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mark s

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Assignment 14 












Outline of Racism Research Essay


Mark Stanley




II Body praragraphs

A) History of Racism

Body Paragraphs Introduction- Racism today affects a persons emotions, and causes them react in different ways.

          1. The history of racism.

                    a) How racism started and why.

                    b) How racism has changed and evolved.

B) People being racist.

          1. Causes of people being racist.

                    a) Why people are racist.

                    b) What causes people to be racist.

C) Effects of racism.

          1. Effects of racism.

                    a) How people react to racism today

                    b) People react violently when being discriminated against.

D) Racism affects personality.

          1. Personalities

                    a) Racism affects a persons personality.



Conclusion- Tie all the information together and reword the thesis statement.


Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography)--- A story about my dads worst job he ever had and why?



Story # 2 (Biography) A story about the happiest day in my dads life.



Story # 3 (Biography) A story about what my dad liked to as a teen.



Story # 4 (Autobiography) How my dad got pulled over when I was in the car.




Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement:



Specific Research found:












Topic: How do people react to racism today?    

Questions: Why are people racist? How did racism start? Who is considered a racist? Has racism improved from back in the day? How do people react when being discriminated against?


1: Article on CNN about people reacting to racism.


2: Wikipedia topic on racism


3. Books about our culture today dealing with racism. 

Assignment:10 Glogster








* I used pictures on the left side to symbolize the bad relationships

* The pictures on the right side are good relationships. 

* The two couples in the middle are in neither a good or bad relationship.

* The words at the bottom represent good aspects to have in a relationship.

* My quotes are from Lysander and Hermia.

* My hyperlinks relate to whether or not your in a good relationship.





Assignment: 9 Project

          Thesis: The way people love each other can vary on their personalities.


Things to get:

Pictures about relationships.


Find sweet graphics.

hyperlinks that relate to my topic.


Things to do:

Put pictures on my glogster

Put my thesis on my glogster

Add music and hyperlinks. 


Assignment 8: 

     In the story MidSummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare shows how love and infatuations can affect each character throughtout the book. He then puts the characters in these situations and we get to read how they respond to them. Some of the characters are in love wit each other, but others are infatuated with each other wich causes them to act weird. Shakespeare is trying to say that love between people can cause infatuation towards others.

     In the play Demetrius has an extreme love for Hermia. Since he has her fathers blessing to marry her, he thinks that this will make her love him. But in actuality she loves Lysander, this causes Demetrius to hate and despise Lysander and he becomes even more infatuated with Hermia.Demetrius asks Hermia," Oh,why rebuke you him that loves you so? Lay breath so bitter on your enemy for" He is wondering why she is so in love with Lysander and not him. He refers to Lysander and his enemy. I think towards the end that Demetrius realizes that Hermia will never love him because she is truly in love with Lysander. This is how Shakespeare interprets what true love is. it can cause people to try to make others love them even though it will never work out in the end. It also proves that people can waste time on one person who will never love them, when they can be looking for a person who loves them back. Like in the story with Helena loving Demetrius.

     To the next part about infatuation. In the story Helena is really infatuated with Demetrius. Even though Demetrius has no interest in Helena she still wants him to love her. She sometimes follows im around and bugs him. I think she tries to assure herself that he loves her when in actuality he despises her. This infatuation with Demetrius is very strange, she takes it to the extreme and might become very violent to rejection and if someone else were to stand in her way she could become extremly jealous and hurt someone. Shakespeare shows how infatuations between people should not be like this one. Helena is completly gone crazy and could end up hurting herself or someone else.

     I think Shakespeare shows in detail how love and infatuations can affect people. For love, someone needs to know whether or not that the other person loves them back. If they don't that person should move on and try to find love somewhere else. Like Demetrius should move and find someone else in Athens who loves im back. This would be best for someone because they won't go through being heartbroken. This can also relate to infatuations. A person who is infatuated with someone should ask that other person if they like them back. It's not worth wasting time on someone when they don't have the same feelings towards you. People don't deal with rejection well and it could lead to violence.

