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kenny s

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An Unforgetable Exp. 



Assignment number 13


Outline Research Paper


  1. Introduction- Gangs change and effect prisons by adding more violence to them and causing death tolls to rise in prisons.
  2. Body paragraphs- Prison gangs, Gang riots, Prison segregation of gangs.
  3. A. Racist Prison Gangs.
  4.  Racial gangs.
  5.  Certain gangs separate themselves.
  6. Prison gang fights.
  7. Gang riots.

       A) Fighting because of gangs.

       B) Number of gang related fights each year in prison.

  1. Conclusion- That there are to many people that die in prison every year just because of gangs.


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"Prison Gangs -- Gangs and Security Threat Group Awareness." Florida Department of Corrections -- Homepage. 3 Mar. 2009      http://www.dc.state.fl.us/pub/gangs/prison.html.



Walker, Robert. "Major Prison Gangs and Security Threat Groups." Gangs OR Us. 25 Mar. 2009      http://www.gangsorus.com/prisongangs.html.





Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography) When was your first car crash?



Story # 2 (Biography) What was your worst job?



Story # 3 (Biography) How did you meet mom?



Story # 4 (Autobiography) Our favorite camping trip.




Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement:



Specific Research found:








Assignment number 11 


Prisons and Prisoners


Gangs and prisons


Does race affect the gangs?


Do gangs help people who are in prisons?


Do gangs get affected outside of prisons?


Do prisoners in gangs find way to get drugs in them?


Do gangs spread across other prisons?


What is the biggest prison gang?


Where did the gangs in prisons originate


How long have prison gangs been around?


What to cops do to limit prison gangs?


What causes these prison gangs to go to war?



Assignment number 10



In my glogster I decided to have my pictures around and in the shape of a heart because I had all of the actors and out of those actors I had them by the one they loved. Also on my glogster I had the changes that took place by my heart. Another couple of things I had were flowers and hearts as the flowers dust changed who people liked caused by the fairy Puck which is why he is in the center of my heart. At the bottom of my glog I put a picture of the woods and a picture of Athens as they were the two major places in the book. Also at the bottom are two animated flowers which have my links in them to the pages that summarize and have facts about midsummer nights dream. The song I chose for this piece is accidentally in love because it fit my theses the best because those people shouldn’t have been in love and they change to the right people put loved the wrong one because of puck so they accidentally loved those people.




Assignment number 9


On my to get list I have to get pictures of love as in pictures of hearts flowere ect. I also need to have pictures of the lovers in the play as I also need written info about them. For my to do list I have to start my Glogster and get the information uploaded on to it. For my thesis statement is that love is the most improtant role in MSND because of all the love changes that take place in the book.


Assignment number 8


If there is anything to prove about the play A Midsummer Nights Dream is that love is crazy and people change their opinions and minds way to easy. They also change their minds so fast that you don’t even know what is going on. These events especially take place in this play because of the help they get from the fairies Puck and Tiburon as they cause mischievous as the mess with the characters eyes, such as Demetrius and Lysandar along with Titania.

To start off with proving my thesis is correct just look at Helena and how at first Demetrius and Lysander saw her as a freak, even tough Demetrius had relations with her they both still wanted to have nothing to do with her. As Lysander proves that Demetrius has done stuff with her even though he does not care for her."to THESEUS) I am, my lord, as well derived as he, As well possessed. My love is more than his. My fortunes every way as fairly ranked, (If not with vantage) as Demetrius And—which is more than all these boasts can be— And—which is more than all these boasts can be I am beloved of beauteous Hermia.I am beloved of beauteous Hermia. Why should not I then prosecute my right? Demetrius, I'll avouch it to his head, Made love to Nedar's daughter, Helena, Made love to Nedar's daughter, Helena,Made love to Nedar's daughter, Helena, And won her soul. And she, sweet lady, dotes,  Devoutly dotes, dotes in idolatry Upon this spotted and inconstant man." he says how he hes had relations with her and he is dening it because he hates her. Even though Helena was deeply and madly in love with Demetrius when Demetrius got the dust in his eyes she then didn’t take him or Lysander to whom they both loved seriously and thought they were joking. So she didn’t know how to respond to it and just ignored both Lysander and Demetrius so Demetrius had challenged Lysander to a dual for Helena. But then the story had gotten even crazier as then Puck and Oberon had changed Lysander back to liking Hermia but they had left Demetrius to still like Helena as they have yet to change Demetrius eyes back to normal.

