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assignment # 13.

biography number two.










assignment # 12.



Family Story: 


Story #1 (Biography) --> "The rubber ducky" ; typed out, handed in.

        Its about the time my grandmother and grandfather for three continuous years took a blow up boat out in Hedlin Park. And it tells about an incident that happened one night with the coast guards.



Story # 2 (Biography) --> "Mistery Children" ; typed out.

My grandmother never wanted any children, she was also told that she could never have any. What a mistake, she ended up getting pregnant a total of three times, and having two children!



Story # 3 (Biography) --> " Divorce and Remarriage" typed up, just needs reviewed to see if everything is decent. Papa cole was a mean old man, as many people say he was a waste of space. He was my grandmothers first husband, then she met Ronald H. Grate Sr. This story tells the tale of how they met.



Story # 4 (Autobiography) --> "The attempt" Typed out, handed in; This is a story about the time my grandmother attempted to make chocolate covered pretzels for my debate for school. It was horrific, there were three attempts at this, all worst than the last.






Thesis Statement:  There are a few main influences among criminals that choose murder as there way of life.



Specific Research found: Murder rates in the U.S in 2007; Murders sorted by towns vs. other criminal offenses; Murder rates from 1970-2007, the difference; An article stating crime rates fell; Worst countries with the highest rates; homicide totals. Racial discriminiation being a major influence of murder; As well as an article of a person whom was killed because of race; Article dealing with drugs and alcohol becoming one of the lead reasons as to why people get killed; Childhood problems leading to murder; Children being killed by there mothers.



Questions: Why does race influence so many different types of people to kill? Why is child murder the largest rating in the united states? Is it because there are so many underage mothers? Back in the day i thought depression was the leading rating? Drugs and alcohol, why do people kill when they are influenced by them?



Problems: Outline is now finished;  Introduction and paragraph one are typed up.



story number four; in script form.









assignment #11.


                    Topic: Prison/Prisoners.

                          Key Questions: What population of each "types" of people are in jail for murder? After convicted, how long do most crimals stay in jail for? What type of people are murderers? Are there more African Americans, or Caucasion? Are there more females or males? What is the normal age for people who are convicted, are there alot of adolescents?
















assignment #10





     My Glogster compares true love, infatuation (obsession) and the difference between the two. There are also five hyperlinks, that will be circled in pink if you run your cursor over the picture/title. The left side represents true love, my default song is Collide, by Howie Day. "You make a first impression, I've found I'm scared to know if I'm always on your mind." This implies the boy singing to the woman is in love with her but scared she may not be in love with him, one of the first steps of true love. Scattered throughout the collage I have kisses, roses and a variety of hearts, that represent a symbol for love.  Theseus proposing his love to his wife to be "Hippolyta, I wooed thee with my sword and won thy love doing thee injuries. But I will wed thee in another key, with pomp, with triumph, and with reveling." This provides an example of true love portrayed in the novel A Midsummer Night's Dream. When you are in the state of "true love" you would never want to leave someone, you would want to "grow old" with that person as well as be with them for the rest of your life. I threw in a few pictures at random of loving couples to represent the crazy-ness of the story. Tinkerbell is placed in the collage to represent the magic that Puck placed on the men to make them fall in love with Helena in the novel. My second song on the "true love" side, is by Brian Mcnight called Back at One. It explains how relationships can be dreams come true, and how you never want to leave the person sing you seen them. In the collage is the definition of true love, as well as a quote saying " Just like Romeo loved Juliet." Referring to a different tale written by William Shakespeare portaying true love between to completely different people.

     On the right side of my glogster you will see pictures representing infatuation, or obsession. The first song on this side, is by Mary J. Blidge called I Can Love you. She wants her man back "Sitting here, wondering why you don't love me, the way that I love you." I chose this song because this woman is infatuated with a man but doesn't believe she will ever have a chance with him ( much as Helena feels for Demetrius in the beginning of the book). I have images of two of the four books from Twilight, to represent how obsessed some people are for them. There are many kinds, people can be obsessed with people, things, food, or feelings. A few other pictures provide examples of different obsessions such as money, diamonds and chocolate. In this collage there is the definition of infatuation, and a quote providing evidence for this piece " And I am sick when I look not on you." Helena said this to Demetrius they were arguing towards the first scene of the play, she was trying to show him how much he meant to her, even though it didnt even effect him. Which leads into my next pictures, showing a little girl crying much like Helena was after he spoke such hateful words to her. The last song on this side is Addicted by Simple Plan, it mentions how hard a man tried to keep his woman. However no matter how heard he tried she still left him, and he is heartbroken and will never forget her.

     The final part of the collage/glogster shows the differences between true love and infatuation. One main point to this story is that when infatuation is given time it can develop and progess into love, eventually turning into true love and happiness. There is a picture of four people, two of them girls (Hermia and Helena) staring at each other almost looking like they were about to fight for their men. The two men left in the photo look to be upset and in love with one of the girls, also wanting to duke it out. The first song on this part, is Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day, explaining a man walking alone in the world with noone to love to be with . The fact of true love is that it doesn't come right away, you have to find your soul mate, and sometimes it takes people longer than others, causing them to be alone up until that point. I have three senerio's on the page, they are just showing the difference between everyday things in society that normal people might not think of them that way. The first is a football player whom would love to play football and would make it his only priority in life, on the other hand there are football fans, whom love football put don't love it enough to play they just use it as a pass time to enjoy themselves. Also, a quote from Egeus, Hermia's father ''My lord, that's my daughter asleep on the ground over there, and this is Lysander here, and this is Demetrius, and this is Helena, old Nedar's daughter. I don't understand why they're all here together.''  He is confused because it is coming to the conclusion of the story where the two couples become married along with the Duke and his lovely wife Hippolyta. The saying " in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different" means that if there are millions of people like you, why would you stand out? There wouldnt be any reason for someone to fall specifically in love with you compared to a girl next to you. The last song under this category, is I Try by Macey Grey. " I try to say goodbye and i choke, try to walk away and i stumble" shows that sometimes the relationship between two people is so strong nothing matters. At this point if both people are infatuated with each other it will turn into true love, it just takes time and risks. The last thing under this is a link to a page explaining the differences between love and infatuation.



assignment #9

"to do list for glogster"



Topic: Love

Thesis: A  Midsummer Night's Dream explores the difference between true love and infatuation.


1. Find images and graphics.

2. State sources.

3. Look for a "marriage" song.

4. Look for website to hyperlink.

5. Add a video.

6. Create Gloster.






assignment #8.

