend a few moments ago. He told them what happend, then they took him up to the hospital because the guy hit him in the head with his pistol. Then at the end of the chapter Kelly walked into Pam's room and found out that she had just died a couple of minutes before he walked into the room.

Indie reading assignment #8 pg. 94 - 111

     In this chapter it's been two weeks that Kelly Pam and some of his friends have been on his island. So they got onto the boat and they went back to the city. Later that week Pam and Kelly met up to get some dinner together but as they where walking into the resturaunt Pam's old pimp saw here. He shouted and started to run after her. So Pam and Kelly ran to his car. They took off and the pimp got into his own car and he chased them. After he chased them for a while Pam and Kelly thought that they got away from him, so he parked the car in a parking lot. But Kelly heard Pam scream, he reached for his gun, and the guy shot Pam.      

Indie reading assignment #6 pg. 81 - 93

     Pam is a woman in he late twenties. She is slowly falling in love with Kelly shortly on in the book. You end up finding out that she has a drug problem, and she is trying to to get help to stop with her problem. She is starting to get help from Kelly, and Sam so she can stop her drug problem. And she used to be a prostitute but she just got out of that.  

Indie reading assignment #5 pg. 50 - 80

     During these two chapters all of the people that have been in the book so far are started off on Kellys boat. They are a couple miles out in the sea. Then after the coast guard stopped questioning Kelly and Pam they got off of his boat and they drove off. Kelly and Pam started to get to know eachother a little bit better by talking for a while then Pam told Kelly that she did drugs and that she was getting therapy so she could stop doing it. Then Kelly and Pam started to go fishing. They ended up fishing for some time. They had a contest to see who could catch the most fish during the time that they did that.


Indie reading assignment #4 pg. 19 - 49 Thurs 2-5-09

     These 2 chapters start off with the character Kelly driving in the town, and he sees a woman walking on the street that catches his eyes. So he pulled up to her and asked her if she need a ride. She said yes and he took her up to her house. They ended up talking to eachother while they where in his car. And Kelly seemed to like the girl so he invited her to go to the island that he owns with him and a couple of his friends. Then he found out that her name was Pam. The next day they met and he took her to his boat to get ready to go to the island. His friends ended up meeting up with him a little later and they set sail to the island. But before long they ended up running into a storm that forced to stop for a while. The storm never let up so they ended up sleeping through the rest of the it. The next day the coast guard came up to Kelly's boat and they asked him if they had seen a boat, that they where not able to find after the storm.


Independent Reading #3 (did not do)

Independent Reading #2 (did not do)


Independent Reading #1 (did not do)


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A little brief. You need more of what you think and not just straight storyline. Please just label this journal entry number one.

jay w said

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Wassup ACL Tear! Your bulk, especially your ACL!

Jayson Yeagley said

at 9:19 pm on Jan 26, 2009

Joel, make sure you work on the labeling. I would up the details in your responses to prove your knowledge. If you lack knowledge, you should review assignments more and work on the comprehension of the play. Yeagley.

Jayson Yeagley said

at 11:39 pm on Feb 1, 2009

Joel, this is not looking good. You know what you should be doing. You are not doing it. Look around at other pages and see how much good insight is out there. You can and must do much better.

Jayson Yeagley said

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Joel, your page is sloppy and incomplete. You can do much better. Please care about the work you are showing to me and the world on this wiki.

Jayson Yeagley said

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Week 1--------------IR-----------------0/3

Jayson Yeagley said

at 9:58 am on Feb 16, 2009

Joel, glad you are doing these now (good choice). You need to label a little better. Also, work on going being the basic summary aspect of the story!

Week 2------------------------IR-----------------------3/3

Jayson Yeagley said

at 8:04 am on Feb 22, 2009

Your number 9 could have been a little more specific. IRs should be better. Mix up the way you respond to them. Also, make sure you do all of them!
Week 3---------------------------IR---------------------------2/3
Really make sure you take advantage of the Glogster. Re-read the instructions and pay attention to the rubric.

Jayson Yeagley said

at 8:40 pm on Mar 9, 2009

Your labeling is not very good for your IRs. Next week you will lose points.

Jayson Yeagley said

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Really brief Joel...We need to get all your ducks in a row

Jayson Yeagley said

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Well, your workspace doesn't look that great and I happen to be taking a grade right now. Make sure you fix some things soon. Realize that this space is for both of us and if you are confused as to what belongs in this space...talk to me! I graded 20 and 21 IR..you didn't have either. Next week I will grade 22 and 23 and once again...You do not have them! This is not smart nor does it help you improve as a student!

tyler s said

at 10:28 pm on Apr 2, 2009

Listen to Yairgz.

jay w said

at 9:12 pm on Apr 11, 2009

Come on ACL! Get with the program!

Jayson Yeagley said

at 4:30 am on Apr 21, 2009

You have two number 24s. You need to push you grade on these!

joel b said

at 8:45 pm on May 7, 2009

i figured out what was wrong with my toondoo book i finally got it up.

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