The second bizarre case in this play that proves my thesis would be where Lysander keeps getting messed with and how he relates to how most guys are in how he always keeps changing his mind as he changes who he says he is in love with three times. As he first started off likening Hermia to which the point he was going to run away with her and to eventually marry her to then getting his mind and eyes messed with so that he starts to like Helena even tough she is a freak about Demetrius. The third time he changes he goes back to Hermia which proves that he is unstable and can’t make up his mind. The following reasons prove that Lysander is like a normal guy as to the point were he can never make up his mind as in to who he wants to be with as he is on again off again with Hermia. This is what I think that Shakespeare is trying to prove in this play as love is crazy and it makes odd changes.

The third and final case that I am proving in this play is that how Titania started off hating Oberon but she eventually going off and marrying him. What is also bizarre about Titania is how she started off not liking any buddy and hating Oberon to liking Bottom even though he had the face of a donkey and then she had changed her mind once more into liking Oberon. The one other odd thing about her love for Bottom was that she was fairy and Bottom was a human so how that would have worked?

After all of the following reason about how love is crazy and people change and make up their minds so fast would prove that that statement is true in this play especially when there are trouble making fairies around, when most people can’t even make up their minds for themselves.






Assignment number 7





Assignment number 6

Both Lysander and Demetrius can be called Foolish as yesterday they both had liked Hermia and now they both like Helena. Although it does make a pretty good plot and a twist in the story as now it went from Hermia running off with Lysander to now he wants Helena. What is foolish about it is that Helena wanted Demetrius really bad to now she thinks that he is pulling a trick on her because he used to not want to have anything to do with her and now he is obsessed with her. The other thing that is messed up with the book is that how Hermia had just gotten screwed over how every one liked her and she had all of these options to now every one ignoring her and not liking her.


Assignment number 5


Dear ABBY: How does some one who is madley in love with a girl wait so long to be married and how are there ways to speed up this waiting process? I know that time will come and pass but is it is so long and hard to wait for the one person I love so much and to be with them. What are some ways or some things I  can do to pass the time more quickly?



DEAR DISTRESSED: One way you could pass time quickly would be by having the other person talk to you and they could stay with you for the next couple of days. Another way you could try to pass the time would be by asking your loved one to move the wedding forward some by like a day or two. If neither of those ideas work then all I can tell you is that you will just have to wait the few days until you actualy will be able to get married.


Assignment number 4


I noticed in the film that we watched the other day that the costumes were a lot diffrent as they looked more modern time then they would have looked when the book came out. there was also a difrence in the setting around the characters to as it also looked like more moddern times. The actors looked a lot diffrent in the movie then when I had pictured them as Hipolita I saw as a bigger person and I also saw Theseus as a bigger stronger guy than he was in the movie. They all seamed like they had a lot diffrent peronality than what i had pictured them. I think that seeing the play did help me understand it more as it had helped a lot with the visual and setting as it helped with me noticing the setting better.


Assignment number Three


Wordle: Thesius


    Assignment number 2

      There are many different ways of humour in act l, Scene ll as they use humour unintentionally by saying stuff without it intending to make it funny. They also made it histarcal by having the actors say things and them mixing up there wordrs or how Bottom asked which part was he had best for his beard. Another thing that made it funny was the sarcasim they used in the section as asking what the lions speaking part was.


Assignment number 1   

 The relationship between Hermia and Egeus is so far not going to well as her father is forbiding her to marry the man she loves (Lysander) as he say he is not good enough and that she needs to mary Demetrius. Although she loves Lysander she has three choices she can make and she has to choose one of them before the wedding which is in four days. Her choices are that she could kill herself, that she could just marry Demetrius and be happy as he has lots of money and it would make her dad happy, or she could run off with Lysander and be happy with the man she loves but make her dad angry. Proff that the relation ship is bad is that on pg 3 in the book Hermia says so will I grow, so die, my lord.