Essay of Love & Infatuation.




Love and Infatuation

     "I love you, but you love my best friend, and he loves you too."- Anne Frank. William Shakespeare wrote the novel, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, at an attempt to portray the difference between love and infatuation. Some people see love and infatuation, or obsession, as there are vital differences. When someone is in love, this person becomes their soul mate, their everything, the one person that will always make them happy. When people are infatuated, normally only one person is obsessed with the other, and in most cases it’s because the other person wants nothing to do with them. In this novel particularly, there are many relationships that switch from the beginning to the end; Helena and Demetrius, Lysander and Hermia, and Theseus and Hippolyta.


     In the beginning of the novel, Helena, a beautiful young lady, is infatuated with an Athenian lad, Demetrius. They used to have a fling, however, Demetrius found Hermia and wanted nothing more to do with Helena. She explained to Lysander, "through Athens I am thought as fair as she. But what of that? Demetrius thinks not so." What is Helena's point to keep trying, Demetrius is in love with Hermia, there isn't much Helena could do to change that, but she became obsessed trying. The more he pushed her away and insulted her, the more she wanted him. However, in a twist of events, flower dust was dropped on Demetrius’ eyes, and the first person he’d seen when waking up, was Helena, causing him to fall in love with her. Helena was in disbelief and she thought he was mocking her and toying with her heart. Karma played a large role in Act 3, Scene 2. Puck, a pixie who sprinkled the magical dust on Demetrius’ eyes, shows the sole intent.


     The divine Athenian lady named Hermia, and an extraordinary lad named Lysander, are in love with each other. There only wish is to be wed and to live happily ever after with one another. Egueus, Hermia's father spoke,"Stand forth, Demetrius. My noble lord, this man hath my consent to marry her. Stand forth, Lysander: and, my gracious duke, this man hath bewitch'd the bosom (heart) of my child." Egeus wishes Hermia to marry Demetrius, a fine nobleman of Athens, Lysander is just as noble, however Demetrius has stolen her fathers heart. Hermia won’t hear of it, so her and Lysander plan to run far away, get married and live the life of the poor. There is a sudden interruption in there plans. Puck was told to sprinkle magical dust on Demetrius’ eyes to make him fall in love with Helena, however, in a mishap of events he sprinkled it on Lysander’s eyes instead. Incidentally this caused Lysander to fall in love with Helena, " Wherefore was i to this keen mockery born? When at your hands did i deserve this scorn?" Helena couldnt believe what she was hearing, she thought it was a joke, because Lysander and Hermia were just together talking about there plans to run away happily ever after.  Hermia was in disbelief, she couldn’t understand why her one true love would do this to her. After Puck reversed the spell on Lysander, they played everything off as it was a dream. In the end, true love prevails and Egeus lets Lysander and Hermia marry on the day of the Duke’s wedding.


     Theseus, the Duke of Athens, and Hippolyta his lovely woman, planned to get married four days after the beginning of the novel. Theseus and Hippolyta show an example of true love. Theseus couldn’t wait for their wedding day. He expected it to be one of the best days of their lives. However, Hippolyta has another opinion" Four days will quickly steep themselves in the night; Four nights will quickly dream away the time."Hippolyta could have waited a few more days or so, she wasnt all for rushing the day to come, but she was still excited to be wed to the man she loved. Egeus brought the decision of Lysander and Hermia getting married to Theseus. He objected every rational reason Lysander provided as to why he wanted to marry to graceful Hermia. Once Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding day came, Theseus changed his mind and allowed them to marry as long as Demetrius was also happy with Helena. True love can change anyone’s opinion on life, it is the most valuable emotion humans have. In this story, I believe Theseus was so happy to marry Hippolyta it wouldn’t of mattered who Hermia wanted to marry .


     The day brought on three weddings, Demetrius and Helena, Lysander and Hermia, and finally Theseus and Hippolyta. The duke excited "Away with us to Athens! Three and three, We'll hold a feast in great solemnity." After dinner, a play was put on for the Duke’s wedding, and it was an extraordinary day for everyone. Love is a valuable aspect to happiness, and in most cases infatuation (by one person and not the other) leads to only disappointment and heartbreak. I believe the love Egeus has for his daughter, led him to want to best for her, even though their ideas of the best person were different. In this tale, true loved prevailed over everything and forever will.






assignment #7.

Use bubble tool to describe the scene.


Scene IIII; Act II.















assignment #6

"Lord, what fools these mortals be."


Act III; Scene II.


Lord, what fools these mortals be," -Puck. Puck is similar to a pixie, he likes playing games and messing with people. Oberon gave Puck specific orders to sprinkle fairy dust on Demetrius eyes to make him fall in love with Helena, because she is so head over heels for him. He sprinkled it on an Athenian youth, which so happened to be Lysander, causing him and Demetrius to fall in love with Helena instead of Hermia. The whole thing became a mess, and I think Puck believes thier acting like fools, because they are fighting over love, and hating each other because of it. When both men were under the spell, they were giong to fight to the death for Helena's love, when she in fact didn't even believe either of them truley loved her. They were chasing after one another, like little children, and that is how Puck tricked them to where he wanted them to lay down, so he would reverse the spell. He acted as each of there voices to lure the other person, finally reversed Lysander so that he is still in love with Hermia, and now Demetrius will still be in love with Helena. 







assignment #5

Advice Column to Dear Abbey.


Act II; Scene II.


DEAR ABBEY: There is this woman, whom is madly in love with me. I've made mistakes in the past and maybe a fooled around with her a little bit. We basically had a fling for a while, however she is obsessed with me, I've tried everything to get her away. I have tried insulting her, telling her I loved another, and everything inbetween. Yet, she still wont leave me alone, it's almost like it draws her closer, she waits at the doors for me to walk out to call my name. Lets just say she is a little on the madly obsessed side.  Abbey I really need help getting her off my back !



DEAR SHE'S OBSESSED, This is a complicated situation I wont lie, I can understand why your stressed. There are a few ways to go about this, one way that could work is using reverse physcology. Say she likes you because your mean to her and thats how you have always been? Well, try being nice to her and she what her reactions are. If your mean and it draws her in, possibly being nice might draw her away. The other way is too simply go to the Duke of Athens and see if he can have a talk with her. That may not be the most effective it just depends how she reacts to punishment. If you explain the whole situation too him then maybe he can pull some strings for you and help you out. I hope this helped you, goodluck !





assignment #4


Act II; Scene I. 

Write a reaction to the viewing of the film. 