     In reading this story Shakespeare showed these two characteristics in the characters very well. He shows how they act weird towards each other and its shows how they don't think before they do something. In doing this they act foolish and make each other look bad. Shakespeare definetly made me think about what he was trying to prove with love and infatuations. I hope it made others think the same way too.




Assignment 7:






Assignment 6: The quote "Lord, what fools these mortals be" it is Puck talking to Oberon about how the whole scene with Lysander and Demetrius are fighting for the love of Helena. I guess that they were making fools out of there selves by how they were acting towards each other and what they were saying to one another. It funny though how Puck can say this, but he's the one who actually made them act this way by putting that magical powder over there eyes. I guess if you were to say, why these two which are Lysander and Demetrius are acting foolish because they plan to fight each other in some kind of duel to win over Helena. This is weird because Lysander doesn't even love Helena. Lysander is making a fool out of himself because he is saying strange things about Helena in front of Hermia. These two are just plain foolish for letting some silly emotions for Helena. No girl is worth dueling someone for.



Assignment 5: DEAR ABBY: I have a problem that involves two people I dearly like. The one is a guy who I love with all my heart, but he is in love with another woman. The other is a woman that this guy is in love with. She is really pretty and she has all the looks. I want to know what I can do to break up this love connection that he sees in her. I don't want hurt anyone but if it comes to that I might be tempted do act on my own doing. I follow him around in Athens all the time and I try to talk to him,but he seems to be in a love crazed dream with this other woman. Please write back and let me know how I should handle this.

- Sad in Athens



DEAR SAD: You do not have to use any physical violence to get this guy who you love so much. Here's what you should do get his attention by talking try to find out what he likes. Use this to your advantage and lure him to you. Also when you follow him around try to confront him by explaining your feelings to him. Another thing is don't stalk him like you are doing. Just try to seperate yourself from and relax and also try to tell the woman about your feelings towards the guy who loves this woman. I really hopes this will help you to try to get the love of your life.




Assignment 4:

   From watching the movie to day in class I could understand what was going on better than reading the book. The characters were what I expected them to be. The one character that didn't surprise me was Bottom. Like in the book I could visualize what was in the movie because they were the exact same thing. I recognized that the wardrobe that the actors and actresses were wearing was very similiar to what people back in the 1600's. The scenes were very detailed like in the beginning with the castle and the town in Athens. Another character that was Quince. Like in the movie and book I kinda pictured himbeing a nice person and having facial hair. Watching this movie has helped me better understand what is going on because you can visually see it going on rather than reading it. 



Assignment 3:

If I had to choose a character to connect with Bottom. I connect to him because Bottom wanted to play a role of the tyrant in the play that they were going to perform. He didn't get the, but he still got some sort of part in the play. This kind of happened to me because in a fourth grade play I wanted to play a certain part in the school play and I felt that I could do it, but I didn't get it. So in the end I got a small role in the play and I dealt with it by doing all I could to make it work.


Wordle: MNSD 


Assignment 2:


  I would have to say that the relationship between Egeus and Hermia is kind of shaky. Hermia wants to marry Lysander but her father doesn't approve. Her father wants her to marry Demetrious, so they kind of go back and forth. Even though the Lysander accused Demetrious of sleeping with another woman Egeus has his heart set on Hermia marrying Demetrious. So this creates some friction between the two. Hermia has some choices to make. She can die, become a nun, marry Demetrious, or run away. These are her options so it will be interesting to see what she does.


Assignment 1: 


      In Act 1 scene 2 there was a lot of humour used. When Bottom was calling out roles he told Quince told Snug to roar like a lion and he commented that you would frighten the duchess enough to have us all thrown all thrown in jail. I thought that was pretty funny because it would be rediculous to throw someone in jail for scaring someone. Then Bottom uses humour uintentionally by telling everyone after they get there roll to grow to point which means to shut up and get on with it.



