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Journal 13:


Journal 12:

Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography)

Dad, when you were young, what took most of your time away? Such as women, sports, working?

- Working and sports. Wrestling and football were all I ever really cared about. I never partied or fooled around much. There was always work to be done.



Story # 2 (Biography)

What is one memory from when you were little or in your teen years that pops out in your head?


-When I was young, me and your uncle took our horses through your grandmas house. It was pretty funny the horse went to the bathroom on the kitchen floor.



Story # 3 (Biography)

Was there anything you regret doing when you were young?

-There are some things, but mostly i can't say i did anything bad. My grades were not the best.



Story # 4 (Autobiography)




Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement: Some prisons have many harsh/lethal conditions. How could this effect the prisoners?



Specific Research found:

What the punishment teaches. http://www.is.wayne.edu/stuarthenry/Effectiveness_of_Punishment.htm

The daily life of a prisoner. http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/about-us/freedom-of-information/released-information/foi-archive-offender-management/3097-prisoner-cell-daily-life?view=Html

Lady talking about prison conflict: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQJlTBo6E6s



I.        INTRODUCTION – (Some prisons have many harsh/lethal conditions. How could this effect the prisoners?)

II.     BODY - What the punishment teaches

A.     Punishment in prison?

1.      Negative effects

a.       What harm could this cause the prisoners?

2.      Positive effects

a.       What are the inmates learning from the punishment?

III.   The daily life of a prisoner?

B.     The daily life of a prisoner?

1.      Routine

a.       What does it involve?

b.      Fair to the inmates?

IV.  Real life cases involving such conflicts?

C.     Real life cases like this?

1.      Mexican prison riot


A.     Summary

1.      Punishment in prison?

2.      The daily life of a prison?

3.      Real life scenarios?

B.     Thesis reworded

C.     Concluding statement



Alis, Krupskala.  “20 Dead in Mexico Prison Riot, official says.” CNN.com World. 4 March 2009 <http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/Americas/03/04/mexico.prison.riot/#>

B. Rickey. “Federal Prison Camp – Punishment or Vacation.” Enzinearticals.com 15 August 2007 <http://enzinearticals.com/?federal-prison-camp-punishment-or-vacation&id=688680>

Stuart, Henry. “On the Effectiveness of Prison as Punishment.” Is.wayne.edu 24 October 2003 <http://www.is.wayne.edu/stuarthenry/effective_of_punishment/htm>

Jacobi, John. “Prison Health, Public Health: Obligations and Opportunities.” Redorbit.com 15 January 2006 <http://www.redorbit.com/news/health/357617/prison_health_public_health_obligations_and_opportunities/>

N/A. “Offender Management and Criminal Justice Prison’s cell, its furnistrys and the prisoners daily life.” Homeoffice.gov.uk 10 May 2006 http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/about-us/freedom-of-information/released-infomation/foi-archive-offender-managment/3097-prisoner-cell-daily-life?view=html





What is the normal routine for prisoners? How does this effect the prisoners mind?

How many prisoners beat other inmates usually? What is the conflict inside prisons?

How much food is giving to the prisoners a day? Is it healthy/ proportional?

Is prison just a way out of being homeless? What could be the benifets of prisons for some people?



Finding direct information from ex-prisoners that is legit.

Finding the TRUTH about prison life.


Journal Entry 11:

Topic:  prisons being to harsh/lethal to prisoners



What is the normal routine for prisoners?

How many prisoners beat other inmates usually?

How much food is giving to the prisoners a day?

Is prison just a way out of being homeless?








Journal Entry 10:



Starting from the top:

The hearts and cupids on the sides represent the bleeding effect much like in a cartoon, but its kinda like a pun? Bleeding heart? I dont know.

The hearts on top represent love and "goodness" and the complete opposite of those hearts, are on the bottom of me glog. They are reversed colored and turned 180* to show chaos and hurt.

The beating heart in the middle of the bigger hearts represent no matter what you do or how you act, you will always have feelings for someone even if you get hurt by them sometimes, aka true love.

I linked all the lyrics to my songs, if you read them, you will understand why i put each one of them in there.

The pictures left to right:

The top left picture is Demetrious and Lysander fighting over Helena, causing chaos over love.

The top middle picture is a picture of helena confused because of the picture on the left, and its all Oberons fault; the picture on the right. Shes caught in between two actions.

