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Assignment #10 












---->My thesis statement is in the top, left hand corner.

---->The king and the woman represent men and woman back then. The way then man is overshadowing the woman represents how the men were more powerful and had control of the woman then.

---->The boys and girls symbols are obvious.

---->The picture with all the birds in the top, right hand corner represent all the woman back then. They were governed by there men.

---->The skull with the cross bones represents the death that the woman would suffer if they did not agree with who they had to marry.

---->The roaches and the fly's represent that men were like insects.

---->The book cover esther represents that it was very hard being a woman.

---->The woman with her finger to her lips represents that woman had to keep their true feelings secret. And so does the quote "And when a woman's will is as strong as the man's who wants to govern her, half her strength is concealment."

---->The dying rose represents the women who were living a life they didnt like.

---->The lion represents the man and how dominant he was.

---->The old looking castle represents the old days in which they lived.

---->The scissors represents how the woman would have loved to cut their lives and start new ones.

---->The animated button represents how the way woman are treated have changed dramatically. 








"MSND" Love Essay


Act 4 (attempting ICE but really not getting the 'E' in ICE


     What do you think Shakespeare is trying to say about love and infatuation? I believe that Shakespeare is saying that you will know if you are in love or not. You will have no doubts, you will feel like you've never felt before and yo would do anything for that person. Infatuation may be confusing, but if you have doubts about being with taht person then it's not love.

     Lysander and Hermia were deeply in love. Both wanting to run away just so they could get married. Except Puck had accidentally poured the juice from the flower on Lysander's eyes. He was under a spell and he said that he loved Helena instead of Hermia. When the spell was broken he loved Hermia once again. Although, he thought that it was all a dream. As Lysander had said, "My Lord, I shall reply amazedly, half sleep, half waking: but as yet, I swear, I cannot truly say how I came here."

     Demetrius once vowed to Helena that he loved her so, but once he saw Hermia he took back those vowels. Helena was crushed and she was so jealous of Hermia. Puck had squeezed the juice from the flower unto Demetrius eyes and he loved Helena once again. "My love to Hermia, melted as the snow, seems to me now as the remembrance of an idle gaud", said Demetrius.

     Oberon had Titania put under a spell too, along with Bottom. Bottom had had a donkey's head put onto his own and Titania had awakened and was in love with him. She had said to him, "What wilt thou hear some music, my sweet love?" The spell had been broken and she loved Oberon again. I believe that all the spells were meant for infatuation except Demetrius because he had loved Helena once before. His love for Hermia was infatuation. Yet Lysander and Hermia's love is definitely not infatuation, its just love.






Independent Reading

"Running with Scissors" 



Assignment # 13

Bookman, which is Augusten's boyfriend ran away. Augusten did not see him after that. Both Natalie and Augusten got their own apartment and was accepted to Holyoke Community College, after they got their GED's. Deidre, Augusten's mom ran away to get away from the Finch family because of Dr. Finch raping her and over medicating her. Augesten left his apartment and talked to Natalie once after that. Dr. Finch lost his medical license after the American Medical Association found him guilty of insurance fraud. Many of his patients still remained in treatment. He died from heart disease in 2000. Agnes lives in a nursing home. Natalie graduated from Holyoke Community College and applied to Smith. She was accepted with a full scholarship. She graduated magna cum laude with a double major: psychology and voice. She later earned a post graduate degree and works in the field of public health. Hope continued to live at home and work for her father until his death. She since left the Northeast. Fern, wich was the minister's wife, is divorced and now lives in Sonoma; California, where she runs a bookstore geared toward the recovery community.

Dorothy, Diedre's girlfriend, is married and has children. Poo Bear sells RV's in Western Massachusetts and he is married with children.

Deidre lives alone in a small apartment on the river near the Massachuttes and New Hampshire border. She is paralyzed on one side of her body because of a major stroke. She continues to write poetry. Her and Augusten are estranged. His father has been sober for 20 years. His brother is divorced and lives with his girlfriend and children. Bookman was never seen nor heard from again.




"Assignment #11" Feb 11 pages 119-151

Augusten hates going to school and he has had this problem for many years. Their this particular girl in his class and she is everything that he is not. He hates her for this. She is outgoing, funny, smart, and very popular. She never wears the same clothes two days in a row. Everytime Augusten goes to school, he feels lonely and depressed. He actually told his mom about just killing himself, but his mom is all about herself. She doesnt think of anyone else because she is phsycotic. Dr. Finch actually comes up with this idea where they will stage Augusten trying to commit suicide so he wont have to go to school for a while. He gives him a fifth of Jack Daniels and 3 valumes... Augusten eventually wakes up in the hospital getting his stomach pumped. He falls back asleep and he wakes up in a mental hospital. His roommates name is Kevin and he is 19. Kevin also tryed to kill himself. Augusten is not aloud to tell anyone about this or Dr. Finch can lose his medical license. The next chapter Augusten's mom gives up custody of him to Dr. Finch, so now he is his father. Augusten soon confesses to his mom and Dr. Finch about Bookman, whom is his 30 year old boyfriend. His mother and Dr. Finch are very supportive of him in this situation. As Natalie and Augusten are sitting in the kitchen talking about how they hated both their lives, they start tearing down the kitchen ceiling to make a sky light. Dr. Finch is not at all mad, he actually likes the finishing touch even though the roof leaks when it rains and snows.


 "Assignment #10" Feb. 10  pages 111-118

This chapter is about Augusten being 13 and he gets raped by an older man... He doesnt really know how to react how he should feel because in some way he liked it. He has known that he was gay for years now, but nothing like this has ever quite happened. He thinks about what just happend, nothing seems wrong, he feels lost, but also in control. Augustine is very confused, but this incident does not change the way he thinks about men.



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