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Macen W (new)

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Comic Book for Bio # 2 





Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography)My dad dropping out of college



Story # 2 (Biography)



Story # 3 (Biography)



Story # 4 (Autobiography) when i finally beet my dad for the first time in golf




Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement:  Many people are being discriminated against around the world when they are trying to get a job; i want to know why and go into a in dep research article for it.



Specific Research found:










Ads by Google. “Obese British Family Says They’re Being Discriminated Against.”30 March 2009


Anonymous. “What should you do if you feel you are being discriminated against by a potential employer.” 30 March 2009.



Bertin, Oliver. “Legal job Market still challenging for Black Lawyers.” Lawyers Weekly Vol 22 No 44: 30 March 2009



Daily Mail Reporter. “Father of two can’t get a job - because employers think he’s ‘too ugly.’”30 March 2009




Lost Graduate. “Discriminated against for having a degree.”30 March 2009






Assignment #11


TOPIC-racism of jews in the egyptian era 

KEY QUESTIONS- How were they ostracized against?  What did they have to do, did they have to do labor or something else for there actions?  Were they treated like dirt when they were born or was it something that they did that caused the racism?  What happened that the racism was stopped or was it stopped at all?


~Wikipidia-racism of jews in the egyptian era

~ http://www.adl.org/Anti_semitism/arab/as_egypt_03_2004/Anti-Semitism-in-Egypt-2003-2004.pdf

~Race and racism By Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban 


~The Changing Face of Antisemitism By Walter Laqueur


The way i think that this connects to Maus is that hte way that Vladek was treated for being a jew was cruel and unfair and the way the jews were treated in egypt and still are is also cruel and a way that should not be accepted. 





assignment # 9 glogster thesis


Thesis- Love can be explored in many different ways including young love, marraige, and tainted love.


to do/ need done

need photos

need music

need to add a background

add a subtopic

get citation of sources and do peer critique




Assignment 8: Essay over Shakespeare


Junior class essay

Macen Whirrett

Period 2




Question- What do you think Shakespeare is saying about love or infatuation?





            To me I feel that Shakespeare is trying to convey the message that love is a rather complicated thing and is hard to comprehend.  Also I feel that he might be trying to say that love isn’t as strong or as strong of a bond as people think it is.  Shakespeare does a good job with the writing of this book and I think that the way he can explain things is brilliant and he has a great way of conveying what he wants even when he hides it sometimes.



            When Lysander and Hermia are together at the beginning of the play they are in court in front of the Duke and trying to convince him that they should be able to date and get married.  Hermia’s father ends up winning and makes her choose her love over her life.  They way I look at this is that Lysander and Hermia are in love and its getting broke up.  If Shakespeare was a true fan of love he wouldn’t break it off.  Helena and Demetrius also had a thing but because of the whole Hermia thing he had to break it off with her.  So love keeps on getting broken off and haltered.



In the play it seems that everybody is either looking for love or is in love.  To me it seems that if you are looking for love you will never find it and that’s what I feel Helena is doing because she keeps on stalking Demetrius and trying to get him to like her.  Although after a while the fairies come in and I think that this is like some kind of shadowing because he made everybody basically fall in love with everybody.  Hermia who was in love with Lysander now has no love and Helena now has both Lysander and Demetrius in love with her.  I feel like he is trying to say that even though you may think you are in love you really could lose it in a matter of seconds.



As the play rolls on the characters start to encounter the fairies and they prove to be somewhat of a match and again Shakespeare breaks up more love.  When Lysander and Demetrius fall asleep the fairies creep over and sprinkle some love potion in their eyes and when they wake up they are soon found to be in love with Helena.  Now as I see it Shakespeare keeps on making more and more attempts to break off love and find a way to stifle it down some.  He must not feel to strong about love because he cant keep a relationship in the book for more than a page. 


Assignment 7: Bubbl.us (not completed)


Assignment 6: "Foolish Boys"


I'm pretty sure that when he says "lord, what fools these mortals be", hes talking about how like they are all trying to fight over some girl and how they cant get along because all they do is fight.  Maybe also if the faries didnt play tricks on them all the time they wouldnt fight so much.  The faries could also think that bc they dont know that the faires are causing all the fighting that maybe they are like stupid or something because the humans dont know whats going on and its like the faries life style to play tricks and be able to use magic all the time.  Dymetrus and Lysander are acting kind of childish because all they do is fight over the same girl and they changed the girls that they like and then the other one likes that girl too and so they end up fighting.  Now they are going to duel which to me seems kind of stupid because violence never solves anything and thats all they do.  They are acting kind of foolish now because they think that they are better then the other person and they keep fighting over it.  I almost think that they think that the girls will like them more if they can show that they are a tough guy.  They also seem to be always falling for the same girl which isnt cool because that just causes more fighting. 