The top right picture is Oberon and Titania, showing his love or fake love. Because of how he acted he caused so much hurt and chaos in the book.

The picture on the bottom left is a quote from the book and a really good picture of two lovers. I thought it went together well.

The bottom middle picture is a picture of Bottom and Titania in love with the fake spell, it causes chaos as well.

The bottom right picture is exactly what it shows. Puck messed with many hearts and caused a lot of hurt towards the two girls in the story.


The middle graphic is chained to the two pictures because one shows hate (Dem and Lys) and one shows love (Bottom and Titania). Love and hate cant exist without each other.



Journal Entry 9:

I choose love as my topic.

My working thesis statement: Love has the power too confuse, irate and manipulate others mind, which can cause chaos.


Show love is crazy and chaotic.

Relate to how love effects the story.

Show what love did too people in the story of MNSD.


Pictures of love related/MNSD

Music to go with the thesis

Quotes dealing with the thesis

Hyperlinks to videos/webpages about love effects


Journal Entry 8:


Essay on A Midsummer Night Dream

          Shakespeare’s novel, A Midsummer Night Dream is a love comedy that has a lot of plots inside it, but there is a main lesson to be taught. Shakespeare’s thoughts about love and writing style, makes this book unique because of the consequences for having feelings for someone is far greater then sometimes people can imagine. Love and its effect on people, being accountable for ones actions and understanding what is truly right for you is only some things this book can make you understand.

            Love and infatuation is confusing and never accountable, it can change in a second. Love; something that can’t be trusted right away and even taken away suddenly and you must take accountability towards it. Hurt and the lust for other people can bring a human being down to their knees. In the novel A Midsummer Night Dream, a love triangle exists and because of it, more problems rise and conflict with the various characters. The infatuation  Helena creates is a little off the end, and she most likely doesn’t even know the character she is obsessed with, so she can’t possibly love him. Before a single spell is cast upon the character Demetrious, he hates the women Helena with pretty much everything that he was like he says he does. "Do I entice you? do i speak you fair? Or, rather, do I not in palinest truth tell you, I do not nor I cannot love you?" Just as he says, he does not, cannot, and will not. A day later they meet again but this time Demetrious is head over heels for her. Also a character name Lysander is put under the spell as well. He too once disliked Helena so much, and now he too is head over heels. Love is scrambled, never truly known until that one person does everything in his or her power to make the other companion realize how much they mean to them. Being accountable for anything you do will exceedingly help you figure things out.

            Choices you make and the way you react to it support love and good relationships that you choose to have with friends, and your significant other. Actions done by you on purpose or in very odd coincidences by fairies, actions caused are still your doing and you have to take responsibility. The people that are affected by your actions are still your fault, you did it, no one else. Demetrious and Lysander both liked Helena at the same time and in reality, they both hated her. She feels terrible at the situation and confused. When Demetrious and Lysander get out of the spell they should at least say they are sorry for what happened even if it wasn’t their faults.  If they don’t believe you it’s not your fault, but it still helps to get the actual truth and truthfulness can affect everything in any relationship, and must be present in love and hurtful situations to see what exactly is right for you in life.

            Helena believes that Lysander and Demetrious are both trying to play a joke on her and she does not deserve that. Helena, other than the obsession part, is an okay girl and no one wants to take the chance to know her. A quote in the book, shows how upset she is about the ordeal. "O spite! O hell! I see you all are bent To set against me for your merriment: If you were civil and knew courtesy, You would not do me thus much injury." says Helena, explaining how she feels. She is pathetic in some ways, but she won’t stop to get what she wants and needs in her life. I think that shows a little more personality then Hermia in a way. She likes one guy so much she stalks him everywhere, but infatuated or not, she still feels more for Demetrious then the Hermia does. Demetrious needs to stop being so foolish and realize what is best for him and take a chance with her. That would be the best thing for him to do, and try. Maybe if Demetrious got to know Helena more, then this whole ordeal could be solved much easier, and they would both get what they deserve.

            Infatuation is not always a bad thing to show in my opinion, it shows how far she is willing to go just for a chance. What is the harm in taking a chance? Love is being played around way too much in A Midsummer Night Dream. Lysander, Demetrious, Helena, and Hermia all need to stop being so foolish and come to their senses. If  they would of tried different things, and avoided the whole entire “I love you and you don’t love me back.” situation, Oberon would not of had to play a joke on them. Everything happens for a reason and I believe in the end all four characters will end up seeing the right side of things and stop being so incompetent.


