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josh b

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Josh B's Wiki



I. Intro-Are prisons to easy on prisoners

  A) discribe prisons in USA

  B) Explain my topic

II. O.J Simpson

  A) What he has in prison.

  B)What his cell is like.

  C) What he has extra.

  D) What he eats.

III. Prisoners daily life, Routine

  A) What they do daily.

  B) What privileges they have.

  C) What

IV. luxuries

  A) What extra's do they have in cell

  B) Tv's

  C) what privileges do they get

  D) what they eat

V. people go back to prisons

  A) percent of people who come back

  B)If it is working out

  C) how prisoners are not learning there lesson in prison cause of the prison is to easy.

Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography)-How did you get your car, and what happened to it.



Story # 2 (Biography)- What was your first job and how did you like it.



Story # 3 (Biography)- who where your best friends and what were they like.



Story # 4 (Autobiography)- 4th july party




Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement: Prisons are to easy on prisoners.



Specific Research found: O.J simpson and how easy he has it. Look up articles that show how easy prisons are on inmates. Research on the internet.



Questions: How many people go back to prisons. what extras do they have in prisons.



Problems: If i find any info.



Work Cited

Judd, Chauncey. “Prison Life”  our-oxford.info 23 March 2009



“Prison Life” 2008. 23 March 2009 <http://www.insideprison.com/>

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            “prison walkthrough” www.cjsonline.gov 23 March 2009 http://www.cjsonline.gov.uk/offender/walkthrough/daily_life/

            “OJ Simpson Living The Good Life in Prison?” 2009 www.foxnews.com 23 March 2009 <http://foxnews.com/story/0,2933,477453,00.html















     I put the picture of puck and the flower because they had to do with a big part of the relationships that were going on in the story. They made Lysander and Demetrios fall in love with Helena. But they took it off of Lysander so Lysander got back together with Hermia and Demetrios stayed under the spell and married Helena. So because of Puck Demetrios and Helena got together. Then I put a picture of the book cover because it shows the name of the book i am talking about and it shows a picture of love. Then I put a picture of Theseus and Hippolyta because they were one of the big couple in the story. They were the couple that was truly in love throughout the whole story they were in love. Then I have three rings on my glogster to show the three weddings that happen to the three groups of lovers. Then I put the picture of Helena and Demetrius to show the group that were foolishly in love. Before the curse was put on Demetrios he didn't want anything to do with Helena at all. But Helena was madly in love with hom and was being foolish trying to win him. That is also why I put a picture of Helena. Then I put a picture of Lysander and Hermia because they were the complicated relationship because they were in a love triangle. Then they weren't together cause of the curse then they got back together and married.




 MSN Essay

     What Shakespear is  saying about love and infatuation is love can be foolish or inpired and can change. In this book Mid summer night Dreams he shows how these things effect a relationship.

     In the Love situation between Hermia, Lysander, Hermia, and Helena shows that love can change. At first Demetrious was in love with Helena but later fell in love with Hermia. But Helena still is  foolishly in love with Demetrious."I have found Demetrius like a jewel, mine own, and not mine own." She will always love him even if he is not with her. But Lysander is in love with Hermia and Hermia is in love with Lysander. But in the end Demetrious ends up in love with Helena and Lysander and Hermia still in love with each other. So this shows you how fast love can change and foolishly people can be when they are in love.

     A way love can be foolish is how so many people got effected by the curse from Puck. How he was foolish enough to put the curse on them and make them fall in love. It happen to Lysander, Demetrious, and Titania. The curse was taken off every one but Demetrious. 

     so shakespear shows that love can be foolish and change rapidly.  The characters change throughout the with the people who they love, and it was a surprise who they ended up with.  


assignment #9 Thesis- In the story shakespeare shows the different types of love from foolish to true love.

     I need to get pictures about love for my background. I will think of ways to find things that will show wedding ideas to show that they got married. Then i will find pictures of theseuse and everyone who ended up together.  Then I will add text and try to explain my point about how shakespeare shows the different types of love. Then I need to find a song that will go with the ideal of my glogster.


Assignment # 8 (did not do)



Assignment # 7 (Did not do)


Assignment #6) act 4 scene 2

They can't find Bottom he wasn't even at his house.

They are worried about what the duke will do to them if Bottom doesn't show.

Bottom shows up very excited and he want tell why he was late.