Assignment 5

Dear Abbey,

I am thoroughly distressed because of the fact of the matter is is that im in love with someone and he doesnt love me back.  Instead he loves this other girl with fair skin and gorgeous looks.  I want the looks and i want him to love me no her.  How can i make him love me?

Distressed in Athens


Dear Distressed,

Look if he doesnt love you you can only wait untill he does.  Love comes from within, but if you can go to him and show him that your there and you want him to be happy and then maybe you will have a shot.  Flatter him and make him feel special.  Show him the good qualities that you posses and are willing to give him.



Assignment 4

i thought that the movie was pretty good and i thought it was fairly up to timeThe movie showed differant aspects of the charactersthat the book didnt show.Although the movie did have a few flaws becauseit looks like it was shot in the 17 or 1800's and Shakespeare wrote this in the 1600's.  All in all the movie helped me understand what was going on and how the characters developed.



Assignment 3






Assignment 2

Well it seemwd to me that the actors in Act 1 scene 2 were pretty funny.  Bottom seemed to be real full of himself and didnt really care what other people thought.  Also he thought that he was like pimp stuff and he could walk all over everybody and treat them like crap.  Quince seemed to be real peaceful and not trying to make a scene.  He seemed like he just kind of wanted to go on with life and not make anybody mad.  The other characters for the play didnt really stand out cuz they kind of just took there role and went on with life.  Bottom used humor in the way of lie punns and stuff because when he was dancing for everybody in town he would use a little play on words and he also used like props and the way he motioned to certain things.  Quince didnt really use any humor unintentionaly and the rest of the characters didnt either. 


Assignment 1


I think that the relationship that is shared between Egeus and Hermia is pretty bad.  Hermia is ready to run away from home just so that she can be with the guy (Lysander) that she loves.  I think that the dad is too involved in his daughter's love life.  If she doesn't love the man that he is picking out for her than he should realize that and back off and let her marry the guy that she wants to marry.   It seems to me that they are both very stubborn and they don't want to give in to the others demands.  If Hermia is really willing to go with Lysander and run away to get married it just proves that there realationship wasn't meant to last because after that they will probably never talk again because Egeus will very upset with Hermia.  When they went to the Duke Thesus you could sense the tension that was arising as the two faught for what they wanted.  Out of the choices that Hermia was givin, if she really does love Lysander than she is making the right choice to run away bc she shouldn't have to become a nun or even get killed.  The fact that her dad was willing to even consent to the whole putting his daughter to death isn't really cool and i think that there is a problem with that.  He really shouldn't even be able to have kids if he is going to just put them to death if they don't agree with him.  





#37 pages 116 to 130 may 17 sunday


same as number 36 


#36 pages 101 to 115 may 16 saturday


lost that book and need to get another one from the library


#35 pages 85 to 100 may 10 2009 sunday


This part of the book was interesting i didnt like it as much as the others due to the fact that it was just talking about the "n" word and how Odessa always uses it and that its common to get called that.  They also talked about how the word started poping up there and it was just unecessary because it didn't add anything to the story to me it was just there to take up space.  The first part though was about football and there game against El Paso-Austin.  I thought that this was good because they described the entire game and really went into some great detail.  The author did a good job with this part but that second part was rather useless to me. 