 Journal Entry: 7 Wednesday Feb 4, 2009



Journal Entry: 6 Monday, Feb 2nd, 2009

     Discuss the journal question:  "Lord, what fools these mortals be."  Describe the actions of Demetrius and Lysander and describe how they could be considered foolish.

The journal question I believe is saying mortals a.k.a human beings, are so foolish because they do not think of the actions and consequences they could have when they start things such as love triangles for instance. Demetrius and Lysander are considered foolish in my opinion because they are too blind and arogent to see that both the people they love, love someone else. If they would open thier own eyes and see the love that the girls are actually giving them, it would make things alot better. Argueing with the people who don't actually love them is pointless. They need to accept and understand who actually loves who, and what is right and stop being so foolish.


Journal Entry: 5 Sunday, Jan 25th, 2009


     DEAR ABBY: I am having such a hard time telling my EX it will not work. We have had relationships in the past, but that is the past and she does not understand that. I've gone as far as insulting her, and she still will not leave me alone. No, this is not a mixed feelings situation, I know my feelings, and they have no bearing with her. I love another women, who I've become so attached too, it feels so right. I am sopposed to get married soon also, so this makes this situation a hundred times worse! I need this sadistic, crazy, psycho away from me! I must move onward and her on my back twenty-four-seven is so nerve recking! I am willing to try anything to get her away from me! Please help!



     DEAR INSANELY MADLY ANGRY IN ATHENS: This sounds pretty complicated too me. I know your looking for answers, but I'm not too sure I can help you with this one! I have a few things to say, and a few things you should try to make this "sadistic, crazy, pyscho" away from you. First off, maybe the whole entire insulting thing won't work because thats what she likes! You should try the exact opposite, being nice about it! One of two things are going to happen, shes either going to dislike the calm voice, or like you even more. But hey, if shes already crazy in love with you, why not try it anyways? Second, tell your partner you are with now. Sometimes it actually does help when your soon to be spouse gets involved. Other then that theres not much to do about this. Take her straight to the court house, get a restraining order, have her follow you still, and get her locked up for a while! Best wishes!


Journal Entry: 4 Wednesday, Jan 21st, 2009

     Reaction, and questions about the movie.

     The movie was alot easier to understand after actually reading the book from sparknotes, and also reading it the way it is originally supposed to be read. I actually kind of liked the movie, because I could actually see the humor, and get a feel to what exactly they meant. When they said the rediculous crazy lines, in the book I had to go to the sparknotes to understand it. If I just watch the movie, I can actually see the expressions, and learn what they are saying without actually knowing the words that come out exactly. The attidude of the movie really does effect how I understand it too, because of the way they look/dress back then is so "proper" I can actually imagine how someone might act, and look back then, when Shakespear wrote MSND. Bottem, who stood out alot, is my favorite character because he just seems like a real cool guy. The one chapter, where Quience picks out the actors for the play, Bottems persnallity really showed in the book and I got a immediate picture of him. Hes a sneaky little fellow, and hes interesting to watch.


Journal Enrty: 3 Tuesday, Jan 20th, 2009

     What character from MSND can I relate too the most? 

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Journal Entry: 2 Friday, Jan 9th, 2009

     What is funny about the actors in Act 1, Scene 2? Provide some examples and explain how they and espcially Bottem, use humor unintentionally?


     In Act 1, Scene 2, the men talk about what they want to be in the play, and most of them think "What the heck?" about thier parts. Flute pretty much says, "Don't make me play a women, I have a beared growing in." (Act 1, Scene 2, pg.9) and that kinda kicks back the "serious" mood the story seems to have. He is a guy, and has to play a women, which is... different. Back then, the men played women parts, because  women were not aloud to take part in plays. Bottem, wants to be the strong bad antagonist and explains in such super detail, but his part is the lover, not the strong fighter. Bottem wants to take the role of the tiger also, and he thinks he can do so well. "I will roar, that will make the duke say, Let him roar again, let him roar again." says Bottem trying to convince Quince that he could be the best. Quince replys, "And you should do that terribly, you would fright the the duchess and the ladies, and they would shriek[.]" (Act 1, Scene 2, pg. 10) which is just mean.


 Journal Entry: 1 Wednesday, Jan 7th, 2009

     What is the relationship like between Hermia and her father?