Ind reading assignment #28 Pg 68-76 Sat 4-18-09

I have just finished chapter seven and it is good as Sam Fishers next assignment is in the Middle East but mainly in Iraq. Which he discusses that it has rapidly changed sense the start of civilization; As Iraq used to be were everything was and it was also where most people lived such as the ancient Indian tribes and other people. Now Iraq is a very small part of the world and there haven’t been many changes to the scenery around it. Most people who live there now will never see some of the things that most American people see ever day, also Iraq is a lot smaller than the United States which keeps the population size a huge difference from us to them. Also Iraq has all ways been in wars such as Iran, Kuwait, The United Nations forced by the U.S.A.,a cival war amongst themselves, and now another war with the U.S.





Ind reading assignment #27 Pg 50-67 Sun 4-12-09

I have just finished chapter six and it is good as this book keeps getting better and better as David Michaels uses tremendous details in this book as he explains the weapons and tools that Sam uses such as the lock pick in how he explains the grip of the handle the rigged edges that could be used to break open almost any lock imaginable. Or the frag grenades he uses as he says, “These 14 ounce m67 babies consist of 2.5 inch steel spheres surrounding 6.5 ounces of high explosive.” Which is tremendous details to be saying about one little grenade when he doesn’t even use it he just says he likes to have them with him as to how much damage they can to do stuff and how he always likes to enjoy a little boom in his work. Which show the humor that Sam Fisher also has in this book and I also think it would be really cool to see a big explosion like that come from just a small thing.

Ind reading assignment #26 Pg 42-58 Sat 4-11-09

Wordle: Sam Fisher 

The wordle I used for chapters four and five as sam is a major part of it because of the actions he does to save tons of lives.

Ind reading assignment #25 Pg 26-41 Sun 4-5-09

     I have just finished chapter three and it is good as I am starting to learn some things about Sam Fisher and how he is a more to himself kind of guy as he mentions in this chapter when he isn’t in the field he is usually sitting at his home by himself and he has no friends. Sam lives in Towson, Maryland. The only trips he ever takes out of his house are to local grocery and liquor stores and trips for his work. He also lives in to what he calls a hip town because of the college university there but he says he is not a very hip person. Sam does have one normal mans idea of fun in his down time which is him watching TV with his surround sound. I think that the reason why he drinks are because he wants to forget the painful memory he has over seas of the people he has killed as he is a older agent in his 40’s.


Ind reading assignment #24 Pg 16-25 Sat 4-4-09

I have just finished chapter two and it is good as it talks about  Belgium’s Colonel Dirk Verbaken was killed and this chapter seems to be a set up mission for Sam Fisher because he is not in this chapter although the book is about him and he is the main character. In this chapter the book mainly show what Dirk Verbaken is doing as he is sneaking around in case files and other things then when the agents Benton and Yuri killed him they took the file before they had left and then they destroyed everything else. This proves that Verbaken was a bad guy and was spying for Belgium. On a neighboring country and he happened to get caught by another country while he was looking up the file in his hotel room.




Ind reading assignment #23 Not Done


Ind reading assignment #21 Pg 1-15 Sat 3-28-09

I have started a new book and it is called Splinter Cell it is by Tom Clancy and it is about a U.S. spy named Sam Fisher. So far I have only read the first chapter and it is good as it is about Sam breaking into a Chinese casino. By the way this book is going so far I would say that the author of this book Tom Clancy is a very good writer in the fact of exploding thing to the utmost detail they can possibly have. I also like the character Sam Fisher as he is very unique as he seams to be like a real life super hero in this book as the slogan at the front of the book says Sam Fisher works alone, but fights for us all. He also is incredibly smart and leaves no traces possible to find him any where. For instance while he was in the ventilation shaft at the casino he had ate a ration which is the same as the army gets for wars and instead of him just leaving the wrapper he eats it so no one would be able to find it any was.