# 34 pages 73 to 84 May 9 2009 Saturday


I chose to write about this player becaus as they were talking about him and Bissinger talked about him about the entire chapter he just seemed to stick out because of his dad dying and what his last words were.  His last words to his son Mike were, "He talked about little and warned mike about the faster pitcheers and he could have beer every now and then but don't do drugs and to stick with chool and sports and he could go anywhere in his life."(72 FNL)



# 33 pages 53 to 72 May 3 2009 Sunday


Bissinger talks about one person this whole time and its Booby Miles.  Miles is th star runningback of the Permian football team who eventually gets hurt during the preseson of his senior year.  When they started talking about injuries and stuff  it made me think of all the football teams I have been on and how many people get hurt and are out for long periods of time.  Even back when i was in middle school and stuff there were always people getting hurt.  I remember when i was in the 8th grade i brok emy finger in a game and it swelled up to about 3 fingers and i had the best game of my life.  So far this book has been very good becaus eiI have been connecting with it on like every single aspect of it.  I can relate to the friday night lights and the way you get butterflys right before you run out and the anger you feel when your playing a rival.  The nestalgia of the game adnd the person it can help you become.  When i moved to columbiana and found out how much they liked football and then read this book i can really see the smilarities between them and when we have our scrimagges and the midnight practice for the first day with pads and everybody comes, you just get that fealing inside you that burning passion for the game that Booby has all the time and how he's always willing to do anything to better him and the team.


# 32 pages 31 to 52 May 2 2009 Saturday


I tried something new on this ir because I though it would work to show how far out of touch Odessa is with the rest of the world.  In the book right now they are only talking about the town and how it operates and that kind of stuff, so i figured I would try to draw it out for you.  In the book it states that its about 300 miles away from all civilization and that half of the town if not more is consumed by permian high school football.


#31 pages 16 to 30 April 26 2009 Sunday


When Permian lost to Midland Lee they acted the same way that we did when we lost to Mogadore in 2006, my freshman year, in the playoofs.  With like 17 seconds left we threw a hailmary pass that they said was a fumble and Midland Lee threw a hail mary and they caught it and won.  They also ha a player quit during the season and when we were in 2 a days Mackie quit abut then came back.  Then in the book they talk about when the season starts like preseason and conditioning the coach comes in a gives a talk about how special those guys are and makes them realize how rare they are to come by and coach Spaite gave that same talk when we made it to the playoffs.  They also start to talk about the town and how football oriented it is and that is exactly like Columbiana bc after we won against Western Reserve in the 2nd round of the plaoyoffs we cam eback to town and the whole town was at the circle waiting for us to return and then the next wek we lost to Mogadore and the town was still there to support us and to let us know that they were there and were still going to be with us. 


#30 pages 1 to 15 April 25 2009 Saturday


I just started this book and so far it is great and i think i will enjoy this book.  The starting of the book talks about this big game against Midland Lee who is thier biggest rival. The way that Bissenger talked about how they prepared for the game and all of their team rituals made me think of when i was in the locker room geared up and ready to go.  The way that their coach gary talked was the same as the way coach spaite talks.  The same intensity and calmness that is so well put together that you just get so fired up.  They way Bissenger goes into detail on the star of the game with the wait behind the thing that you run through is great because he gets it perfectly when he describes how the players get ready and hit each other and run like wild animals out on to the field. 



Friday Night Lights by HG Bissenger


Independent reading Harry Potter and the Deathley Hallows by: J. K. Rowling


#29 pages 511 to 530 april 19 2009


There is a loud crack, and Ron hermione and harry relight the Deluminator to discover that Dobby the house-elf, who served the Malfoys until Harry tricked Lucius into freeing Dobby, has appeared in their midst, ready to rescue them. Dobby, with his special house-elf magic, can Disapparate in and out of the house, taking humans with him, so Harry tells him to take Luna, Ollivander, and Dean to Bill Weasley's house, and then return for the rest of them. The people upstairs hear the crack of the elf disappearing, so they send Wormtail to investigate. Ron and Harry struggle to subdue Wormtail, but Wormtail's silver hand clamps around Harry's throat and chokes him. Harry reminds Wormtail that Harry once saved his life and says that Wormtail shouldn't kill him, and Wormtail actually loosens his grip. But then Wormtail's silver hand, which had been given to him by Voldemort, turns on Wormtail and strangles him, a punishment for his moment of hesitation.  Upstairs, Griphook tells Bellatrix that the sword is a fake, and Bellatrix, reassured, summons Voldemort by tapping the Dark Mark on her forearm. Harry has a vision from Voldemort's point of view of Voldemort being enraged at being summoned, and, in his impatience, killing Grindelwald.  Bellatrix announces that she's finished with Hermione and offers Hermione to Greyback to eat. Ron and Harry rush in, disarming Bellatrix of her wand and incapacitating Lucius, but Bellatrix holds a knife to Hermione's throat and forces Harry and Ron to drop the wands they have taken (from Bellatrix and Wormtail, respectively), which Draco picks up. Harry senses that Voldemort is very near.  With a grinding sound, the chandelier above them starts to fall. Bellatrix leaps out of the way, and the chandelier falls on Hermione and Griphook, who is holding the Sword of Gryffindor. Harry jumps up and wrests Draco's wand from his hands, as well as the two wands Draco had picked up.  Narcissa sees Dobby and realizes that her former house-elf is the one who helped Harry and his friends. Dobby seizes her wand as Bellatrix screams for Dobby's death.