They start preparing under bottoms lead.


journal entries

36-pg-253-301-dt-5-13-wed-I am starting to understand all the confusion alot more now. There are still alot I don't get but I figure that it all will play out soon enough. But Eragon is still seems a little worried about Murtagh but who wouldn't be with every thing that happened to him I would be freaking out trying to make heads or tails of everything that been going on. Any one else in his situation would of lost it and ran away from this whole mess and hid in a cave. Eragon just took it all on and moved forward and trying to help all the people he can which saids alot about ones character. Just a month ago he was messing around with his cousin and now he is fighting urgles. One thing I was right is right now he is not a killer. He came up against a group of urgles but instead of killng them he tried to stun them but he failed and almost got captured. But saphire was there to save him. If he would of got captured all hope would of been gone.

35-pg 168-253-dt-5-10-sun-The book is getting a little messed up. There are lots of characters coming and going, meaning new characters are dieing fast. The new character Murtage is still alive but he seems good because he is helping Eragon and saphira (his dragon) to the Varden. There is something he has to be hiding. He shows up right when Eragon needs help. He might be a spy. What shocked me is tha Brom died, the stap he took from enemyon the attack. So since he was showing the way but he died now murtage is showing him. Eragon is confuse at the same time since this is all happpening so fast he can't keep up with it all. Luckily he has Sphira to help because some one in this kind of situation you need some help.

34-pg-133-168--dt-5-9-sat- the book is still going good. there is now a new character name murtage. this new character is strange, you don;t know much about him. eragon finds himself in trouble and gets saved by this kid who isn't much older then himself. eragon is not sure if he can trust him. also in these pages you find out a little about eragon's mother. you know that she came to her brother's house one night (the uncle eragon lived with) had eragon and left him there.

33-pg-100-133-dt-5-3-sun- I almost forgot. The book is still going good so far. Brom convinced me that he is good. He is teaching Eragon how to fight but it doesn't seem like it is going to good for Eragon he doesn't seem to be to aggressive he doesn't have the fighting spirit neeeded to be a warrior. He could prove me wrong later but I don't know.  Brom is also teaching Eragon magic which I think is pretty cool.  Eragon is better at magic than he is at fighting which is not saying to much on either situation. This is why I think Brom is not telling the whole truth about him self. How does a man living in this small town know about dragon, dragon riders, and magic, but yet all of a sudden meets Eragon and know varden and Also be in same town as the omly last hope for the world.So there is something with him.

32-pg-50-100-dt-5-2-sat-The book is getting better there is more action. He is getting help from Brom which I hink he may be an enemy because he knows to much. The author is good at discribing the characters and the settings. He makes sure you picture everything to the littlest detial. But I think it is going to be cool at the end when Eragon is going to fight galbitrax which should be awsome battle between dragon riders. Eragon is learning magic with Brom which Eragon found out by mistake. They are travelling to varden which is an army against the king. I would be confuse if I was Eragon because your getting pulled in so many directions that you don;t know what is going on.


30-pg -0-50-date-4-25-09-sat-I dropped my last book and picked up eragon. It is a great book so far. Eragon was a normal farm boy until he finds out that he is destined to be a dragon rider. It takes place in mid evil times. I think it would of been cool to live back then and be a knight. Eragon gets to be a dragon rider which is way better than a knight.  I think it would be great to be dragon rider. He has to watch out for Galbortrax, who is king and been a dragon rider for over hundred years. He is trying to kill Eragon since he has a dragon so he has the power to over throw him. But I don't know what I would do if I found out that I am a rider.

29-pg-0-35-date-4-19-09-sun-I started a new book called band of brothers. It is an ok book so far but i still think flags of our fathers is better so far. It is about 101 airborne company training for ww2. Which would be scarey knowing that you are training to fight against one of the most feared armies of the time. Then they had another problem was that the sergent they are training under no one liked him at all. They think he is a ###. But I think them hating sergent Winters is a good thing because it will bring them together. They are going Threw the hardest training any one would have to go threw in any military branch in america.

28-pg-256-320-date-4-18-09-sat-I finished my book flags of our fathers. It was sort of a dumb ending to a good book. The ending had them go on there bond tour. They were doing it to support the war funds. It was dumb because it was piontless. The whole book was about them fighting for america and then at the end there was nothing it was like a boring soap opra. I thought the book was good until that part. about the last 50 pages. I am going to try and find another war book to read.