     The film A MidSummer Nights Dream showed the personalities of all the characters from the book written by William Shakespeare. The visual interpretation was easier to understand compared to the book verson. Some of the setting were different in the movie than what I pictured them in the novel, and the costume were from the olden days just like I pictured. I got somewhat confused with Thesues and Egues, but i understood the message they were trying to portray easier. In the book, Helena is in love with Demtrius and he wants nothing to do with her, he loves Hermia. It is the same in the movie, except Helena is more pathetic. She is yelling his name, and will not leave him alone, if i was in his position i wouldnt want anything to do with her either. In the book the conversation between Helena and Hermia seemed to  be almost fighting, I thought that Helena was yelling at Hermia as if it was her fault that Demetrius loves her. In the film it simply showed Helena is jealous of Hermia, and just wishes that she could be just like her, and make Demetrius love her.  Overall, this film made the language easier to interpret as well as being able to tell the difference between the characters. 






assignment #3.


Act II; Scene I.

I choose Wordle to create a blog about Helenia.


     I chose words describing herself, her relationship with hermia as well as demetrius and puck. Puck is giong to use the magical flower to make Demetrius fall in love with Helenia instead of Hermia. Helenia is envious to Hermia becuase of how much she doesnt try to make Demetrius love her, and yet he still makes her his world. Helenia stated that her herself had a heart of steel, and would die for Demetrius anyday. She is obbsessed with him and would give anythign in her power to be with him for the rest of thier lives. She is a virgin, as well as sneeky, she is trying her hardest to do whatever it takes to make Demtrius love her instead of Hermia, and with the magic of the arrow struck flower, it may just work.



 Wordle: Untitled










assignment #2. 


Act I; Scene II.

What makes this scene funny?



         In Act I, Scene II; the characters are at Quinces house, and they are discovering there parts in the play. Quince reads everyones part off, starting with Nick Bottom, he recieved Pyramus, a person who noblely dies for love. One of the things that makes Bottom funny, is the fact he would rather be a tyrant, he wants to be the star and have all the attention. Bottom thinks he is perfect for every role in the play, "let me play Thisbe too, I'll speak in a monstrous little voice." Then another time after Snug recieves the part of the lion, Bottom says "let me play the lion too, I will roar, that I will do any man's heart good to hear me; I will roar that I will make the duke say. :let him roar again, let him roar again"." It is simply funny that Flute recieves Thisbe, thus he is a man and Thisbe is a womans part. Flute stated " Nay faith, let not me play a woman, I have a beard coming." However Quince doesnt care, he just simply tells him to wear a mask. The actors in this scene are unsing un-intentionable humor to keep the audiences attention.




assignment #1.


Act I; Scene I. 

Hermia & Egeus (father-daughter relationship)



     Hermia wants to be free, she wants to love whom ever she wants, and to live her life the way she feels is correct. Her father, Egeus however, believes he knows whats best for her, and she is supposed to follow his every wish and wim. They live in the olden days, and back then people choose who you were to love, marry, and be with for the rest of your life. In the novel, A Midsummer Night's Dream, by WIlliam Shakespeare, Theseus (the duke of Athens) tells poor Hermia, " to you your father should be as a god; one composed your beauties; and one to whom you are but as a form of wax, By him imprinted and within his power to leave the figure or disfigure it. Demetrius is a worthy gentleman." By this he means, that her father is like a king, someone you must follow, and do whatever he tells you best.  That she is of a form of wax, becuase she should let him mold her and be at his every wish.However, Hermia stands there and argues, she says " So is Lysander" meaning he is just as worthy as Demetrius, the only difference is she is in love with Lysander, not him. Egues believes Demetruis is a nobleman, wealthy and perfect for his daughter, he is so pig headed that nothing anyone tells him will change is decisions. Lysander stated "Demetrius, I'll avouch it to his head, made love to Nedar's daughter, Helena, and won her soul; and she, sweet lady, dotes, devoutly dotes, dotes in idolatry." Lysanders point to Egues, was Lysander has only loved Hermia,he is pure,  he would make her his queen. However, Demtrius has loved another, and could never love her as much as Lysander. The final decision, is in four days & nights, Hermia must decide if she will marry Demetruis, if she chooses not too she has to become a nun, choose to die, or run.






By: Nora Roberts

Indie Reading # 37. 237-298; 05-14-09; Thurs.

     Integrity and persistence is are two common qualities Julia contains. Julia's threats for her life and for her sons life have continued, yet, she is still working even harder than she was before. She has began to stick her nose into facts and opinions about people beyond what Eve simply has to say about them. For instance, her only blood relative left, Drake Morrison,  has just previously been interviewed by Julia about Eve and his own life. She is constantly trying to pry facts from people not only about Eve, but about threats that have been made to her and to Eve. Also, a new love is arising.  Paul Wintrop constantly is at Julia's new home, trying as hard as he can to put his moves on her. She resists. However, loveis something Julia hasn't had since Brandons father, nine years ago.




Indie Reading # 36 . 208-236; 05-13-09; Wednes.

     Enemies. It is common knowledge to keep your enemies closer than your friends. To find out as much information as possible so you know what to exspect. Julia is an expert at making enemies so far. Anthony Kincade, a fat piece of life, has attempted to send her numerous threats, to her face and secretive. After searching up on him Julia discovered that he likes to "mess around" with little boys and girls, rape adults, and basically do anything in his power to get what he wants. Right now,, he does not want this book to be published. Eve, being one of the adults that he "messed around" with, already told Julia her story and everything that happened between them. Now, it will be written in the book.




Indie Reading # 35 . 180-207; 05-10-09; Sun

     Life is full of shocking moments, as well as books. Paul and Julia went together to Eves party that some famous actor was holding. Paul erotically stuck next to Julia the entire night and never took his eyes off her. As i was reading this chapter it was pretty obvious that he is going to try to make a move on Julia. I mean, he tried to kiss her already when she was sleeping. Which is just wierd. However, i dont think he is simply going to try to make out with her again, my intuitions are that he is going to try to "get in her pants." Whether she seems to like it or not. Paul seems to be wanted by everyone that sets there eyes on him, i believe that is one reason why Julia doesnt like him. I am pumped to see what happens in the next chapter because i have a good feeling what im interpreting about Paul is one hundred percent correct.




Indie Reading # 34 p. 157-179; 05-08-09; Fri.