#28 pages 469 to 510 april 17 2009


Hermione makes Harry's face swell so that he's unrecognizable, just before the three friends are seized by a gang of Snatchers. Harry can't see, but he recognizes one of the voices menacing Hermione as belonging to Fenrir Greyback, the werewolf. Questioned about their names, Harry claims to be Vernon Dudley, Ron to be Barny Weasley, and Hermione to be Penelope Clearwater.  As the Snatchers go to check their names against lists of wanted persons, leaving the prisoners bound together, Harry and his friends discover that Dean Thomas, their fellow Gryffindor, is bound with them. Dean tells them that these Snatchers are merely looking for truant Hogwarts students to sell to the Ministry for gold.  The Snatchers return, not having found the names they gave on their lists. Harry is able to lie convincingly that he is a Slytherin and that his father works in the Ministry, but the Snatchers realize who they've actually caught when they match Hermione to a picture of her in the newspaper, which states that Hermione is known to be traveling with Harry Potter, then discover the Sword of Gryffindor and Harry's glasses. Throughout this ordeal, Harry has trouble staying in the present moment, as he keeps having visions through Voldemort's eyes of Voldemort flying to the top of a black fortress—Azkaban. The Snatchers decide to take the prisoners to Malfoy Manor, Voldemort's base of operations, and as they go there, Harry has visions of Voldemort interrogating Grindelwald in his cell at Azkaban.  At the manor, Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy try to get Draco to positively identify Harry, whose face is still unrecognizably swollen, but Draco, fearful and reluctant, won't commit.


#27 pages 450 to 468 april 12 2009


Xenophilius explains that the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility are the Deathly Hallows. Initiates into the legend behind the fairy tale believe that the possessor of all three objects will be the master of Death. Hermione questions whether these objects actually exist, but Xenophilius unwittingly draws her attention to the fact that Harry's cloak sounds exactly like the cloak in the story. He has no proof that the stone exists, but he notes that there is ample evidence for the existence of the wand, which has been passed from famous wizard to famous wizard, with the new owner always capturing it from the old one in order to truly master it.  Hermione asks Xenophilius if the Peverells have anything to do with the quest, since she saw the symbol on the gravestone of Ignotus Peverell in Godric's Hollow. Xenophilius explains that many believe the three Peverell brothers to have been the three brothers in the story. Then he excuses himself to fix the dinner.  The three friends debate the relative merits and possible existence of the three artifacts, then Harry wanders upstairs into Luna's room, seeing paintings of himself and Luna's other friends, as well as a photograph of Luna and her mother. Harry is startled to realize that the photographs are dusty and the room clearly has not been inhabited for months. He confronts Xenophilius with his lie, and Xenophilius admits that the Ministry has kidnapped Luna because of the pro-Potter articles Xenophilius had been printing. When Xenophilius had gone outside earlier, he had actually dispatched an owl to the Ministry.  Death Eaters arrive, and Xenophilius attempts to subdue Harry and his friends with a spell, but the spell hits an explosive Erumpent horn hanging on his wall, which detonates and blows up half the tower, leaving the trio upstairs and Xenophilius below, separated by rubble. The Death Eaters beat Xenophilius and berate him for constantly summoning them on false pretexts, but one of them uses a spell to determine that someone is indeed upstairs. Ron, Harry, and Hermione Disapparate, but not before Hermione hits Xenophilius with a Forgetting spell to erase his memory and allows the Death