     The relationship of Hermia and her father isnt very good, its really controlling and that is never good. Hermia likes Lysander and her father will never approve of him for reasons that aren't really fair. Lysander and Demetrius are equal in both thier eyes, but in Hermia's father, they aren't even close. I think its wrong that Egeus tries to control Hermias love life, because I believe anyone has the choice to love anyone. Just because someone is rich and powerful doesn't mean they have to love someone rich and powerful. Even Thesus says that she must marry him, or be scentenced to death.  Hermia's reaction to her father should be interesting and I can't wait to read on to see what happens between the father and the daughter.



#37 p 192 5-17-09

     In this chapter the book talks about the foriegn policy of the nazi group. Germanys status in the 1933 could hardly have been worse for them. They were very isolated and military impotnent. Many countries surrounding Germany like France, were not found of Hitlers coming to power. Even Mussilini, was not thrilled about Hitlers rise to power. Germany was friendless in the world, and had no military force. Hitler made many peace speaches, willing to make treatrys to all surrounding countries (which was obviously a lie) because of his later invasions on surrounding territorries. Hitler was a very smart guy and knew how to sweet talk his way out of things. Hitler seperated Poland from France, and soon gained the trust of Poland only to attempt to destroy it in the end.


#36 p 168-192 5-16-09

(sorry about the time i posted this, trying to figure out how to make my grandpas computer work!)

     I really enjoyed this one part of the book because it talks about what exactly is seen on the streets of Germany during this time. For instance, during some nazi riots, posters were lined agianst the wall, buildings were on fire, loud speakers blaring German language. I could not imagin myself as a jew in this hardship. I would of honestly either defended myself till i was shot dead, or commit suicide! So much war so much anger, I cant believe the world sometimes. Anyways, in the chapter, the book intruces some more random characters that i dont care much about. The book is getting boring, because all the questions and some things ive wanted to know about are already been thrown out, or hinted upon too much and i know what happened. This book is a lot more "historical" then i thought it would be, and im not sure if i will go on with it. My grandpa says he would love to read a book like this, it would teach him what exactly his friends father went through. I dont think he wants to know...


#34 p 145- 168 5-9-09

     In the reading, it talks more about Hitlers accomplisments and it made me want to make a collage.

#33 P 130-145

     "You come late, but yet you come! [he shouted] ... You are no longer needed... The star of Germany will rise and yours will sink. Your death knell has sounded.... I do not want your votes. Germany will be free, but not through you! [stormy applause.]" That quote comes from one of hitlers speeches he once gave to the nazi party. German social Democrats tried to show that Germany was better without Hitler ruling and dictating everyones lives. Hitler was furious with their opostion to vote for him, (although he says he didnt want the votes from them) but in the end he didnt need their votes anyways. The quote is so powerful i can imagen the image of hitler standing above hundres, thousands of people and just flipping out. Germany is such a arogant tough country the people are reflected by it. Germans ease for the anger and furiousness of Hitler and i think maybe thats one reason why he became dictator so easily.


#32 P 114 130 5-2-09

     From 1925 to 1929 the nazi party remained strong with Adolf. With all the outbursts Adolf obviously had, he pushed through and used his patience wisely. Germany was burrowing money from America from 1924 to 1930, almost 7 billion dollars from our investers. I think its strange how we can just give money to a country doing such terrible things/ would be doing terrible things in the near future. But in the reading, and much more important in my eyes is how much Adolf wrote in his book about his life. It shows me what kind of person he realy way despise everyone else. What i am talking about is, in this book, page 125, Hitler talks about his love life and what he thinks about them. He writes about two different girls, each he loves and wishes the best for. This writing shows me how he is very concerned about other things rather then just the nazi part and germany domination. He writes "Several woman became attached to me." Why, then, didn't I marry?" (pg 130) It must have been very hard to keep up with three big life goals when all the world is aiming at you're head.


#31 P 90-114 4-26-09

     This chapter is about the works of H.S. Chamberlian, a xea;pis ,e,ner pf tje Gobineau Society. I took some time to research this man because the book explained what he did, but it did not make much sense to me. Born on september 9, 1855. He was raised in france by his grandmother. But basically he worked with the nazi party during the third reich. He helped invent or work on the theory of transitional pull and root pressure. So he worked with the nazi part develope natural science experiments. I think that theory of tranistional pull being used in the nazi party is a big "why on the earth" situation. Transitional pull is basically the theory of how water flows down plants. What could that have to with nazism? Sometimes i wish i knew all about the nazi party and why they did some things and learn about the secrets of what they did. I think it would be so interesting! I wouldnt want known for calling many innocent people though.


