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Logan (New)

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 Indie Reading #37 p. 169-190 05-15-09 Fri.


     Holly was able to find some more about Jim, and his teaching job.  The woman who she was visiting is giving her quite a bit of information about Jim to her.   Holly is afraid that she is going to blow her cover with the woman because she is telling a ridiculous story that Jim is her long lost brother because she was adopted.  Holly, like I said before found out that Jim won the lottery.  She is very surprised to see how modest, and average his house is.  The woman tells her that after the boy he taught comitted suicide that Jim was never the quite the same.  She says he acted strange after that.  It seems like Jim is due to save another persons life.  He has finally been able to sleep, but continues still to have his terrifying dreams of the awful thing that haunts him.  I think the reason he hasn't saved anyone latley is because he will have to save Holly.  The thing that I find interesting to is that Holly has been having odd dreams, but not as bad as Jim's.  I know that I keep predicting things that will happen, but Holly might be put into a situation to help Jim find out what is making him do these things.  There are little hints of this throughout the chapters, but the author doesn't draw a lot of attention to it.  Its kind of like when you are driving somewhere and then you think to yourself, "I never saw that before and I've driven here a thousand times."  The book always has something that is little, but new.  I look for some exciting events to come in the book very soon.  The pace of the book should pick up again when it happens.






 Indie Reading #36 p. 147-169 05-14-09 Thu.


       I learned some more about Jim after reading the last couple chapters.  Holly spent hours researching Jim and all of the lives he has saved.  She plans on making this her biggest story, and thinks that it would make world news.  She finds out where he lives at in California.  She meets with an older woman that used to teach with Jim, and pretends to be his sister.  She learns that Jim quit work because he won the lottery.  A major reason he quit also was because one of his students that he was very close to commited suicide.  Holly finds out that, that boy died on May 15 and that the next year on May 15 is when Jim saved his first life.  This news has me thinking that the boys death is controlling what Jim is doing.  The messages he gets to go save others may be coming from the boy.  I think that he thinks could have saved this boys life.  This probably ties directly into why Jim is doing what he is doing.  It seems like the boy has some kind of power over him.  I think that the boy could do harm to Holly if she interferes with what Jim is doing.  Jim is such a strange character you do not know what exactly is going to happen.  Koontz seems to throw a new twists in all the time, this time with the boy.  I hope to find out more in the next few chapters because the last few didn't give a lot of information 



 Indie Reading #35 p. 128-147 05-09-09 Sat.


     The last few chapters focused on Holly more than anything else.  She has been working crazy hours the last two days trying to find out as much information about Jim as she can.  She spent hours searching databases for the name Ironheart.  When she found Jim, he was connected to several life saving articles.  I think that Holly sees a great story in Jim.  It seems like now she is going to try to locate him, and interview him.  She says to herself that this is best she's felt, and that she feels like a real reporter again.  I think Holly is going to find Jim eventually, but I think a number of things could happen next.  She might just write an article about, or be put into a dangerous situation just by being in Jim's presence.  Because it seems people who are around Jim, are people who are in harms way.  They could even both be put in a bad situation.  I think Holly could even end up saving Jim, or something crazy like that.  She is definitely going to become a major focus in the reading the next few chapters, because she is on a mission to find him, and it doesn't seem like she is slowing down.  This looks like it is building up to be something big in the book.  There was also a very interesting thing I forgot to mention about Jim in my last indie reading.  When he arrived at the church the priest took care of him, but when he was unconscious the priest said he had "stigmata".  This was also very interesting to read.  Jim might be somebody sent from God to rescue others.  But, I don't know.  The book is just full of mysteries at this point.



Indie Reading #34 p. 107-128 05-08-09 Fri.


     Jim Ironheart was a hero once again in last few chapters of the reading.  This time he saved a boy in Boston.  He was recovering at a church from heat stroke, and a priest was taking care of him.  Then in the middle of their conversation he says, "life line", and asks the priest to drive him to the nearest airport. He flys to Boston and saves a seven year old boy from being crushed by electrical wire.  The quote "life line", has been used many times throughout the book by the author.  It must mean that Jim has recieved a feeling, or message that somebody is in harms way.  When he says this he always goes and saves somebody.  The other main character Holly was finally involved in the reading again.  Its like she can't get Jim off her mind.  She is always thinking about him, and its like she knows there is something not normal about him.  While working she stumbles across the article of the boy in Boston that Jim saved.  She then searches for more articles and finds many other heroic acts by Jim.  This part of the reading makes me think that Holly will meet of with Jim very soon.  I don't know if it will be by searching for, or just running into him somehow.  I think the Koontz could also be foreshadowing that Holly will be put in a deadly situation, and Jim will have to come save her.  I think that this would a neat twist on the book.  It would be an exciting if the author did this.  If this happened it might even mean that Holly is the source of what is happening to Jim.  But, I have no idea if this will happen.  I think I have a lot more exciting things to read.  I hope things stay mixed up, and that the author keeps me guessing.







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yeah lairgs good work

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