#26 pages 436 to 450 april 11 2009


Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all baffled—none of them have heard of the Deathly Hallows. Xenophilius explains that the Deathly Hallows have nothing to do with Dark Magic, and that the symbol is merely a way for wizards to indicate to each other that they believe in a particular legend and are engaged in a quest for certain objects—the Deathly Hallows. To explain what these objects are, Xenophilius has Hermione read an old and familiar fairy tale from The Tales of Beedle the Bard.  Three brothers were traveling on a road when they came to a river. They made a bridge using magic, but when they were halfway across, Death spoke to them. Death was angry at being cheated of their lives, but he congratulated them and offered them each a prize. The oldest brother asked for a wand that would always win duels, and Death fashioned one out of an elder tree branch. The second asked for the power to bring people back from the dead, and Death gave him a stone with that power. The youngest brother asked for something that would let him leave that place without being followed by Death, and Death reluctantly handed over his own Invisibility Cloak.  The three brothers departed. The first brother was killed in his sleep by a thief after he boasted about his wand. The second brother summoned the spirit of a girl he had once loved, but she couldn't truly be with him in life, so he killed himself to join her. The youngest brother lived for many years, then handed the cloak off to his own son and welcomed Death like an old friend.


#25 pages 421 to 435- april 5 2009


The chapter that was in here was kind of emotional for me bc when harry opens the snitch again he ends up finding a ring that dumbledore left him and this made me think of my grandpa who when he died left me all of his things from the wars he was in and the thing that meant the mos to me were his dog tags that he had when he was in witnam and korea.  Also Hermione remains angry at Ron, but Ron and Harry feel much more optimistic now that they've destroyed one Horcrux. Ron tells Harry that a magical Trace has been placed on Voldemort's name, so that anyone who says it can be tracked by the Ministry. This Trace is how the trio were discovered in Tottenham Court Road. Fortunately, Harry and Hermione have already slipped into the habit of calling Voldemort You-Know-Who.  Hermione announces that she wants to visit Xenophilius Lovegood, having found, in the signature of the letter from Dumbledore excerpted in Skeeter's book, yet another appearance of the triangular symbol associated with Grindelwald and worn by Xenophilius. Ron concurs, noting that Xenophilius's underground newspaper, The Quibbler, has been staunchly pro-Harry, despite the price on his head.  The trio find the tower where the Lovegoods live, but Xenophilius seems alarmed at their presence and reluctant to invite them in or help them. Grudgingly, he lets them come in. Ron chides Xenophilius for printing in his newspaper that people should help Harry, then appearing unwilling to help Harry himself, and finally Xenophilius agrees to help. He excuses himself to go call Luna, who, he says, is outside fishing, then serves them a nasty-tasting root infusion. Xenophilius asks Harry what he has come for, and Harry inquires about the symbol. Xenophilius tells him that it is the sign of the Deathly Hallows.


#21 pages 405 to 420 -march 28 2009



#20 pages 390 to 405- march 22 2009


well we meet up with Mr. lovegood and he tells us a story.


#19 pages 371 to 390- march 21 2009


Whe harry finds the sword of gryffendor it made me think of when i found my dirt bike on christmas morning.  He was happy and it also meant that he could destroy the horcrux's.  When i found my dirt bike i thought of all the fun times that i could have and even dreamnt of  winning the supercross.


#18 pages 350 to 370-march 15 2009


As Harry was reading about what had happened in Dumbledores life i really felt like i could connect with that because when i was little and stuff i can remember reading about my grandpa and listening to the stories that he would tell about the wars he was in or just the things he went through as a teen and young adult.


#15 pages 330 to 349


They decide to go back to godrics hallow to try and find the sword of gryffendor.  When they decide to go they take a poly juice potion and get under the invisiblitlity cloak.  When they get there they realize that they are going to be leaving tracks in the snow and take off the cloak.  They go into the town and look around and find a staue of his parents and him.  they pass a church and realize that it is christmas eve.  When they get to the graveyard they start searching for clues.  They find a couple of there freinds relatives and press on.  they find dumbledores relatives and look around until they find one that has the symboll that matched the one they found in the book dubledore left in his will.  After a couple more minutes they find harrys parents and they take a long look at this and they end up leaving after that and realize they cant find it there.


#14 pages 311 to 329


Harry wakes up and realizes that ron is actually gone and then they begin to talk about what they are going to do next.  The decide that there next plan is going to be to go to godrics hollow and try to uncover some secrets that they dont know yet.  They decided to go and when they got there they decided to go to bathilda bagshots house, who is supsosed to know more about dumbledore and be able to tell them whats going on with him.  when they get in there she decides to seperate them and take harry upstairs and talk to him.  When he gets up there she ends up transforming into the snake that voldemort owns and he tries to kill harry.  after a few minutes hermione shows up and blows everything up with one charm and the dissapperates with harry back to the tent.  when harry wakes up and talks to hermione she ends up telliing him that she broke his wand with the charm and tries to aplogize and fix it but nothing works. 