#29 P 75- 90 4-19-09

     Hitlers attitude towards people and the jews is very strange. He did think very differently and kind of insanley, but if you look at his early life and who he is you would understand why. He came into a big town on his own and into a big school facility, he was a stranger among thousands. The way Hitler speaks; very intellegent, he is not concitered ill or anything like that, just insane. He had very good english skills, and was very good with art. After school, he pretty much seen it as he was the only one tooo succeed in school. He love/was obsessed with the german culture, and of course was disgusted with many other relegions like jewish. He never showed the pain of his past, it would remain in the book mein kampf and his mind.  At the age of twenty five he began a new life after school, the creation and birth of the NAZI party. Even Hitler fought in the war, Battle of Somme when he was hit in the leg. In any videos or anything you ever seen with him in it, did you see any type of pain from the shots? No, he was very strong, even if you don't want to admit it. What Hitler did was very wrong, but look past the whole idea of just the things he did, understand his past, to understand him.


#28 P 42 75 4-18-09

     This book is actually based off more of Hitlers thoughts in the diary/book Hitler wrote in as mentioned in the previous IRs. I took the time too look some things up about his book, to help explain more what it is. The book was published on July 18, 1925, and contains many ideas such as autobiography with an explanation of Hitlers Politcal Theory. Hitler went to prison for "political crimes" and also wrote another book about his political ideas. As he worked Hitler realized that it would have to be a two-volume book, with the first volume scheduled for release in early 1925.In Mein Kampf, Hitler uses the main thesis of "the Jewish peril," which speaks of an alleged Jewish conspiracy to gain world leadership. Isn't it crazy how much one man believed that a couple races on this earth just didn't belong to live? Not only that but to have the courage to stand up against nations that could take him out. Hitlers book explained what made him who he is and many many ideas that not to many people know about.







#25 P. 36 - 42 4-5-09

    While Ive been reading the book, my friends seen it in my room and asked me why Nazism was so popular in Germany. Well, im going to explain a few things up to the point where I have read. Hitler got into power by making two partys join together. IF he didnt do that, he would have simply not got into power. After combining the two together, he betrayed his governing partners and made them stopped. He declared the end of democracy and his plans for 1000 yrs of his own party's rule instead. When a dictator does that, there is only one party ruling, and anyone that didn't go along with his plans and anyone that would go against him would be dead. German people were stuck in that system. Its not popularity, that's dictatorship. There was no choice other then if your in, you need to find a way out.




#23 P. 24-36 3-29-09

     Hitlers attitude towards people and the jews is very strange. He did think very differently and kind of insanley, but if you look at his early life and who he is you would understand why. He came into a big town on his own and into a big school facility, he was a stranger among thousands. The way Hitler speaks; very intellegent, he is not concitered ill or anything like that, just insane. He had very good english skills, and was very good with art. After school, he pretty much seen it as he was the only one tooo succeed in school. He love/was obsessed with the german culture, and of course was disgusted with many other relegions like jewish. He never showed the pain of his past, it would remain in the book mein kampf and his mind.  At the age of twenty five he began a new life after school, the creation and birth of the NAZI party. Even Hitler fought in the war, Battle of Somme when he was hit in the leg. In any videos or anything you ever seen with him in it, did you see any type of pain from the shots? No, he was very strong, even if you don't want to admit it. What Hitler did was very wrong, but look past the whole idea of just the things he did, understand his past, to understand him.


#22 p. 10-24 3-28-09

     Wordle: HITLER

Basically the pages were about Hitlers young life with his father and school... very intersesting in my opinion.

#21 Pgs 1-10 3-22-09

     I have had this book laying around my house for quite some time since 8th grade actually when Alex Bable cleaned out his locker. Since we are reading the book Maus in the class, i decided to why not pick it up finally and read about it. I love everything about Germany and the World War. And Adolf Hitler, in my opinion is a madman but yet he was very facinating. Who can come up with such a powerful army and ideas on one type of race and live so long doing it? Basically he was a genious wether people notice it or not. But anyways, this author worked and live inside the third reich itself, which was a german section of Berlin. He gathered many diaries, photos, documentarys, and such, to make this book what it is. Many personal items he collected were from his falling comrads/ friends he worked with. This book holds many tales of what happened so long ago that shocks our nation today. The first chapter is titled; "The rise of Adolf Hitler". I cannot wait to read the first chapter and learn all about Adolf himself.