                                                          JURASSIC PARK






# 37 May 17 pg. 101-119

          I decided to do a wordle about some key terms that I read about so far.


Wordle: Untitled

# 36 May 13 pg. 80-100 Weds.

          In this reading it talked alot about how the Hammond Corporation INGEN wanted to get Dr. Grant and Dr. Satler to come out to their island as scientists who haven't seen this type of park before. It kind of shocked me because they were really skeptical of this. If I were a scientist like them I would definetly go and check that place out. Especially if they were real. So far in this reading I have really enjoyed this book. It reminds me of the movie in a lot of ways. But I think it has moree details in the book than in the movie. 



# 35 May 10 pg. 42-79Sun.

          From when I last read I have been introduced to new characters. One being Dr. Allen Grant and Ellie Satler. It described these characters as being very good at what they do. Dr. Grant is a very serious man. In my opinion you could kind of tell he is a no nonsense type of guy and he really enjoys what he does for a living, which is digging up Dinosaurs. Ellie is more of a free bird in my opinion. I  think that she really likes doctor Grant and she might want to take it to the next level.  


#34 May 7 pg. 21-41 Thurs.


          In chapter 4 there was a lot of action going on. From earlier chapters a girl was attacked by these litte dinosaurs. They left these little bit marks on her and this team is going to go investigate. The location is Costa Rica. It is described as a beautiful getaway island. The weather also plays an important role in this chapter too. When reading this it reminds me of the second movie of the Jurassic Park series because like in the same matter a little girl was attacked by these small lizards. So its kind of confusing to me probably because this is the first time reading the series. The movies are really good, but I should've read the books before.                                                                                    


#33 May 3 pg. 1-20 Sun.


     After reading this I kind of reflected on how the movie was created. They both kind of started out the same by which someone is attacked by a raptor. In the movie they were transporting a raptor, but in the book a guy was attacked while he was working. Also the next part it talks abouts how a little girl was attacked, but that wasn't in the movie. So in my conclusion in reading the book it differs from watching the movie. The book gives you a lot more detail when you are reading it.



Independent Novel                              



                                                         World War Z

                                                        by Max Brooks 



# 32 May 2 pg. 301-340 Sat.

     Well I just finished my book. It was pretty sweet. The ending was really cool because it ended with their being no more zombies. This guy finds a cure for the disease. I would have to say that I would recommend this book to anyone who is really into horror or into an action novel. This book also taught me a lot frienship and also responsibility. It teaches you how to be a good friend to someone and to help them out. Then the responsibiity part is owning up to your part of a promise. At the end I honestly didn't think that the war would be over or that a scientist would come up with a breakthrough drug that helps with the infection.

# 31 April 25 pg. 290-300

     In this reading I read a lot about how if you stay calm then most issues will be resolved by other people. It happened when this group of people encountered and were cornered by these zombies. Help came to save them and they were then sent back to their homes, just because they remained calm in this. 


# 29 April 19 pg. 270-289

     In this part of the book they go to New Zealand to interview a civilian, who witnessed the attacks from the zombies. This is the only thing I don't like about this book. It jumps from place to place. Each time the person interviews a witness and writes down what they say. It gets confusing because the setting is always changing and you read about different people and their situations. I do like all of the action and violence, the author is very descriptive and makes you feel like you are there.       

# 28 April 18 pg. 251-269


# 27 April 12 pg. 231-250

     In this section of reading it talked a lot about betrayal. Betrayal is when someone you know or talk to you does something that hurts you inside and really makes you mad. For instance in the book there was this couple that was supposed to take in someone who was there friend and when the zombies came they said that they would take them in, but they let the zombies at them. This is what I would consider to be an act of betrayal. After words they started questioning there way of handling that situation. I wouldve taken them in even if it meant risking my life. I would rather risk my life to save another person, even if there were flesh eating zombies.