27-pg-213-256-date-4-12-09-sun- I didn't know there was two flag raising on Iwo Jima but most Americans don't. In the book they raised the first flag on Iwo Jima on mount Saribachi. They took the picture from the first one and ignored the first flag raising completely. The only reason they did the second was because the caption wanted his flag back and they sent up a bigger one. It was funny how the guy didn't even worry about the picture he even almost missed it he just took it at the last second not even looking in the lens of the camera. So after that the picture ends up worth millions, and it was the most coppied picture in america.

'#26-pg-150-213-date-4-11-09-sat-The war world two was a bad war that had lots of casualties. just on Iwo Jima cost United states alot of casualties by just getting on the island. Then alot of the ships loaded with marines trying to get on the island but couldn't because there was to many bodies of dead united states marines in the way that were in the way and they couldn't get on. If I was on the baot going on the island I would be losing it and would not want to go on there if all my comrads was dieing before stepping foot on the island. then  the crazy things they do to win the war was unbeleivable, like jumping on grenades to save your friends in crazy.


#25-pg_109-150-date-4-5-09-sun-It is true that the people you go to war with you will be more closer to them than your own family. Right now they just got done with boot camp wich sucked. They had to do lots of running with there equipment which also would sucks. I don't know if i could do that and i want to go to marines which they are. Having to run miles eery day would kill. Then knowing that right after the boot camp is done you are going in the most deadliest war in history would make you truly think and if you go thruogh all that you must really want to protect your loe ones and save this country. I think the people that went in the war are truly specail and brave.

#24-pg-1-109-date-4-4-09-sat-I started a new book called Flags Of our Fathers. It is a good book about wwII. It is un believable how at age 18 my age that they had to go to war and actually kill people or you will die. There was no choice for them it was just survial. Kill or be killed. Idon't know what i could do in this situation. I would be lost if all of a sudden they say I have to go to war and take life. In the book they have some marines came back from battle and they told people that  they were going back to war and said "I don't think I will be coming back". witch made me think of what they must be going through out there in the wars fighting for your life. The book is good and it makes you think about what life was like back then with the draft. Then it was worst for the flag raisers who had leave there comrads to go like fundraising just cause they hiked up mountain with no enemy threat and raise a flag again.

#23-pg 75-100-date-3-29-09-Sun-In the book  there is a big shocker on how everyone lives on these sort  of a boat kind of thing that holds millions of people. The book is reminding me of the movie water world alot with how people are living and how there is a legend of dry land. That is helping me visialize the book more because of the images from the movie. The author does the same type of imagery as the first part which is good for me to picture everything. They are trying to stop Saint Dane from destroying this planet by destroying the food supply on all these ship like things. Then a big shocker happen when spater found his dad dead. killed by Saint Dane, which is going to make me wonder how this will effect him in the battles ahead.

#22-pg 50-75- date-3-28-09-Sat- This book I think is better than the first part. The shocker is the quips on this planet ( mutant beast that protect the flume gates) weregiant sharks that attacked them under water, but bobby tried to kill it, which is probly the oppisite of what i would of done. I'm not positive but i would of freaked out and booked it out of there. Then I found out something new that there is a traveler on every planet which there are eight. That answers my question of how many travelers there is. But if there is only one traveler for each planet then how is uncle Press and Bobby boh from second earth (planet we live on) so we have two travelers. So I wonder why that is. Then met a new traveler of coral named Spater which he sounds little hard headed in my opinion but still cool.

week-8 21-I started pendragon 2 and i am already confused a little. They got to the new planet by going through the flumes which i am still confuse about how it works but i geuss it is one of those things you don't ask about it is just magic. But i am use to that but the weird thing is when they reached the planet Coral which the name gives it away it is covered with water. when they got there they landed in water and had to put on wet suits, and uncle Press said the whole planet is covered in water which is weird because how do they get food and live. This book is going to be a shck about how they answer these questions about these things.

week-8 # 20-   I finished pendragon book 1 this week and i think I will start the second part this week. The first one was full of action and adventure. It had lots of imagery that makes you picture everything so you think you are there on second earth with Bobby Pendragon. The end of the book was awsome the way the had the battle with the evil mutated dogs creatures. Then they found the way to beat saint Dane the evi master mine that is trying to destroy the worlds and take control of everything. But the biggest shocker was when Bobby house was gone and his family was to. But then it ends up that it wasn't really his family. Then he finds out is his soul perpose on earth is to lead the travelers to stop saint dane. If I was in his shoes and got all that dropped on me I would lose it and have a huge melt down.