#13 pages 275 to 310


when they start the chapter Harry goes and burrys madeyes eye next to the oldest knarliest looking tree he could find.  When they go to the next place to stay at bc they dont want to stay in one place to long they go into town to get food and they find dementors there and decide to go back and change location.  when they go to the next place and make the tent they realize that people are coming but that was after the talked to proffesor black through his painting and they got a lot of information.  when the people come they cant see or hear them and they listen to what the people are saying and find out whats happening on the outside world while they are hidden.  They later start to fight bc rons sister was caught when they went to go and steal the sword of gryffendor and he wants to go home.  they start fighting bad and eventually harry tells ron to leave and he leaves.  then the chapter ends.


#12 pages 268 to274


On their way back to grimmauld place they notice that yaxley is there and they thrown him off with a curse and go somewhere else.  They wake up and are at the forest where the quidditch world cup was.  They look around and set up enchantments to keep people away.  They set up the tent and go inside where they make tea and settle in.  They realize that they have the horcrux and begin trying to open it.  Aftre many failed attempts they start to plan out what they want to do.  They decide to take turns watchin out and keeping a look out on the tent.  Harry has another dream where voldemort kills gregoravitch who is a famous wand maker that voldemorts trys to seek knowledge out of.  When he wakes up hermione gets him to go inside and she looks out for now.  Not a lot happened in this chapter and it was kind of boring.  I wish that there was a little more that happened and maybe they stayed at grimmauld place and tried to fight off the death eaters before they went away,  Also they could have maybe tried to go somewhere else or even just break open the locket and see what is inside it.  Harry could have also seen a little more in his dream and tried to figure out what it meant a little better.


#11 pages 246 to 267


After hermione transformed into malfalda and went into the the minisrty of magic she met up with Umbridge who used to be the defense against the dark arts TEACHER at hogwarts. Harry and hermione were in the grille and when they got to the top floor thats when they were seperatedand herry went to search for the locket in umbridges office.  He was at the door and he noticed 12 workers making pamphletes and had to make a distraction to get in.  When he got in he went around the office and searched for things he might be able to search for for the locket.  He took Mad Eyes eye out of the door and proceded with the searching.  Aftre not finding it Thicknesse walked in and harry decided to leave.  When he got back in the grill e and went down a couple of levels ron walked in and then so did his dad and another worker.  Ron left again to go and clean up the raining office and harry went to the court rooms to go and get hermione.  When he got down there he noticed that there were dementors and that he had to find a way inside the room.  When he got in he was able to get hermione and nearly left.  When harry noticed the locket on umbridges chest he stunned her and yaxley and left with all the mudbloods being interogated and wwent to the atrium.  When they got there he demanded all the mudbloods leave and they were able to get out before they started sealing all the exits because they had been caught.  When they got back to the toilets they dissapperated back to grimmauld place.


#10 pages 224 to 245


Harry was a=out getting the daily prophet from the market when he returned to find himself almost gettin caught by the death eaters when he got to the front step.  Haryy also noticed that while reading the prophet Snape would be taking over as the new headmaster at Hogwarts.  The three of them were outraged at this and it really made them upset.  Hermione also remembered to pack the photo of Negilius Black so that he couldnt rat them out to Snape of their hiding place.  Harry and Ron also noticed that they would be on the train there right now as they were talking.  The next day they left for the minisrty of magic to try and get in and get the locket back from umbridge.  They stunned the first girl mafalda and had hermione transform into her and then gave the next dude, Catterpool, a puking pastille and then ron transformed into him and then Harry was givin some random guys hairs and he transformed into him.  They went into the bathroom to go into the place and flushed themsleves down the toilet to get into thhe place.  When they got in they walked around and trried to get to the grilles that took them into other floors.  When they got their ron was told to go and do stuff for other people because he was the janitor.  As they finally got the the floor to go to umbridges office the chapter ended.