     Julia met Eve's personal trainer, he is one of the hottest people Julia has ever seen. After the workout we discovered more about eve's past marriages and expieriences.  I believe to become an actress like Eve, one must have go throw many problems and accomplishments. One thing i found out was that Eves first husband, Anthony Kincade, was a screwed up pedifile. Eve was handcuffed to the bed, and in the middle of intercourse with him when he stopped and walked away. When he returned he brought a little boy along with him. To cut it short, he fooled around with the little boy, and then sent him to do whatever he wished to Eve. To be an actress is to show emotion, just by reading you can tell how many emotions she went through in just one night.Later she got him back, and they divorced after five years together. It seems as many actresses have had many marriages as well as divorces, many lovers, and tragic memories always ending in fame and fortune. Now it seems to make sense why Kincade tried to threaten Eve when he found out she was having someone write her life story.






Indie Reading # 33 p. 125-156 ; 05-03-09; Sun.

     Julia has officially started the novel of Eve's biography. Eve has begun to discuss some secrets that noone has ever found out. To put it in perspective, if i was Julia and i had to write a biography about someone, i would be scared. Obviously they will over view what she writes. To write a biography you have to include your voice on certain subjects and how you feel on others. I would frightened to think that she might disapprove and throw "my masterpiece" away. I guess that might be why im not a journalist, but you also have to take into count that Eve is one of the most memorable stars in Hollywood, and every single person is going to read this novel at one point in time. I acknowlege and admire Julia for her patients with all of Eve's friends, and for her constant will to write this novel no matter the consequences.





Indie Reading # 32 p. 110-125 ; 04-29-09; Wed.

   Some qualities of a good journalist include eavesdropping, having multiple personalities, and looking at people from different perspectives. Julia has all the qualities plus some of a amazing journalist. In my novel she was on a walk, and eavesdropped in on Eve and her love, Victor Finnigan. They were speaking of the memoirs Julia was planning to write about Eve's life adventures. Another quality of her was to show no emotion when writing her work. She portrays Eve, as if she is writing her own autobiography. No matter what problems are giong on at home with Brandon, or with Paul, she can take it out of her mind and focus simply on her work.


Indie Reading #31 p. 100-109 ; 04-24-09; Fri.

     While i was reading this book i came to realize they use a lot of tricks. They use so much imagery that its almost as your there. I could picture a little beach house in the back of the master house, where Eve lives. The gorgeous blue swimming pool with about four acres of pure land. The beach house with the white lining and the brick roof. I can even picture how happy Brandon was when he seen all of the toys that eve has, for example the swimming pool and the trampoline. They recently visited Disney World, it was only about 30 mins away, how amazing would that be to live that  close ! Paul is currrently starting to teach Brandon how to surf. I think Julia may be starting to trust Paul a little more. I dont believe he is trying to ruin the book, I still think he is just trying to protect Eve from the publicity.


Indie Reading #30 p. 90-100 ; 04-22-09; Wed.

     Julia says "she missed her home. The simplicity of it, the basic routine of tidying her own things, shoveling her own walk. Writing about the famous, the glamourous is one thing. Living like them is another." In this  life i think it summarizes much of how she is feeling about staying at Eve's. If i was in her position i would love it, much like her son Brandon does. I think its just the little kid aspect, being served and being able to swim all day with no worries, i would love that life. Julia however, is grown up she is used to working for everything she has and taking/worrying about brandon 24/7! For her to be able to relax and not have a constant "bad thought" in the back of her mind is a relief yes, but not one she needs. Julia is a mother, therefore she wants to provide the best example and show Brandon that by working you accomplish untimately happiness.


indie reading #29 pages 70-90 04/19/09 sun.

     Im beginning to like Paul Wintrop. While reading this part of the book, it gave more of his opinion on the subject and explains his thoughts on the book that Julia is currently in the process of writing. He is just trying to protect Eve, i can understand that simply because if i was in his position i would feel the same way. Its much like if someone was writing a book about my mother, or someone in my family i would protect thier secrets and tales that the public doesnt alreayd know. It began to show Paul actually had a personality. My intuition is that he has a thing for Julia, because she is one of the only people that he can look at and not know what there thinking, what there next move is giong to be, and who they are. He underestimated her, and now he is beginning to learn that there is more to Julia than just her journalism. 



Indie Reading #27 p.37-60 ; 04-12-09; Sun.


       The famous actor, Paul Wintrop,  is attached to Eve like no other. Julia, the woman writing Eve's autobography, disliked Paul after staying there only one night. Paul is so protective of Eve that he doesnt get along with Julia simply because she is "butting in" to Eve's life.  Julia has to obtain an interview from Paul, simply because they are so close she needs to get his feelings about her life expieriences. If i was in Julia's position i would not be  calm or colective as she is acting. Paul is trying to destory her, and make her leave so that Eve's  "secrets" wont be discovered by the public ( including her relationship with Paul's father). If i were in her position i would confront Paul, and explain the situation to Eve, considering Eve wants her autobiography written as much as Julia, if not more. I dont understand why Julia just lets Paul walk all over her, but i have a feeling that towards the middle of the book Paul and Julia could potentially have a relationship!






Indie Reading #25 p.25-36 ; 04-05-09; Sun 


          My favorite character. So far in this book, my  favorite character would have to be Julia. She is loving, caring mother trying to get by. She has to take up writing the autobiography for Eve, but its just another accomplishment for her. She is single and takes care of her son, and day by day tries to live a normal life. Brandon adores her, she is around ten years of age and is a complete"momma's boy." He went with her down to Hollywood and they are currently staying in Eves huge mansion. Brandon and Julia got to ride in a limo from the airport, remember they are just normal people, so it seems to be a once in a lifetime expierience for both of them. I believe Julia is giong to let out some more of Eve's secrets to the public than what Eve really wants, and for once she may not get it "her way". Julia has a mind of her own and she isn't giong to let the big star push her around.



Indie Reading #24 p.11-25; 04-03-09;Fri.


          Questions. I'm wondering when this novel is going to get interesting? Why is Eve so popular and such a big deal? If she writes her autobiography, will she let out all of her secrets to the public? What about her love life? Does she have a son, is that why she treats Paul so special? Julia is a writer, why would the "famous Eve" pick such a random pereson to write her wonderful life story? Is Eve giong to listen to Maggie's, her assistants, advice not to let out to much information? Or is Eve giong to go all out and tell the world everything?  Julia and Brandon moved out to California to live with Eve while she writes her life story, is it giong to last, can they stick it out so far away from home? Is Julia giong to keep her promise to her son, Brandon?