Ind reading assignment #21 Book 3 Sun 3-22-09

I have just finished book 3 of the Odyssey and it is ok as there was the sacrificing of bulls to the Greek God Poseidon or the god of the sea as it was called in the book. Just the fact that they used to kill off all of these animals in stuff back in the ancient times makes me think of that how stupid are they because there just sitting there trying to find food to eat and stuff like that and instead of actually putting the dozens of bulls to use they just get rid of them by sacrificing them. What rely doesn’t make sense is how when they are low on food or something is in shortage instead of them stop sacrificing things they think the god is being mean because they didn’t sacrifice enough so they find more things and then they kill them.


Ind reading assignment #20 Book 2 Sat 3-21-09

I have just finished book two of the odyssey and it is good as I was right with the prediction I had made on Telemachus in how he would accept the role of becoming the man of the house. He proves that he had stepped up his leadership by how he gave a speech about how the sons of Ithaca's elders have taken it over, and how it is unacceptable as the losses taken to his fathers house and to Telemachus father. One of the things that I have noticed about this book is how it doesn’t start off like most other books do as it doesn’t start with full action or without any action it starts out in the middle which is unlike any other book I have read. Instead the book I think is more interesting by how it is keeping me guessing and thinking of what is going to come or happen next like the unexpected motivation speech by Telemachus.


Ind reading assignment #19 not done


Ind reading assignment #18 Book 1 Sun 3-15-09

I have just started a new book and it is called odyssey and it sound like it is going to be a very good book as it is about ten year after the Trojan war were they take the Trojan horse and the Greeks hide inside and open up the gates for the rest of the army to come in. One of the main characters this book starts off with is Telemachus and he seems ok at the beginning as you can tell he’s going to be one of the more important characters in this book as he is going to have to step into the role of being the man of the house because his house only has women as his dad left twenty years ago and he reminds me of a character that I saw in the movie grand torino as the family had just move into the ghetto and he had to become the man of the house even though he was week and liitle which is what Telemachus seams like so far.


Ind reading assignment #17 not done


Ind reading assignment #16 Pg 245-268 Sun 3-08-09

I have just finished the end of this book and this chapter is really good as it talks about Heroes and Winners and how you are a winner if you try your hardest and put forth all of your effort into it as that is the difference if you always give your all then you are a champion and it doesn’t matter what the score is because you did your best. It also says how you are a hero if you do that how heroes are people that find a way to put food on the table and by doing other things like no matter what conditions there in they get themselves up and go to there work for there family and that’s what a hero is. One of the quotes that I like in this chapter is “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” I like this quote because it is saying win the game is on the line let me go for the win trust me as this pertains to being a winner and a hero. It also reminds me of the movie the replacements with Shane Falco and the coach saying winners want the ball when the game is on the line.


Ind reading assignment #15 Pg 227-244 Sat 2-28-09

I have just finished chapter twelve and it is about hope and in this chapter there is a quote I really like as it says “Live in your hopes and not in your fears.”(Johnny Majors) which I believe in this quote strongly as I take it as if you live in fearing things than you might as well not even living as how are you suppose to know what it is like if you never even try it. But if you hope that it will go well you’re more likely to try it and to take more risk. Coaches always have to live in their hopes instead of there fears because you can’t make a gutsy call if you think you wont make it or it will get picked off on a forth down. But you can go for the game winner if you have hope because you will think you can make it which will allow you to take more risk.


Ind reading assignment #14 Pg 211-226 Fri 2-27-09

I have just finished chapter eleven and I liked it as it talked about being a team and bonding with your team also what he says is how you need to play as a team which means one person can’t do it all or one person can’t do everything. I agree with this because there is a difference in team sports and non team sports were you need to rely on your team in sports like football and basketball also in baseball but you don’t need a team as much if you are with golf or you run track as unless if you run team relay you have no team mates that can lose the match for you or in football you all need to play together or you cant win. This is why I agree with Jim Tressel about how a team is the most important thing in the sport that he coaches.


Ind reading assignment #13 Pg 191-210 Thur 2-26-09

     I have just finished chapter ten and it talks about responsibility which I think fits it well with the main character or author of the book as he defiantly has a lot of responsibility as when his team losses big games and other things goes bad he put a lot of the blame on him rather than his team as he says he has lots of coaching mistakes in those games. Also he takes responsibility when he has a star player sit out such as when he sat Chris Wells out this year for the huge University of Southern California game and two more games to follow. The last decision that Jim made that he took full responsibility for was when he kicked Maurice Claret off of the team even though he was there star player and got them a national championship which proves he knows how to take responsibility.