# 25 April 5 pg. 216-230


#23 March 29 pg. 201-215

     Its turning out to be a war between the North Koreans and the infected. A person was interviewed about it and he said that the North Koreans were actually had an advantage over other countries because they were surrounded by sea. When reading about this, I thought about what I would do. If I lived in North Korean, I would get a boat a sail to an island in the middle of nowhere and campout there for awhile until I thought that the military had everything under control.

# 22 March 28 pg. 178-200

     There was a lot of information in this reading I did. I guess the major theme was trying to eliminate all of the infected zombies by building a weapon of some sort. They have hired scientists to examine the undead and try to find of their weaknesses. This part reminded me of an old zombie movie called Day of the Dead. It was basically the same because of bunch of military people are held in an army barrack and they have scientists to try to find out how they can solve this problem.  


# 21 March 22 pg. 147-177

Wordle: Untitled


#20 March 21 pg. 146-151

     In this chapter it talked about how the country needs to reform and become stronger. This guy was talking about he how was a wise choice to lead this country. It kind of reminded me of how our country was going through a reform with our new president. Then he was talking about how he is going to make the situation better. He wanted to be one of the best leaders he could be. He said that he would keep things under control. This reminded me of how Obama was trying to tell everyone how he would be better than Bush. 


#17 March 8 pg. 139-145


     In this chapter their is a lot going on. A selfish guy chooses not to save a family, but would rather stay alive. He can hear them screaming for help, but does nothing. He later regrets this decision and decides to commit suicide. I thought that he was a pretty selfish person and made the wrong decision. Then when he commited suicide, I thought wow you should've helped them, but you didn't need to take it to the extreme and kill yourself.       

#16 March 7 pg. 138-148

     In this chapter I felt that the author really kept the reader on edge. I say this because he does a great job of using details that would make you keep reading on. When I first started reading this book the author has used a lot of descriptive words. Like he would talk about a family running for their lives and then the next thing you know they are being chased by the zombies. Also he does a great job of playing the events like a movie. The characters will start doing something then like an old fashioned horror movie the monsters would appear and start attacking. There is a lot of violence in this book that makes it like a movie too. For example the zombies eating people or the guy blowing the zombies head off with a shotgun.  

#15 March 1 pg. 123-137

  In this chapter a lot of things happened. In the reading the weather and how much supplies families had were important. A family of three are going to a camp of survivors to live. When they got there it was warm and sunny. People in the camp wee really friendly and they would have some good times. They had a lot of supplies then and were well off. They were wondering if the living dead would suffer during the winter. When winter hit the supplies began to run low. The living dead weren't around so people had hope that the zombie war would be over soon. People began to fight violently to get supplies and many tried to steal it. The family began to get sick. When spring hit the living dead returned.  

#14 February 28 pg. 117-122

      Max Brooks puts some pretty good background detail about the events going on in the zombie war. He describes places with really good detail. For example their was this place in Ukraine where there were soldiers marching and they saw bulidings in rumble and there were pieces of human flesh on the ground. Also there were key events in the chapter im reading about where the Ukraine tank squad was going into main cities to try to help out with the effort of other soldiers. They were really mad that the traffic was really bad because of the people trying to flee to other places. Well anyway they were made because there was no military police to try to help with directing the traffic so that they could help with the outbreak of infected in the city


#12 February 22 pg. 112-116


        In this chapter, the journalist travels to Germany to interview the leading officer of the German army. His name is Philip Adler. He lived on the west side of Germany at the start of the zombie war. He wasn't always in command. The person who was the first in command was infected while his own soldier shot a zombie in the head, but the brain fragment got into his blood stream and he started to turn. So a little bit later on Adler was ordered into command and he was forced to shoot the previous leader. Adler was a pretty smart guy. He wanted to help his people badly, but he was forced to leave them and help out the neighboring country Russia. He was very sad and the people threw stuff on the military vehicles. He really started to hate this guy named Payne. He was bossing Adler around. So Adler promised himself that he would kill this guy someday. 