#9 pages 176 to 224


When Harry awoke the next morning he was the only one up and he went around the house in search for something to find.  When he went upstairs he noticed a room that was filled with gryffindor things and memorobilia and he walked in.  th eorom turned out to be sirius blacks room and he found a letter and a picture of him and his mother.  When the other two awoke he went down to greet them and he found a room with th eannitials R.A.B. which were the initials oin the locket they were searching for.  When they walked in they couldnt find anything but remembered that they threw the locket out when they went through the house 2 years ago.  They later went to Kreacher the house elf and they were told the story that Kreacher and Voldemort went to place the locket and how the locket got switched at the end of the chapter they sent Kreacher to find Mundugus who took the lock when she broke in and stole a lot of heir looms.  The next xhapter started out with them waking up and wsiting 3 days before kreacher cam e back with mundugus but lupin stopped by before hand and they talked about what was going on and harry ended up yelling at lupin and made him leave.  Later They showed up and Harry was able to scare mundugus into telling him what happened to the locket and now they have to go to to find it but they want to go to godrics holloow where harry was born and his parents were killed.


#8 pages 159 to 175


As the Death Eaters approached the wedding the guests started to dissaperate and go crazy becuase they didnt want to die.  Harry Ron and Hermione had managed to escape and not get caught by one of the death eaters.  They managed to dissapperate to a rural town road where they figured noone would be.  When they finally got changed out of the clothes they wore for the wedding and got to a bar to sit down and get soeme coffee.  When they got there 2 gentlemen got there and sat down next to them,  They men seemed to be ok and after a while they eventuallyt showed who they were when they pulled their wands out and start firing at them.  They were deatheaters and were trying to kill them.  They managed to escape again and went to #12 Grimmauld Place which is where they old headquarters of the order used to be.  When they walked in they were bombarded by the curses that were set up to fight off snape and they managed to get to bed and try to fall asleep.


#7 pages 130 to 159


ln this chapter of reading rons brother biil and his fiance Fleur get married.  As the wedding gets closer and the preperations are getting finalized mrs weezley gets more and more crazy and gets on their (Harry ron and Hermiones) cases.  Harry has to take Polly juice potion to make himself not look like himn so nobody says something.  They start to seat the guests and some of them are dressed to the 9's and others are wearing robes that are less then desired.  When all tghe guests are sat and the wedding starts people get emotional.  After they say "i do" they manage to sett up the reception and they start to dance.  Herry and Victor Krum start talking andharry gets a hint to what the person gregorovitch is and what he did when victor manages to ask harry about the sign Luna lovegoods father has on when he realizes it is the dark wizards sign.   



# 6 pages 101 to 130


I am so far really enjoying this book.  I have read most of the books and I just have this connection to Herrp Potter, i think that i look forward to reading about things that can never happen because they are so out there.  For instance today i read about the will of Albus Dumbledore and it was about when Albus died Harry ron and hermione were all given things that belonged to dumbledore and ron got a deluminator which is basically a cigar shaped silver holder that takes the light out of a socket and then replaces it whenever you desire it.  Harry recieved a snitch from his first quidditch game and also the sword of goddrick grifindor which he didnt recieve because the Ministy of Magic confiscated it.  Hermione recieved a book of childrens tales which they dont know why that is important yet.  Also it was Harry's seventeenth birthday so there was a party but not to big because they are in hiding still.  Harry and Ginny were alone in one of the rooms and they started making out as a way to remember each other when harry leaves to fight voldemort.  They had a thing but were forced to break up due to him having to go off and fight.  Harry later learned that the snith could only be opened by the first one who touches it and after a while he went and tried to open it and when he did the words "I open at the close..." showed up on it.  They still have no idea what that means but are looking forward to figuring it out.  I am at the end of the chapter and i kknow something about the wedding is coming up next when the eluded to it at the end of the chapter. 


# 5 pages 81 to 100


When I started reading they were now getting ready for the wedding and were making a lot of last minute cleanings and changes to the burrow so that it would look stunning for the wedding.  Haryy Ron and Hermione are now planning for their trip to go to find and destroy horcruxes, which are capsules that hold a persons, Voldemorts, soul.  During their planning for the wedding the three try  to get together and plan out where they are going to go after they leave the burrows.  With Harry turning 17 in a couple of days and the protection and trace that is on him being lifted he is going to have to wait till after the wedding before he can leave because he will get in a lot of trouble if he doesnt by Fleur and Mrs. Wezzley.  After a couple of days go by Harry ron and hermione finally have some time to be together and discuss their plans and while they are doing so hermione finally has a chance to discuss and tell them about what horcruxes are. After doing so Ron shows Harry what he has been hiding in his attic.  Ron had a ghoul up there to be diguised as him when they leave so that his family will be protected and Hermione put a spell on her parents so that htye dont know who they are and that they even have a daughter.