Ind reading assignment #12 Pg 171-190 Sun 2-22-09

I have just finished chapter nine and it is about love although I did not like it that much as it is getting old to just keep hearing Jims outlook on life about every subject as it is the same in every thing except for it’s a different subject although it would be good for coaches as it could teach them how to coach there teams. The only thing that I like about this chapter is how I can relate to him as of how you should love your family and also when you play a team sport that needs to also be your family like for me with football how we look out for each other and protect each other like a band of brothers. Although he doesn’t say specifically a band of brothers he talks about protecting each other and is like brothers but our football team calls each other a band of brothers.


Ind reading assignment #11 Pg 125-170 Sat 2-21-09

I have just finished chapter eight and it is good as it talks about how you can handle adversity and success as how sometimes during games things can go wrong and bad but you have to overcome adversity to win and to deal with it. He has quotes in here that deal with soldiers and other people but he focuses on the soldiers because he says they over come the most adversity and it is harder to deal with the things that happen to them such as how they lose friends and best friends as to how tough it would be.  And for success he refers to coaches and other people that do great things and life as among other thing that they accomplish.


Ind reading assignment #10 Pg 105-124 Fri 2-20-09


     I have just finished chapter seven and it talks about work such as in work ethic and other kinds of jobs that you can have but unless your work ethic is good then you cant have great jobs and you wont be as week off in life which I believe in and I related my self to this as how I haven’t been doing a good job on my inde readings so it is going to cause my grade to go down unless I get a better work ethic then my grade can go up because they are easy points. It also talks about how you shouldn’t make up excuse as they get you no where in life. The last thing it talks about how you can learn and change your work habits if you work on them and get your priorities straight.


Ind reading assignment # 9 not done


Ind reading assignment #8 not done


Ind reading assignment #7 Pg 89-104 Sun. 2-15-09



I have just finished chapter 6 and it is good as it talks about faith and belief and faith which I have so I can relate to it as well. First he starts off talking with it being one of the teams favorites because of how it relates to the block O in life as it is not what effects you on the outside it is what effects you on the inside in how everyone has there own faiths and beliefs although some people think they can have better things than others for instance they think there god does more stuff for them than others and there catholic but someone else who is catholic can think that there god does them completely different things even though they share the exact same religion, which shows how your religion is what you decide it to be and no one else’s. Also once again he has put many other peoples quotes in here that have to do with there’s and other peoples religion.


Ind reading assignment #5 Pg 69-88 Sun. 2-08-09     


Jim Tressel talks about in this chapter is discipline and he is starting to get repetitive in how all he says is the subject and then explains it to great detail and how he coaches it but it is still helpful to most people to who want to learn this stuff like me. For instance but this book would seem extremely boring to someone who isn’t into this kind of stuff, as to how to be a better person on and off the field, Like for how my football coach talks to us as I am sure he would love this book. Because he is big on other people speeches and saying as he is like me and how we find them inspirational.



Ind reading assignment #4 Pg 39-68 Sat. 2-07-09


I have just finished chapter three in my book and in the chapter Jim Tressel talks about Attitude and how it can affect the difference during games and other situations in life. Certain things Tressel talks about during the chapter are thing like the two previous chapters and how he says stuff that help his football players play football and how it also helps his football players in real life and how it could help you and every buddy else in life also. As I can tell while I read this book and this chapter especially he love quotes and takes quoted from what other people say and put them in this book. He also like to talk about attitude and how it can effect your job status and being able to get more out of life which I semi understand this because of the way he explains it. The last thing I would like to talk about in this reading would be that how I like this chapter as he is exactaly one hundred percent correct about how attitude can very well effect the outcome of a game in football as it can cause a penalty when the game is on the line.