Indie Reading #23 p.1-10; 03-29-09; Sun

     Anticipation. Do you think you will like this new book? I read the first book much similar to Genuine lies by Nora Roberts. It was called Carnal Innocence. I have only read the first few pages because i just got the book this morning, finally! Im looking forward to this novel, however i remember in the last one i didn't like it much until about the sixth or seventh chapter. For the most part after the exposition. The beginning tells us this novel is about a lady whom is around mid sixties and a very wealthy actress. Im not quite sure whats giong on yet, but it tells us something about a new movie and some famous handsome actor that is starring in it with her. Im excited to see where it goes from here because Carnal Innocence was one of my favorite books, and i enjoy the way Nora Roberts tells her stories.
















By: R. J. Rowling


Indie Reading #22 p.680-760; 03-28-09; Sat.

     The novel ended with a fight to he death. Death is a main prospect in the end of the novel. Harry Potter had to learn how to now be afraid to die. He retrieved all of the great pieces that should make him unstoppable. However, he learned it would be better to give himself to Voldemont instead of letting his friends die for him. The rock, gave him the power to bring back the dead. As he was making his walk across Hogwart grounds his mother, father, and Lupin joined him, supporting all his decisions. Harry was ready to die. He was not afraid anymore. He knew that if he passed then he would finally be with his parents and all his friends that threw away there lives to defend him. Voldemont killed Harry, or so he thought. Harry was dead at the time, in his head he was speaking to Professor Dumbledore, making the important decision to either leave and see his family, or return to the world and see his friends. He chose to return, and in the end because he defeated death, there was noone in the world more powerful than his will. He overturned Voldemont in the end, killed him, and returned to his lovely friends.


Indie Reading #21 p.609-679; 03-18-09; Wed. 

     " I speak directly to you; you have permitted your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself. I shall wait for one hour in the Forbidden Forest. If, at the end of that hour you have not come to me, have not given yourself up, Harry Potter, and i shall find you, and i shall punish every last man, woman and child who has tried to conceal you from me. One hour." - voldemont.

     He was speaking to Harry Potter, the book is coming to a close. Harry has been running around trying to find the last few pieces of Voldemonts soul to make him more volnurable. All of Harry's friends including underage students at Hogwarts, and the teachers have been defending and in a death battle to save themselves and buy Harry time. The Weasley family was included as well along with all the Order of Pheonix. Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Snape are among a few of the others that have given thier lives to save Harry, just in this one fight alone. Voldemont would like to keep as many "full blood" wizards as possible this is why he is warning everyone to back down, they have one hour.




Indie Reading #20 p.361-608; 03-17-09; Tues. 


          The setting played a tremendous role in Harry Potter. There setting is all over the world. However, the main events will always happen in the places closest to "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" or also knows as Voldemont. In this tale expecially, the placed Voldemont located the pieces of his soul are the places he held dearest to him. A few examples was Hogwarts, Gringotts, Hogsmeade, and a few other places we dont know of for sure yet. Harry, Ron and Hermione Dissaporated to places mostly around Europe to escape all of the Death Eater, which are right hand men to Voldemont.Without the setting many of the events wouldnt have been possible. Hogwarts for example had many secret passages leading into it, if not Harry and his friends/family would of never been able to access Hogwarts. There were many curses and enchantments placed on Hogwarts so that he was to never be able to re-enter. I am excited to see what happens in the rest of the tale, and to see where the next place there adventures take them.




Indie Reading #19 p.92-360; 03-15-09; Sun. 


          My favorite character in Harry Potter, was always Hermione because she is the brains behind everything, even though Harry potter is the main hero. Personally, i have always wanted Harry and Hermione to get together, as in a relationship. Now, we see that Hermione and Ron are together, and Ron and Harry are best friends.Harry howevers ex girlfriend in a few of the books, is Ginny, Rons sister. Hermione is a caring person, and she has always just harrassed Harry about little things that don't really matter. In this current book, Hermione is together with Ron still, and Ron left Harry and Hermione to fight for themselves, he didn't care anymore. I beliieve he half expected Hermione to follow him, but she didn't she vwed to stay with Harry and die if he does. She would never go back on that, Harry is one of the best friends. Right now they have obtained one part of Voldemonts soul, but they still have six more, and they dont even know how to destroy this first one.





Indie Reading #18 p. 36-91; 03-09-09; Mon.  


          Summary: The beginning of the novel started with Voldemont and his "death eaters" sitting around a table discussing when they plan to attack Harry Potter. After Dumbledores death in the previous book, Harry dropped out of Hogwarts. Dumbledore however asked Harry to do a favor for him that he can not tell anyone in the world other than his two best friends Ron and Hermione. The Ministry of Magic is starting to get mixed up between good and bad wizards, they cannot be trusted any longer. Harry planned to leave his house a couple days before he turned seventeen, because when he was little his mother placed a curse on where ever he claimed home, to be protected from everything & one. When he becomes seventeen this charm will wear off. Harry along with everyone he trusts, arrived at his house on Pivet Drive, ready to depart to try to trick Voldemont and the Death eaters. Somehow Voldemont got tipped off Harry would be leaving today and fought everyone in midair. Mad-Eye, a crazy sort of friend of Harry's, lost his life fighting for everyone, as well as Harry's one true friend, Hedwig.







Indie Reading #17 p. 20-35; 03-08-09; Sun.  

     Misery and pain are two big ideas in this book. Not only in The deathly Hollows, but in all the other books. The pain that Harry Potter feels for his friends and his family is what leads to his power. He focus's on the things he has lost and there inlies the magic. Harry Potter lost his mother, father, and now one of the closest people to him. On accident,  i skipped the last book and started reading this one, so im a little lost. However, Albus Dumbeldore was almost like Harry's father, he was always there for him whenever Harry needed anything. After loosing his partents, he was sent to live with his aunt,  uncle and cousin. They deffently do not get along, they hate each other but the only time that Harry is ever home is during the summer. Each book Harry faces a new evil, most of them involving Voldemont his born enemy, and he harrnesses the pain in his past to face everything.



Indie Reading #16 p. -1-20; 03-07-09; Sat. 

     R.J. Rowling. I believe he is one of the best authors. Not just the harry potter series but among other novels, for example auntie em, are some of my favorite books. He has a real nack for writing. Most of his stories include outside characters, meaning like withces or vampires. In Harry Potter it is a school of witches and wizards, in Auntie Em its about many vampires living with the americans, much like Twilight. R.J. Rowling is single, he once had a wife, but he writes about her in many of his novels, only relates her to something evil.  On his website there is a dedication to her, he doesnt think too found of her i guess you could say. He related her to the nastier things in the book, for example Voldemont in Harry Potter. I think he is one of the best writers simply because he includes personal expieriences in his novels, just relates them differently then you or i would.