#11 February 21 pg 106-111

     In this reading there were some really good information about this one character. His name is Paul Redeker. He was a guy who was labeled as an Afrikan. Not sure why they called him this. Im guessing its a made up word. He created a plan called Orange Eighty Eight, which was a plan developed to help out with the infection crisis. He was trying to develop a cure for the disease. But this was a concern for people because he would use live people to try to lure in infected people to try to study them. So this caused people to label him as an angel and also as a devil. I think he would be more of a devil. I say this because he wouldn't use innocent people to try lure in zombies.  


#10 February 20 pg. 90-105

       In this reading it got really exciting. It reminded me of a war scene out of a movie. For example, when a military is blockading a certain city because they don't want people to come in. Also there were refugees how were trying to get into certain countries, where they knew they would be better off. The problem in this story with the refugees were infected with the virus. So like a military blockade they weren't allowed into some of the cities. I can imagine this as a movie to where soldiers would be forced to fire upon people who didn't obey there command. Also I could see these refugees as like jewish people from WWII or even prisoners in POW camps. They would go from country to country just to find a place that they would be better off in. When they were caught they would be punished or even killed.   


#9 February 15 pg. 84-89

     In this chapter I read about how a military guy chose a job as a security guard. He describes that he worked for people with alot of cash and that they knew famous people. He talked about how their was a really bad outbreak that sent a huge blaze of fire to some rich guys car. Also there was an attack by the infected on the persons estate and that the infected had started to run and everybody started to freak out. There was a big gun fight between the soldiers and the infected.


#8 February 14 pg. 69-83


      There were a couple different settings in my book. The first one was a highway in Tennessee. They described it as a highway full of packed cars and the road as dusty and dirty from the zombies walking and eating people. Also mentioned that on the outer edges of the highway it was full of mud and grass.The next place was in India. This place was surrounded by sea and the beaches too. The water would sometimes be a bloody red because of the infected eating people trying to swim towards a boat. Next was a place in Kansas.It takes place in a church where people were hiding from the infected. They described the church as big and with lots of windows. The last setting was in a work camp in Russia. It was described as a cold place and that snow was falling on the dirt roads in an MP camp.  


#6 February 8 pg 60-68


     The journaliste interviewed a guy from the Alpha Squad which is working on a solution for the recent outbreaks in America involving living-dead infesting the American cities. The guys name is Carlson. He seems to be a very stuck up guy who only cares about himself. He's the type of guy that only does the bare minimum to get by. Carlson says that he only does this to because they government doesn't know what to do. For right now they are doing enough to get by and try to make life manageable for the citizens. Carlson says they are saying right now that they are working on sometype of miracle drug. Carlson in this section is a lousy guy who only thinks of himself.


#5 February 7 pg. 46-59

     In this chapter they give a background on the CIA. They interviewed a member who told history of how the CIA was blamed for a lot of things that went wrong in America. For example Pearl Harbor and how the CIA knew about a possible bombing. Then he talks about how they had a clue that there was something strange going on with reports of dead people rising from the grave and killing people. The CIA guy told his adviser and they told him that he would look in to it. But it so happened the next day he was transfered some Argentina. So from this I would have to say that the CIA knew what was going on in other parts of the world and could've prepared the citizens for the Zombie War.


#4 February 5 pg. 37-45

     In this chapter it starts out in Bethlehem. The character Saladin Kader describes his childhood during the zombie war. From what I read he was very smart, he had an opinion about everyting. He really didn't too much respect for his dad. They get into arguements about politics and what their country is doing to help them out during this time period. They got into a physical fight when, Saladin says that he is not going to a rufugee camp and his father beats the crap out of him. So now he gains respect for his father when they end up going to the camp. He feels sorry for what he did and later on when his father gets blow up he cries and wishes that he could tell his dad how much he loved him. 