Ind reading assignment #3 (did not do)



Ind reading assignment #2 Pg 16-38 Sun. 2-01-09


I have just finished the second chapter in the book The Winners Manual and it has some helpful pointers so far in the book that help me in sports and in real life situations. As he talked about the block O in life which is a chart that helps you remember what things are important in life and it talks about what your goals are in life. Anyone can make a block O as it is just the Ohio States O symbol with two lines coming off all six sides of the O and the top half is for the purpose of the O and it says, Personal, Family, Spiritual, Moral, Caring, and Giving. The bottom half stands for the goals that you want out of life and you make them up. The chapter also talked about what all of the sections mean and what his goals are for the Ohio State Buckeyes players are. They are Strength, Fitness, Football, Family, Academics, and Career. The last thing he talks about in this chapter is that why he wants football players to do this and he wants them to know what being goal oriented means in life as he says it for every training camp he has.


Ind reading assignment #1 Pg 1-15 Sat. 1-31-09


      I have finished the first chapter in this book and it is very good so far as it talks about the journey of success as that is what the chapter is called. In the chapter Jim Tressel talks about how success can be measured. That it’s not about who gets the most money or who has the better job. For athletes its not who wins more games or more national championships, and that it’s about you knowing that you are the best you can be and you did the best you can. Which I agree with him in this philosophy that success can’t be measured by others and that it is about self satisfaction.The first chapter also talks about how he relates success with the players that he coaches and how that is his main goal in coaching, even though he also enjoys winning a lot to. He also talks about although he tries to send as many players as he can to the NFL. He still listens to his players as in if they wanted to be a doctor or something else how he still tries to teach them success in the medical field or what ever the players want to do.



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Kenny, your number three needed a paragraph or something to go along with it. These seem to be organized pretty well. Make sure you proof read a little more before you post your work. Just read it over a few times out loud to see if there are mistakes. Finally, your fifth assignment is a little brief in length and thought. Theses assignments are assessments that prove your understanding of lessons.

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You have some really good thoughts on here Good Job

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Flip your indie reading around

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Kenny, make sure you label the ones that are missing too! You have not had a 3/3 week yet! And next week (week three) looks worse. These are essay points that are waiting to be taken. Make sure you put your time and pride into your work. You can do and be much better!

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Assignment 9 needed to be a little more specific!
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Really make sure you take advantage of the Glogster. Re-read the instructions and pay attention to the rubric.

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Kenny, your work is brief in your workspace. Use this as a planning area where you can work out your ideas and things that you don't understand! Your IRs are fine, but next week you do not have either entry as I will grade 22 and 23.

kenny s said

at 10:34 pm on Apr 5, 2009

For my previous irs were messed up because i had ir19 in ther twice so all of my numbers were one off.

kenny s said

at 4:49 pm on Apr 19, 2009

I have just finished chapters eight, nine, and ten and it was good but disappointing as Sam makes a big mistake at the end as when he finally finds the group of terrorist hideout and where they keep all there Intel and other things on there computers but instead of him going in there and taking care of it himself which he is not allowed to do without authorization because he cant interfere with the Iraqi police. As they were already sent in on a call for there but because Sam didn’t help the terrorist got away. Which makes me question Fishers character as although he is not allowed to take action himself I am sure the police would have been more than glad to have the help of one of the United States best military men when they were in trouble and needed it but instead the cops died ant the terrorist got away while he just watched and did nothing. Although he said next time he would disobey the orders to save the cops lives and to catch the terrorist.

kenny s said

at 10:44 pm on Apr 25, 2009

Indi Reading 30 Pg 102-117 4-25-09 I have just finished chapters eleven and twelve and they were good as a lot of action had taken place in these chapters and it was actually made into a series of games because of all of the action that they put into these books. Also they have a ton of detail in every part of the book which makes it easy to create a good game as it has so many good ideas to for a book. Another key factor that goes into having this easily becoming a game is by how the main character into this some kind of super hero which fans would love. I also think this book could be made into a movie as once again all the detail it describes would be easy to translate it into the theaters. The last thing that made this book so good is that it isn’t just one have one bad guy or even country in this case as it deals with all of the United States enemies which makes this book so intense.