#15- Pendragon is brave, strong, loyal, a leader, samrt, not fearless, thinks through decisions before he jumps in, athlete, does right thing, hero, and intelligent. He is the leader of the travelers. He now stuck on first earth and is in the middle of there war. I have about 50 pages left i will be done in couple days, and this book does make sense. The author is bringing everything together so you understand everything through the entire book. Theauthor is doing a graet job of doing this so you want be confuse for the next book. The author makes the book realistic.

14#-The book took a wierd turn that made me confuse. This saint dane character killed these villagers over some coal or something because they didn't get enough. This book is good still yet and it is my favorite book so far. The author is also doing a great job of discribiing the surroundings. He also did good job of discribing the characters in the book. He gives you a image of the setting that it makes you feel like you are there. It puts you in the book inthe the sitaution. After this book I am thinking of reading thenext  book in the series.

# 13 I really like this book and it is way better than the runner which was my last book. The author of Pendragon did a greast job so far in making you want to read on and making you tink of what is going to happen next like how right now it is a little confusing. It is because it is the begginning and explain what is all about. Like i'm thinking about Bobby Pendragon tough chioce he has to face is if he will go with his uncle and leave his family to help save thousand of people in ths village that he doesn't even know. I don't know what i would do. Bobby is a traveler which he does't know what that means and his uncle is telling him all this stuff about different worlds he must help save from someone name saint dane. If I was in Boby shoes I wouldn't know what to think probly that my uncle is crazy.

#12- I finished my book the runner which wasn't that good in my opinion. I thought it was a little boring because it took a long time for things to happen. It was slow pace. I started a new book caled Pendragon the merchant of death. It is good so far but a little confusing. It is faster pace book than the runner and I like more. The author put you right in the middle of a battle right at the begginning of the book which makes you a little confuse but I started to understand more now as i read on in the book. The author now on the pages I'm on went back in the past and telling how he ended up in the battle. The book is full of journel entries which Bobby Pendrafon the main character who is 15 years old is sending to his friends henry and courtney. I like the auhors way of writing because he makes the book interesting by making yourselfask questions about what is happening and what is going to happen. To me it makes it more enjoyable to read.

#11-Almost at the end of Runner and everthing is coming together now. He is popular now than he was at the begginning of the book. The author makes you fell better about what you have in the world that you you should be glad and are lucky for what you have and you should think about your life. That you life is not as bad as you may think no matter what you are going through you are ok. I like that that the author brings everthing together at the end even the small things at the begginning like the war that was brought up in like the first chapter. 

#10- In the next pages I like how detailed the author is when he describes something small, like the wind. When the author is describing the wind he talks about how the wind is so hard that the boat oing back and fort. Also how it was blowing so hard that it was interrupting the signal for the tv. He also describes the wind by describing how a tree is tipped half over due to the wind.


#9-In these pages I liked how the author didn't tell you what is in the packages that chance is delivering, but at the same time you knew what was in them. He gives you an ideal about what's in the packages by the kids in his class talking about how people smuggle drugs and other stuff along the shore. He also shows this by there being coast guards, FBI, and cops always patrolling the shore.


#8 The author in these pages show the type of life that Chance lives. The lifestyle he growing up in and the situation his parents are in. The author gives him a normal lifestyle but his parents are divorce. I like how the author went back and disribed his lifestyle in great detail.  Then showed how he is just a normal kid trying to fit in. But he has a few problem he must face in life. The auhor is doing a good job of showing you wha he is going through and the town he lives in. 


#7 I like how the author of my book discribes the setting and the characters really well. He discribes it so you can create a perfect image of the surroundings. The author creates the characters so the are realistic. The book is actually good I like it so far. The author makes you want to read on and finish the book. So far in the book Chance is a regular kid going to school but now there is a bully named Miller in school that chance stood up to him and so now they are rivals.



My book is about an intelligent sixth grader named Chance Taylor. He goes to school at Lincoln High. we start the book with him in school at an asembly in the gym to remember the events that happen on the day of September 11. He is a normal kid who does the smallest amount in school to just get a passing grade.



 #1.I think the relationship between Hermia and Egeus is going bad. Hermia is in love with Lysander but her father hates him and is trying to force her to marry this other guy. So right now the relationship is hateful. Even duke theseus is saying she has to marry Demorius or she will die.  The relationship isn't going to last much longer since Hermia is planning on leaving and cutting all ties to everyone in the city of Athens.