By: Stephenie Meyer


Indie Reading #15 p. -699-756; 03-01-09; Sun.

     Did you enjoy the end of the book? The end of the book was amazing, honestly i didnt expect a few things. However i wish that the authore Stephenie Meyer, should bring out the fifth book. The fifth book was supposed to be from Edwards piont of view, but someone tapped in a red the first chapter. Now she is leaving more towards a no of printing it. I think it is amazing that everyone is re-united together and that the vampires can get over there hatred for werewolves just because of Renesemee. The only difference is i wish they would have another book showing when Renesemee is grown up and how everyone turned out, because she is only around a year or two and i would love to see her like ten years from now, as an adult.



Indie Reading #14 p. -555-698; 02-26-09; Thurs.

      "i can't tell you, but you'll understand soon i promise." - Bella. Interpret this quote.

This quote was stated afterAlice left the Cullens family with Jasper. Noone can understand why or what would possess her to have such little faith in them. Bella was speaking to Renesemee and to Edward, it could be interpreted either way. Bella had to keep everything from them because she is a shield, and noone that has "special gifts" that can for instance read minds, like Edward, can touch Bella. There is this one vampire, named Jane of the Volturi, whom can paralyze and eventually kill vampire with just her mind. Bella's mind works so that noone that has gifts like that can effect her or anyone whom she protects. So, she wasn't able to tell either of them because the head Voltair would be able to read either of there thoughts and know what they were planning as a back up plan incase there "peace meeting" came to a fight between everyone. The secret Bella was keeping from them two was that she got her daughter and Jacob fake identification and passports so that they would be able to escape and atleast she would be able to make sure her only daughter was safe.




Indie Reading #13 p. -430-554; 02-23-09; Mon.

Faith and trust play a huge part in this series. In the book breaking dawn specifically, If Edward and Bell adidn't trust and believe in each other then they would of never got anywhere. Bella relyed on Edward to keep her safe and the people she is around safe when she became a newborn vampire because she was vulnerable to killing them. Before that even, she trusted in him to save her and her babygirl Renesmee, which of course he was as faithful as he always has been. Edward also trusts Bella's decisions of course, because when Bella was only about two days old (to a vampire life) she was able to contain herself and hold her beautiful baby in her arms. Even as Renesme touched her she wasnt craved to kill her. As well as Charlie, because he stopped over and Bella loved him so much that she was able to fight through it just like Edward knew she could.


Indie Reading #12 p. -170-429; 02-22-09; Sun.

Favorite character plus a summary.  Edward is my favorite character, of course. He saved Bella's life countless times and i don't believe there would be a story without him. My second favorite is Jacob though. He is in love with Bella, just as Edward is, they are both classified as monsters and they both have advantages to them. The only difference is that Bella is in love with Edward more than Jacob.  I wonder how the story would be changed around if she fell in love with Jacob and became a werewolf instead of a vampire.

     Currently in the story, a lot of un-necessary but unbelievable events have happened. To lead off, Bella was presgnant with Edwards child, whom was a girl and half vampire, half human. Her name was Renesmee. During the pregnancy, Edward realized he was able to read the childs ming. He was told that Renesmee loved Bella and him very much and isnt trying to kill or harm Bella, her mother. However, the baby was so big that if she moved she would break one of Bella's ribs or more each time. Well, Bella tried to walk on her own, knocking the cup of blood that she was drinking for the child over, bent over to pick it up and in that split second the placenta detached. She was rusked upstairs and put on a hospital bed. Bella was convolsing in another second her spine snapped. The Cullens figured out by legends that the only way to get the baby out would be to break its skin with vampire teeth. Edward cut Bella open and bit through the skin saving Renesmee. Bella's heart starting slowing, and Jacob started preforming CPR on her to keep her heart beating. The only was that Bella would be able to live is if she was transformed into a vampire and the vemon was shot into her before her heart stopped, or else it would be to late. Edward injected the venom straight into her heart and then bit her in as many places as possible to inject his venom.

     Bella went through the process of becoming a vampire. First, becoming paralyzed she couldn't move her arms, legs, or even fingers. Then came the burning, Bella escribed it as being lit on fire, she felt like she was dying and just wanted to scream let me die, kill me, just let me die.  She made it through the transformation, and when she woke up, the first words she spoke were "Ilove you" to Edward. Bella had became beautiful, but she was more resistant to her thirst than any other newborn has ever been.  Bella went hunting with Edward, she found she was faster and stronger than him, but mostly just because she was a newborn. Not much changed though, Edward still cant read her mind and Jasper can still change there mood. When they were hunting though, Bella came across a human in the forest. Bella didn't know what to do, she didn't want to kill him/her. So she ran away, and put Edward in a state of shock, because normally once a vampire is in the hunting state, no matter how old they are or how long they have been hunting, they can't turn down a stray human. They hunted elk, a mountain lion and deer. The chapter ended with Bella getting ready to go home and see her baby for the first time since she was human.





Indie Reading #11 p. 1-169; 02-19-09; Thurs. 

          Key pionts. Right when the book began, it got interesting. First, telling Renee' and Charlie that Bella and Edward were getting married. Then the actual wedding itself, and after that was the party. The return of (the werewolf) Jacob Black at the reception, then the honeymoon. !! Bella and Edward went to Isle Esme, an island Carsisle bough for his beautiful wife, and loaned to Edward for this occasion. They had sexual intercourse for the first time, then the second. Bella found out she was pregnant, with a vampire baby. They rushed home immediately, Rosalie became Bella's bodyguard and one of the only people that believe Bella should keep this kid. The baby is killing Bella, Sam and his pack believe they need to do whatever it takes to kill that thing, even if it means killing Bella. Jacob accepts his Alpha position, and leaves the pack Seth follows. They go to warn the Cullens of Sams plan of war.





By: Stephenie Meyer.


Indie Reading #10 p. 312-629; 02-16-09; Mon.