#4 pages 61 to 80


While i was reading this chapter and about a half i was really on the edge of my seat, see as i was reading in the beginning Harry had just crashed the motercylce into a pond and found Hagrid and was near death when one of the safe house owners came and picked him up and repaired him with magic.  After Harry woke up he found Hagrid in the other room and talked with the owner of the house, Ted Tonks.  They realized that the port key that they needed to take back to the burrows, which is where ron and his family live and is basically safe from everything, was leaving in a little bit and they needed to catch it.  After they cought the port key they arrvied at the burrows noticing that noone else was back when most of the people should have been back by now.  When they realized where they were Mrs. Weezly and Ginny came up and grasped them both.  After they talked and realized what was going on they were pretty scared as well as me because i though more people had died.  When another group arrived they were kind of releaved.  The last group to arrive was Bill and Fleur and when they arrived they had bad news as the best auror in the history of the Magic world was killed by Voldemort.  When they got back inside and sat down around George Weezley, who had got his ear blown off by dark magic, they had a toast of fire whisky in honor of Mad Eye Moody who was the one that got killed and started accusin people of who let it slip that they were leaving tonight insead of the false date they gave out.  Other than that nothing real big happened.


#3 page 41-60


tonight harry was still with the dursleys but he was leaving very soon.  He met with the order of the pheonix to try and get him out of the Dursleys alive.  When they showed up ron hermione fred george and fleur were ready to take the polly juice potion to try and make decoys so that voldemort wouldnt know which one was which and be able to get the real harry to Tonks' house and go to the Burrow.  When harry left he went with hagrid by motorbike and harry rode in the rusty sidecar.  As they were leaving they were swarmed by deatheaters and were soon cornered.  Hedwig who was Harrys owl was killed by the killing curse Avada Kadavra.  Harry tried to resesatate it but his effort was soon realized to be fruitless.  After hagrid had tried all of the tricks up his sleeves the deatheaters were soon within feet of harry and shooting the killing curse at him.  Haryy had managed to save himself after the sidecar soon gave way to the dragon fire trick that was installed on the bike.  The deatheaters had now realized that the harry that was with hagrid was the real one and went and got voldemort to try and kill him right there.  As one of the deatheaters were practically touching harry hagris leapt from the bike and stopped the deatheater.  They spiralled downward towards the earth and were soon out of sight.  Harry had managed to save himself from voldemorta nd was now faced with the problem of steering the big bike out of the way from hitting hagris.  He had managed to steer out of the way but crashed into a lake.  That was the end of the chapter and the end of my reading. 


#2 page 21-40

    In tonights reading Harry left the Dursleys and he liked it.  I also noticed that he was really sad about leaving Dudley because in the last book he became really close to him and he was like lovin him. Ok well i love this book because like i can really connect with Harry because like he has like no friends during the summer and i dont really talk to anyone in the summer.  I also noticed that as he was leaving the durs;eys he was rather happy because the dursleys treat him like crap and he really doesnt like them.  There was like only one chapter that i read because it was long and like 18 pages and like that was all that happened.



#1 page 1-20 Harry Potter and the Deathley Hallows

Well i read the other books and i reallt connected with them and i liked the way J.K. Rowling really went into detail with all the characters anbd set up the backround to their personalities.  This book has been good so far.  So far the Dark lord or lord voldemort has started to rise again and most of the wizard world is starting to become scaredof the dark lord killing them.  Harry has started to try and recruit people and has decided not to go to hogwarts this year because he is going to go and chase voldemort and try and kill him.  Ron and hermione are going to help him on his quest and along the way they might get help from some other people who havent been mentioned yet.  Albus dumbledore who was killed in the last book by one of the old professors(Snape) is now being remembered by an article in the Newspapers.  Snape who was the one who killed Albus is the one who harry is going to try and kill along the way while he is going after voldemort.  Thats basically all that has happened so far.  



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