#2.The way the book is funny is when they hand out the parts to each actor. They fight over a women part. So you end up with a bunch of guys wanting to be a lady in a play. Then they try to be a little serious but they end up making dumb comments and act funny. Then they complain about the parts they get like the lion when he said he will roar so loud they will ask for it again and ask who it was.


Wordle: THESEUS  theseus


#4 The film helped me understand the language and the book more. It helped give me a picture of the characters in the book. The characters in the book did look sort of what I thought they would look . The time that the movie was taking place was different than what I was thinking it would be. I pictured it to be earllier  in time.


#5. Dear Abby

I need your advice on how to get this woman to stop following me. Every where I go she is there. Every time I look behind me I see her following me. I think she is a little crazy or mentally unstable. In the past we were together, had relations. Ever since then she never been able to get rid of her. I tried running away from her. I tried just ignoring her but no matter what I do she still finds a way to find me. I even explained it to her but she just ignored me. I am suppose to get married and i am afraid she might do something.




I got a few ideas on how you can get her away from you. One tell the police that this woman will not stop bothering you and you need help.



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Jayson Yeagley said

at 1:20 am on Jan 12, 2009

More Josh. Thesus is not a king he is a duke. Double check what you have and provide more of you in this.

Jayson Yeagley said

at 9:07 pm on Jan 22, 2009

You need to label your assignments. Check out other people's pages

Jayson Yeagley said

at 9:24 pm on Jan 26, 2009

Josh, Switch the order of your assignments. Assignment #5 is very weak. Your response does not demonstrate an understanding of the play or a solid response. Most of your responses hint at a very limited understanding of the story. You can do better. Yeagley

nick g said

at 1:52 pm on Jan 27, 2009

Great Job bach

josh b said

at 7:26 pm on Feb 7, 2009

i didn't know how to get bubble.us on wiki

Jayson Yeagley said

at 10:44 pm on Feb 7, 2009

Josh, ask me in class or one of your friends in 11th or 12th (that have me as a teacher). Look at your page and than compare it to other students. This does not showcase your ideas and individuality. You can and must do much better.

Jayson Yeagley said

at 10:45 pm on Feb 7, 2009

Week 1-------------------IR------------------------0/3

Jayson Yeagley said

at 10:45 pm on Feb 7, 2009

No Independent Reading

jay w said

at 10:45 pm on Feb 12, 2009

Wassup Cookie Monster!!!!! Dont be stealing my cookies

Jayson Yeagley said

at 10:00 am on Feb 16, 2009

Still no IR for week 2 or week 3. You are headed down a slippery sloop.

Week 2-------------------------------------IR-------------------------3/3

jay w said

at 8:48 pm on Feb 16, 2009

i like how u highlighted your essay in red.

Jayson Yeagley said

at 8:57 am on Feb 22, 2009

Assignment 9 not complete. This is your last week of minimal effort on your IR. YOu will begin losing points now. Look at what you write and look at what most of your classmates write. You are just quickly going through the motions and are not interacting with the text. YOu can and must do much better!
Week 3-----------------------------------------IR----------------------------------------3/3

Jayson Yeagley said

at 8:57 am on Feb 22, 2009

Assignment 9 not complete. This is your last week of minimal effort on your IR. YOu will begin losing points now. Look at what you write and look at what most of your classmates write. You are just quickly going through the motions and are not interacting with the text. YOu can and must do much better!
Week 3-----------------------------------------IR----------------------------------------3/3

josh b said

at 8:07 am on Mar 5, 2009


jay w said

at 8:31 pm on Mar 5, 2009

My cool penguin wants to go weightlifting with you sometime.

Jayson Yeagley said

at 8:41 pm on Mar 9, 2009

The labeling on your assignment is not up to code (my code). Next week you will lose points.

tyler s said

at 7:47 am on Mar 17, 2009


Jayson Yeagley said

at 10:37 am on Mar 17, 2009

Hopefully, you do much better next nine weeks!

josh b said

at 7:12 am on Mar 19, 2009

yeagley i have most of IR done and i did 9 my grade sheet said i didn't

Jayson Yeagley said

at 9:16 pm on Mar 30, 2009

Labeling is much better on the IRs. Your workspace is not the best. You need to update this information and soon! Step it up soldier...it is the fourth quarter!

Jayson Yeagley said

at 9:17 pm on Mar 30, 2009

Get this stuff fixed (your workspace)

josh b said

at 7:16 am on Apr 1, 2009

I fixed my workspace

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