      Predicting the next book. This book ended shocking and it made me upset, because the things that i had been expecting i believed would happen before the book ended, i was wrong. The next book has to be the best, i'm not sure what the main point is giong to be cause each book has a specific thing that happens to Bella. The first book, was James trying to kill her, second was the Volturi, and the third was the war with the newborn vampires, and the return of James mate, Victoria. So, the last book has to be the best? But, i know for a fact in the next book they (Bella and Edward) are giong to get married with Alice planning it means it's giong to be extraordinary! Also, they are giong to have "intercourse" for the first time, even though theres a possibility Edward could kill Bella during it. Last, Bella is supposed to be turned into a vampire, it was a compromise with Edward if they were to get married. Only after they did, would Edward himself turn her.



Indie Reading #9 p. 164-311; 02-15-09; Sun.

     Questions. Why is Edward acting so calm towards Jacob now?  Why would all of the werewolf elders want Bella to be at the bonfire, to listen to the long folk tales from centuries ago? Is the misterious person whom took Bella's possesions really a young vampire. Are the Volturi sending them to diminish the Cullens, because there scared of there potential? Are the Cullens giong to declare war against the youngin's? Will they win, will they loose? What would happen if they went to war,  and Edward was killed, or Alice!? Will they risk being exposed in Seattle? If they declare war, are they just giong to leave Bella alone in Forks? What isn't Edward telling Bella, there has to be something for this war to make more sence? If Jasper was around blood so much as a young vampire, why did he have a freak moment last year on Bella's eighteenth birthday? Is Bella giong to become a vampire?


Indie Reading #8 p. 1-163; 02-14-09; Sat.

     Do you like the new book so far? The Eclipse, the third book, is one of the best books so far, written by Stephenie Meyer. I am only on around page 160 and already Edward and Bella have reunited, been captured, and split apart. Edward also took Bella down to see her mom in Florida, with other intentions, but Bella didnt know of the sort. This book is catching my interest the most, because i have a feeling by the end im not giong to like Mr. Jacob Black to much. Jacob is trying to seperate Bella and Edward, and it's getting on my nerves. Jacob is interviening with there relationship by putting Bella through guilt trips between Jacob and her friendships. Jacob even went as far as trying to say Edward is dangerous, and a bad "bloodsucker" and she doesn't need someone in her life like that. Im excited to see what happens, and if Carsisle or Edward or Alice are giong to turn Bella into a vampire. Also, keep in mind that the Volturi are giong to come and see if she really is turned into a bloodsucker like the rest, before this book is over.




By: Stephenie Meyer. 




Indie Reading #7 p. 353-561; 02-10-09; Tues 

     Did the end shock you, or what suprised you about the ending? The end of the book was 100% shocking! Edward thought Bella was dead, so he went to the Volturi, a higher level more powerful family of vampires, looking to die. However, it was a misunderstanding, Bella was completely alive and on her way to save him after Alice gave her the details. To sum everything up, Bella made it in time, Edward was saved. They made a deal though, that Bella had to become a vampire like everyone else, if the Volturi let them go. Alice agreed she would make Bella a vampire. The main thing that caught me by suprise is Bella is no longer talking to her beloved best friend Jacob Black, the werewolf, because he doesn't want anything to do with her as long as she is around the vampires. Jacob also betrayed Bella, something i never thought in any of the books would happen. This book was overall shocking, and thrilling, but not as intriguing as the first.




Indie Reading #6 p. 131-352; 02-08-09; Sun. 

          What was unexpected? I found out that everyone Bella falls in love with has some disfunctional thing with them. Edward was a vampire, as well as Bella's first love. Now, she finally found someone to fufill the emptiness after Edward left her. His name was Jacob Black, a long time family friend. I recently discovered Jacob is a werewolf, and is in love with Bella. Oddly, a vampires only enemy is a werewolf.  Jacob cut off all contact with her because she wasn't aloud to know his cult's secret. However, she figured it out on her own with a few helpful tips. Now, she is being hunted by the vampire's mate (Victoria) that Edward killed last year (whom tried to kill Bella). Jacob and his cult is currently protecting her because they are the only thing that could keep her alive, if they don't eat her first.






Indie Reading #4 p. 1-130; 02-02-09; Mon. 

         As the book starts off, it is Bella's birthday. She doesn't want to recieve any presesnts, or "happy birthday's" or anything to acknowlege it's "that day." On the other hand, Edward and Alice are overly excited because noone has had a birthday since Jasper in the early nineteen hundreds. The Cullen's were throwing a huge party for her, that she didn't want to be a part of. She made a deal with Edward that if he came over and watched the nineteen sixties version of Romeo & Juliet, then she would go with him to his house, but only for a little while. When Bella arrived there, everyone was exstatic, everyone bought her presents there were roses that filled every empty space and a huge birthday cake all for her. Bella found out that Esme and Carlisle bought her two tickets to Jacksonville for her and Edward, which is where her mother now currently lives. Then, Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett got her a stereo for her truck, which Emmett was installing before she could object. Last, Edward and Alice's present, when opening it, she sliced her finger on the corner and gave her self a paper cut. Just that moment, Jasper went absolutely nuts, pouncing and scowling after Bella. Edward jumped in front of her throwing her out of the way and shotting a protective growl, while Emmett had to physically hold Jasper back.  When Bella was thrown, she took out the cake, and landed on a bunch of glass, slicingher arm open ten times worse needing stitches. Carlisle swooped her up, and took her into the kitchen to patch her up, meanwhile everyone was outside obtaining to Jasper and calming down.  After that day, Edward was never the same, wouldnt talk to her with any emotion, he wouldn't even look at her. Then one day, he took her on a walk into the woods, and announced everyone had left, he stayed back to tell her goodbye, and to tell her everything "will be as if i never exsisted." Everything was gone, the stereo, tickets, all the pictures of the family, everything. Few months past, she never heard from him, she was living her life numb. Charlie confronted her once, telling her she needs to leave him, and go home. She simply argued and said she was stating in Forks, secretly hoping for him to come back, just one last time.






By: Stephenie Meyer







Indie Reading #3 p. 196-498; 01-30-09; Fri.