#3 February 1 pg. 21-36


     The next chapter starts in Brazil, where two doctors are trying help out by performing an organ transplant with an Austrian tourist. They did the procedure and he ended up falling into a coma. So Dr. Silva told Dr.Oliveira to go home and he will call him if something happens. So doctor Oliveira went and enjoyed the night until he got a call from the nurse telling him to come back to the clinic immediately. So he goes back to the clinic and sees that there is blood all over Rosa the nurse. He asked what happened, and she said that tourists awoke from his coma and took a chunk out of Dr. Silva's hand. So Oliveira goes to te door and calls out Silva's name, but there was no answer. Next he sees blood coming out from underneath the door. He goes back to his car and grabs his Desert Eagle pistol and walks into the room. He sees the patient over Silva and Oliveira says something and the patient looks back and some flesh comes out of his mouth. So it starts walking towards Oliveira and he pulls the trigger and blows the patients head off.



#2 January 31 pg. 13-21


     This next chapter got really interesting. A reporter is interviewing a guy who lived in China at the time of the outbreak of the infection. This guy said that the infection led to high amounts of people trying to smugle in supplies to help them get through this time of hardship. People who got infected showed early signs of burn marks they said. When they did get infected and turned into zombies, people couldn't bare to let them die. So tey ended up having them tied up and gagged. This guy who was being interviewed said that he saw a truck full of zombies and they were beating the sides and denting up the bed of the truck. Then the next part takes you to Greece, where a SWAT team is going into some caves to try to find terrorists who had opium and hash. So the team goes into the cave and all they see is blood everywhere. They find the people with chunks taken out of them. Then one of the men see a hand sticking out of crushed limestone. He grabs it and when he does he realizes that it has a really hard grip. So he tries to yank it out and ends up taking half of the body out. When this happens the guy is trying to put the soldiers arm into his mouth. This really freaks out the soldier, so he pulls out his pistol and blows the creatures brains out.


#1  January 28  pg. 1-12


     I just started reading my new book called World War Z. It started off in a village in China. A doctor goes to investigate an outbreak of a disease thats causing people to do strange things. So he goes there and the villagers are extremly frightened by this disease that has three people injured. He goes into a small hut and sees 3 boys laying on the table in pain. The doctor examines there wounds and sees that they all have some strange bite marks on their bodies. They are rapidly losing color and there body tempreture is steady decreasing. He hears a strange noise coming from another hut. He asks the villagers what that noise is and they say that it is another sick person and that he attacked the three boys. So he asks two bulk guys to help assist him by holding him down to get a blood sample. While doing this the boy dislocates his arm and it tears off. This has everyone frightened, even the doctor. The doctors leaves quickly to go talk to a friend who works with him at a lab. This first reading had a lot of good action in it. The whole time I kind of imagined it as a horror moive. So far it is a really good book. 


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Jayson Yeagley said

at 1:27 am on Jan 12, 2009

Great. Just switch the two assignments as the old ones will always go on the top. (comments are a bit brief).

Jayson Yeagley said

at 9:56 pm on Jan 26, 2009

Mark, sometimes less is more. Other times more is more. Work on layering your comments with ripples of detail that show your understanding and highlight your insight. Your advice in #5 seems natural. Step it up a little. Yeagley.

Jayson Yeagley said

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Mix up your Indie Reading a little more. Things mostly look good. Don't be afraid to do something a little non-traditional.

Jayson Yeagley said

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Week 1---------------IR------------------3/3

Jayson Yeagley said

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Mark, work on proofing your response. you might want to type it in Word or something and work out the kinks before posting it. Keep mixing things up in the responses.
Week 2------------------------------------IR-------------------------3/3

Jayson Yeagley said

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Thanks for starting to mix it up a little more with your IR. Your assignment 9 seems to be doing really well too (Glogster)...Hopefully you are a little more specific in your head!
Week 3------------------------------iR------------------------3/3

justin f said

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better change that wild bear attack story!

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