kenny s said

at 10:01 pm on Apr 26, 2009

Indi Reading 31 Pgs 117-127 4/26/09- I have just finished chapter thirteen it was ok as it dealt with yet again another country that Sam has to spy on and get the Intel from him. This book is starting to get boring; it is also getting extremely repetitive. As all this book is about Sam finding out one country’s information to the next but I think it is going to come to something big soon as each time he gets closer and closer to getting caught. As it says earlier in the book that if Sam were to get catch him would have to deny that he was ever associated with the U.S. and to just speak the other country’s language so that means the United States is just throwing him into the fire and I want to know if he does get caught will he hand the U.S. over.

kenny s said

at 9:27 pm on May 3, 2009

Indi Reading #32 Pgs 128-138 Sun 05/03/09

I have just finished chapters fourteen and fifteen and it was good as it talked about one of Sam’s friend and how they were killed. Sam thinks it was the guys that his friend was spying on for the past couple of years as it is a whole mafia industry. Now Sam is going to go investigate them to find out if they killed him. I think that it is a good thing that Sam is doing as he is trying to find out who killed his friend but I think he is going to get caught as every time he keeps getting closer and closer to getting caught. Which this mission he is about to go on is suicide as it is a whole mafia family and he wants to take all of them out.

kenny s said

at 4:51 pm on May 9, 2009

Indi Reading #34 Pgs 139-155 Sat 05/09/09- I have just finished chapters sixteen and seventeen and it was ok as all it talked about Sam filing and filtering all of the information and case files on his friend who was lost. The climax in this book is coming really late as I am over half way done with this book and there as yet to be a climax but I am guessing it has to do with Sam storming in after these guys and something happening to him. Which has me thinking that is Sam going to get caught or if he is going to take out an entire mob by himself to have revenge or if he just took out the one guy who killed him and he could also just take out the main leader of the mob? I think that this book is going to get very good very soon as I know Sam is about to strike back on the mob I just don’t know how he is going to do it.

kenny s said

at 10:10 pm on May 10, 2009

Indi Reading #35 Pgs 155-166 Sun 05/10/09- I have just finished chapter eighteen and it is good as Sam is now in Turkey getting ready to plan his attack and he is mainly describing the terrain of Turkey in how it is extremely rough and rock and the vehicle he is taking he’s not sure if it will be able to make it to his destination as it keeps getting slower because of the rocky hills. Although Sam does not tell you what kind of car he drives I think it is an older jeep by the way he describes it and it is the only vehicle I could think of that handles really well on rocky terrain as he say his vehicle is older and that’s why it isn’t running as well. The other vehicle I thought it could be is a hummer as it is also a standard military vehicle but they haven’t been around for that long to be considered old but they would handle really well for the terrain mentioned by Sam in this chapter.

kenny s said

at 5:12 pm on May 14, 2009

Indi Reading 36 Pgs 167-178 Thur 05/14/09- I have just finished chapter nineteen and it was extremely good as Sam was about to go in and attack but the army had found out and they had sent in a full out assault and took every buddy out before Sam had the chance an now Sam is being looked after by the U.S. government because what he was going to do he wasn’t authorized to do it and he is suppose to turn himself in or they will go after him. Which gives Sam three options he can turn himself in or he could try to run and hide. The last thing he can do which I think he will do is go out and find the evidence and catch the guys that had ran away from the building before the army invaded. Depending on Sam’s actions next it will really show his character and determination and I am very anxious to see what he is going to do although I think he is going to be the hero and go and save the would from the mob terrorist. Ether way this book was well done because it is leaving me guessing from start to finish.

kenny s said

at 9:37 pm on May 17, 2009

Indi Reading #37 Pgs 179-201 Sun 05/17-09- I have just finished chapter twenty and it is a longer one although it is very good as now Sam is working with the Russians temporally to prove his innocence to the United States by catching the mob. Which this would make Sam temporally a double agent and if the United States would find out about this they would never let Sam come back to the country in fear that he would be spying on them. This part of the story reminds me of the Cold War between the U.S. and Russia and how there would be double agent and then there would be people from both sides who would pretend to be double agents to spy on the other countries to find out useful information. Although Sam is not spying on Russia or the United States he is just working for the mob that killed his friend and to redeem himself to the U.S. and to hope the U.S. doesn’t think he is still with Russia.

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