   I just recently finished the novel, i was shocked but i thought one main event was giong to happen and it didnt.  To 

summarize what i have read, Edward and Bella decided they were "dating", in other terms a couple now. He took her to meet his family, they grew found of her, all except for Rosalie, his sister. Then, later that day he brought him to meet Charlie, her father. Bella was invited to a "baseball game" that Edwards family was playing, but of course she was just going to watch. During the game, a different coven heard them playing, and came down to see if they could join. The leader, James, smelled her "human" scent right away, causing Edward to defend her. Edward, Alice, Emmett, and her left at once, leaving Esme, Charlisle, Rosalie and Jasper with the other coven. Edward realized that James was a tracker vampire, meaning that once he got her scent, it wouldnt never leave him until he kills her. They thought of many plans, and came up with only one that would have the potential to work. The plan was she tell Charlie she hates Forks (the town), and she is moving back home immediately. She packs her things and leave, all to meet at Edwards house later on. Once there, they decided Jasper, Alice and Bella would drive down to Phoenix to keep her scent as far away as possible. Meanwhile, Edward, Emmett, and Charlisle were going to sidetrack James into following them, Rosalie and Esme were going to distract his mate into following them so they could escape safely. Once they got into Phoenix Charlisle would call Alice to update her on the details. Once down there, she received a call stating: "Alice we lost him, and Edward lost James’s mate." Bella decided to call her mother warning her to stay away from Phoenix as long as possible, considering she was now in Florida with Phil. The next day her mother, or so she thought, called her back. Bella then heard a manly voice through the telephone telling her if she told anyone that her mother would die. He instructed her to go to her house in Phoenix, alone, and there will be a number waiting for her. To call that number as soon as she gets there, and she will receive further instructions, if she doesn’t do this by noon, her mother will die. Meanwhile, Alice and Jasper only have a little clue what’s going on, but they all leave for the airport to meet Edward at seven in the morning. Bella decided that was her only time to escape, she would have to trick them, the ones she loved, into thinking she was going to the bathroom and leave running to a cab, and take the full way home. It worked, once she got home she called the number left at her house, and met him at her old dance studio. Only to walk in and realize there was a television playing old home videos, and James really never contacted her mother, or put her in any danger. Bella was relieved, but she was tricked, she now realized she was going to die, and there was no way of getting out of it. After admitting to what James had done, the tricks he played back to about two hundred years ago, Bella tried to escape. James broke her leg, then threw her into the mirrors, shattering the glass, breaking four ribs and she then realized her scull was bleeding. James dove at her, she was losing so much blood she fainted, and had no idea what happened after that. When she woke up, and was conscious, Edward, Charlisle, Alice were standing above her trying to help. The only way she would live, is if Edward sucked the venom out of her blood stream, which would be heard for anyone, especially when he thirsts for her blood. He saved her, she was in the hospital, under Dr. Cullens care for about two to three weeks. Then, Edward dressed her up, and wouldn’t tell her where she was going, all she new is she was in a cast, and one heel (because of her brace). He took her to Prom, swept her off her feet, and took her outside to talk to her about some things. The book ends, with neither of there stubborn minds changing, and still set on future events. The one things Bella wants, is for Edward to turn her into a vampire, so she can live with him for the rest of there immortal life. Edward, on the other hand, will not do it, he says he doesn’t want her missing out on anything, he doesn’t want to make her a monster too




Indie Reading #2 p. 130-196; 01-29-09; Thurs.

     What is suprising in the new chapters? I was put in shock when i was done reading these sections, i found out main aspects that brought things together. Bella, has taken Jacob Blacks theory to heart, she researched up on vampires and was having dreams about Edward every night. Bella took a trip with her two best friends, Jess and Angela, up to look for dresses for the dance, even though she wasn't going. She decided to wonder off downtown to look for a bookstore, she ended up lost, in trouble, and stocked. To storten the story, Edward saved her, for the third time, and took her to dinner and drove her home. Then, she was able to run her theories around him, and found out three things for sure. One, Edward Cullen is and has always been a cold hearted, blood drinking, vampire. Second, he couldnt leave her alone for many reasons, one being because she was one of the only people he couldnt read, and couldn't understand. Last, Bella was one hundred percent in love with Edward, no matter what he is human, or not. 



Indie Reading #1 p. 1-129; 01-27-09; Tues.

     I can not believe how much i am interested in this novel, it is thrilling, romantic, and suprising. First off, I have found out so far that Edward Cullen is a cold one, as well as the rest of his family. Jacob told Bella a scary story about these people that used to live in his plantation and his great-grandfather created a deal with them to never come back, and he would never tell a soul, except his family, what the "cold ones" actually were, vampires. Bella just moved to Forks town, with her father (Charlie), because her mother (Renee) re-married a traveling pro-ball player, named Phil. Her new school is exciting, she actually has friends and this "boy" that she cant keep her eyes off of, Edward. Bella and Edward have just started talking, they are partners in Biology, and just can't stay away from one another. Edward warned her " I am dangerous, you do not want to be my friend" however, that wasn't giong to change her mind. Edward is moody, some days he will be upset, clench his fists the whole period, and other days he will have a full out conversation with Bella. I haven't learned why yet, but he went missing for around two weeks, and noone knew or acted like it was anything different. Bella has plans to go up to Seattle with Edward next Saturday, because she is skipping the Spring Dance, and apparently so is he. Every boy Bella talked to had asked her to the dance, she turned them down, I believe she is waiting for Edward, and considering they have different plans now, she is hoping to go with him to Prom.




Think your a Twilight wiz? Take my Quiz. 







Did you like the ending of the book?

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indie reading #28 pages 61-70 04/17/09 friday.
Pain plays an enormous role in the fourth chapter. Julia is suffering between she should tell Paul off or she she should just let it go. She recently recieved a letter threatening her and her sons life. If Julia had to choose she would pack up and leave because she sons life goes before anything in the world. But in the same sence she hatgiving in and being vulnerable, she needs to finish Eves novel and if she would up and leave Eve would just find a new journalist. This is a chance of a lifetime right now, and it could potentially make her a millionaire, or something close. If i was in her situation i would stay.I would let Eve know whats giong on and see if the problem persists, but i would never give up, because with that money she would be able to give Brandon such a wonderful life,send him through college and see him off, and isn't that all mothers reall ask for?

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at 12:54 pm on Apr 17, 2009

im sorry, can i delete some things off my wiki or something because it is giong too slow at home and at school, thats why i had to post my indie reading as a comment.

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at 9:36 pm on Apr 19, 2009

indie reading #29 pages 70-90 04/19/09 sunday.
Im beginning to like Paul Wintrop. While reading this part of the book, it gave more of his opinion on the subject and explains his thoughts on the book that Julia is currently in the process of writing. He is just trying to protect Eve, i can understand that simply because if i was in his position i would feel the same way. Its much like if someone was writing a book about my mother, or someone in my family i would protect thier secrets and tales that the public doesnt alreayd know. It began to show Paul actually had a personality. My intuition is that he has a thing for Julia, because she is one of the only people that he can look at and not know what there thinking, what there next move is giong to be, and who they are. He underestimated her, and now he is beginning to learn that there is more to Julia than just her journalism.

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