#20 pgs 155-176 4-21-09

          The book isn't really living up to its height. I thought when I seen this book it was going to be about hell actually. And actually this book has yet to have any demoness in it. Im actually getting tired of the book and its all about a house that a old s thman died in. I think im going to pick up another book. After this chapter, it is the same exact plot, nothing has changed. Kieth find more about the strange old man, and talks to the detective about it. The detectives says the same exact thing, as he said to Kieth. Dont worry, everything is in your head. I dislike this book now.


#18 pgs 134- 155 4-15-09


#17 Pgs 124-134 4-14-09

Page 124 starts a new and startling chapter. The detective Kieth aparently hired to take a look at this case found some clues about the old man. This chapter kind of reminded me of those old tv shows where they have the detective man or girl talk and the film is in black and white. The detectives wearing a hat pulled over his face and it always RAINING. Maybe its suppossed to show coolness? Who knows, but anyways this chapter is basically about what the detective finds out. Better yet the relationship between Jennifer and Kieth is really fading. Kieth cares pretty much nothing about her, he spends all night and day wondering and discovering new things about the house and when jennifer wants to talk, he gets angry. At the end of the chapter, the coin that Kieth found, was a fake coin of somesort. But, Kieth has found the new one aprently and holds onto it no matter what...


#16 Pgs 111-124 3-10-09

     The start of chapter 12 has me asking some questions as long as the main characters in my story. How could the man send the mail this late? You can't do anything while your dead! Whats even stranger is that in the house before Kieth moved things around and fixed everything inside the house, there was a desk with ink that seemed fairly fresh. In the note, with all the money, the writing was pretty fresh looking. To Kieth the ink looked fairly newly written. Even better, inside that note, there was a lease from one of Kieths good friends, Tom Greene. The lease was issued a few weeks ago also. Which means Tom should of had the mansion Kieth is in now. But that would be impossible because Tom had died in a previous accident at his workplace. Im freaked out, and my characters are freaked out. In the envolope, there is a note from the man who lived there previously. He talks about committing that he commited first degree murders that were assumed homocides. As usually every chapter makes this book stranger and stranger. But in a way I don't see the main point of the story yet. I believe its just a story Jay Anson heard about, and made it a book.



#15 Pgs 89- 111     3-1-09

     The story gets even stanger at this point in the book. In the reading, Kieth has a roof repair guy come and work on the houses roof. The man goes into the atic of the old house and finds some kind of pipe. The pipe led outside and to the roof so he climbed it. At this point I knew something bad was going to happen but anyways he climbed to the roof and got ontop. He was working on the roof and like I guessed, he fell off the roof and landed on the ground. Kieth calls 911 and a paramedic arrives and a cop. The cop name is Jason and him and Kieth talk about the situation. They go to the attic to look at what exactly happened and they look at the pipe. Behind the pipes and wooden poles, there was some kind of strange symbol. Kieth diverts the officer and tells him to comedown stairs. Sooner or later Jason leaves the house. Kieth checks the mail box and recieved a letter. It held 2000$ in the cellphone taped envolope. That was the same exact money that the man who previously owned the house owed him for working on the house on 666 Sunset Brook Lane, but hes dead now. And he owed him money long before his death.




#14 Pgs 64-89 2-28-09

     In the third chapter, Kieth finds a strange coin in the attack. Once discovering this coin, he starts to hear voices of the "dead". For instance, Kieth hears men that say very strange things like "Get out while you can." and things along that line. In my opinion I would listen and get the heck out no matter what. I understand all the work Kieth did and thats why he doesnt leave but i defiantly would of.  Only a million dollars would probably keep me in that house. Kieths wife like in the last read also begins to hear many things such as "Watch out for the man upstairs." and me and her both dont understand what is going on. I believe that mabe Kieth will get possessed, and try to hurt his wife. Its not only in the house where he hears the voices though, also when he goes to the market and even church he hears the voices. Something needs to be done to help him and her, or things are going to get ugly very quick.


#13 (did not do)


#12 (vacation)


#11 (vacation)


#10 (vacation)


#9 (did not do)


#8 (did not do)


#7 Pgs. 48-64

    Things really start picking up in my back in chapter three and four. Now when Kieth goes and starts refurnishing the house and rebuilding it, he starts going insane. I remember in a movie, I can't recall which one but litterally the house starts speaking to the man who bought the house. Sooner or later the man starts murdering the people around him. I believe Kieth may start expearencing symptoms much like this. According to the text Kieth says, "I start to hear things, and things don't seem normal when I, touch or move things. Jennifer wouldn't even believe me so why bother." This seems like its giving a hint of a taste of mischevious mischief. Jennifer is soon effected by the feelings too, and thinks that Kieth will not believe her. I see a good plot unfolding in the next reading.


#6 Reread 1-48, and read 48-52


     I just reread the first two chapters of the book I picked. I had to reread this book becuase when I got to chapter three, I was asking myself alot of questions  that I should already of had the answers too. First off I mistaked the house that they were moving into was actually the 666 house. I think I read a little too fast and should of read a little bit slower espically when I actually enjoy this book. Kieth trys to remodel some things in the house and starts getting wierd feelings like  random heat coming off the wall. His wife starts cleaning the atic and of course, she finds some random books and pictures about previous owners and tells Kieth about it. Kieth doesn't act to consernded about it and starts a fight with her about her not liking what he has bought. I think the book is going to give these two characters a hard situation to deal with and one of them has to make the right decisions to get out. I only wish that this book brings up some things about what Jay Anson believes hell really is and looks like.


#5 Pg. 22-48 Sat 2/7/09


     I have just read the first two chapters of my book and I have to say I am really enjoying this book. The way it starts off is so interesting and it just makes mewant to read more. The way Jay Anson writes this novel and the overall creepy/hellish. Yeah call me wierd but I am really intersted in such novels about hell. Hell is so religous though and I dont want caught up in that too much. But I love hearing storys about the place. In the pages I read today nothing really happened thats too outrageous. Kieth explains his new house and what he wants to do with it.


#4 pg. 12-22 Fri. 2/6/09


     The  characters that start off in the story, Kieth and Jennifer, are a couple in some sort. Kieth doesn't see things quite the same as Jennifer does relationship wise. This reminds me of the book A Midsummers Night Dream and the characters in it. In the book, Demetrious doesn't have the same feelings as Helena has for him. This makes thier lives both very complicated.  Kieth struggles to understand what Jennifer wants from him, and Jennifer doesn't understand him in general and why they fight. They move to a different home and neighbor hood to see if it would help things start anew. But however, a strange house is built while they are admist of moving. The house is strange too Kieth, he is a carpender and doesn't understand how it was built so fast. Jennifer feels a negative energy from the house next door also. I think this house has a lot in store for the couple, and it may just bring them together more. Obviously something bad is going to happen, and they will need to work together to overcome the obstacle.


#2 (did not do) 


#3 (did not do)


Indie Reading Assignment #1 Pg 1-15 Fri. 1/30/09

     I just started reading the book 666, and I have to say the title sounds bad, but I really like books about myths and legends about the "other places" people sat we go when we die. I pointed the book out pretty easily and thought I would actually enjoy it, and I really do. The books starts out describing a man and his business of making/redoing peoples houses for a living. Not too much going on yet in my book, other then character descriptions. I will make a chart tommorrow about each character, so I can keep track easier. Hopefully this book will start getting into the main plot soon because the title makes me want to skip to where things start happening.  No, I haven't read the back of book and I don't think I will. At this point in time im ready for a book that will make me want to read without knowing anything at all about what will happen in the book.


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Nice VOKI you got there Justin.

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Justin, assignment five has a nice voice in it and seems somewhat authentic. You assignment three is great, but it would have worked as an add on to a paragraph or something. By itself, it seems a little sparse. Overall, these are good examples of your work. Yeagley!

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Switch the order of your Indie Reading and make it so it is not cut off on the left side of the page.

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Week 1------------------IR-------------------1/3

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Nice touch with reread. Sometimes it is wise to do this. If you are asking a ton of questions...you might need to go back and reread.

Week 2------------------------------------IR---------------------------3/3

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No assignment 9. I don't know if you can check your wiki?
Week 3-------------------------------------IR--------------------------------------1/3 (you must start labeling these correctly)
Really make sure you take advantage of the Glogster. Re-read the instructions and pay attention to the rubric.

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Just graded your workspace and it could reflect what is going on a little more! Your IRs are interesting. Thanks to Alex you are now into a book that you are connecting with!

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