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Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography) This story is about the time my dad got out of a DUI. i turened it into you and im wateing to get it back.



Story # 2 (Biography) In this story it is about when my dad was younger and rideing his dirt bike thru the woods and broke his back. i started the draft on it.



Story # 3 (Biography) Im not shure what i am going to wright about this one so me and him are going to have to talk more it may be about the time him and his buddys were up in the mountins and they had a traler and the wind picked up the traler and spun them arouned into the other fourway lanes going the wrong way.



Story # 4 (Autobiography)




Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement: How do ganges in prison influnce the life of other inmates. and how do leaders still run the streats from in prison.


Works Cited


Rome. “A Mafia Boss’s Da Vinci Code.” Time.com. 7 Sep. 2006 http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1532635,00.html.


Time. “Leadership in Prison.” Time.com. 25 Apr. 1938 http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,931025,00.html


Gangsorus. “The Original Prison Gangs.”Gangsorus.com. 27 March. 2009 <http://www.gangsorus.com/prisongangs.html> 


Insideprison. “Prison Life.” Insideprison.com. 27 March. 2009 http://www.insideprison.com/



Specific Research found:







what dose it take to get into these prison gangs if your not allready in?

is there diffrent ranks inside prison gangs? 

how do the leaders still get out orders and run the streats from behind bars.












Journal Entry 10 

From the top

the birds are flying towards  reality  and landing on it signifying that eventually you need to always go back to realty

the rain is telling that in the dream state of the book everything was messed up and sad

The sun and moon signifies that the side of the moon is dream and the side of the sun is reality when you wake up from dreaming

all of the pictures representing dream are tilted towards dream and they all have fairy’s in them because fairies are the one who put everyone in the dream stat of mind

the other pictures represents reality  so they lean towards it and how the love falls apart and comes together once the dream is over

the birds are flying around the pictures and quotes confused like the for peoples in what they thought to be a dream and bottom and the queens dream

all of the quotes are just different quotes about dreams and reality.

and the last picture of the cross thing is a symbol that represents midsummer celebrations and the phrase over it seas something about them too.

The song is kind of folksy to represent the summer solstices and all of the fairy’s


Journal Entry 9

Thesis statement for the title is my essay for MSND. it is the title a midsummers nights dream deciphersthe idea of dreaming from reality. my plains for this glog is to find pictures on people dreaming and also trying to show the diffrence from reality and dreaming im also going to need to find websites for dreaming and reality.

Journal Entry 8 

In the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream  William Shakespeare makes the characters have troubles with their love for each other.  In act 4, these characters look back and realize what they really want and who they realy love. In this act he also resolves much of the drama with the characters caused by the fairies magical flower. I believe that Shakespeare is using this act as a way of saying that some people chase love without knowing if they want it or not, which can cause a major impact on there lives the persons they loves life and eneyone who may  love them.

     At the end of the scene Theseus, Hippolyta, and Egeus all traveled into the woods and find Helena, Hermia, Lysander, and Demetrius asleep. Lysander tells them of his plans to run away with Hermia to escape Athens.  For this Egeus orders the law upon him and wishes Demetrius’ marriage to his daughter.  Demetrius tells them his love was not true with Hernia. Demetrius’ tells him his true love is with Helena witch is strange becaus just the day befor he told her "I love thee not, therefore pursue me not. Where is Lysander and fair Hermia? The one I'll stay, the other stayeth me. Thou told'st me they were stol'n unto this wood. And here am I, and wood within this wood, Because I cannot meet my Hermia. Hence, get thee gone, and follow me no more." and Theseus overrule the order of Egeus and wishes to marry Lysander and Hermia together as it should have been.  This would have had made a big change in everyone’s life if Demetrius had not stepped up and sead what he truly felt. Hermia would be forced to love someone she does not  love or want to be with, and Demetrius never truly cared  about her and might have left her for Helena later . Lysander, might have been put in jail for trying to run away with Hermia and then never got a chanse to be with her.      

     In the beggning of a Midsummer Night’s Dream Oberon and Puck cause alot problems by making people fall in love with people they do not truly love. In the previous act they realize this mistake and go fix it in act 4. He fixes the love of Titania to Bottom by removing the charm on her. He realize this mistake and fixes it along with the others, Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia, and Helena. Shakespeare writes this to show that  In the beginning of the act Bottom is with Titania and he really shows that he dose not care for her.  From the flower’s magical power Titania fell in love with Bottom, but Bottom done not fall back  in love with Titania, instead Bottom take advantage of her and her love.  In the act Bottom orders around the fairies and from Titania’s unknowing love for Bottom she does not care what he is doing to her or the farys, and Bottom continues to to do this. Even though Titanis loves Bottom, all it took was for her to fall asleep and for Oberon to wake her up for her not to love Bottom. If she would go through with loving Bottom the fairies may have been treated like slaves and she may never have been treated with love. So this decision would have changed the lives of the fairies, Bottom, and Titania. All because Oberon wanted to play a prank on her.

             So Shakespeare wrote these things to show that one should find want they really want in their heart  there true love, Not just temporary love or infatuation in which they do not believe in, Because it could cause a major impact on there lives and the other people around them and other people who may love that person witch they do not truly love. 

Journal Entry 7


Journal Entry 6 

when Puck seas "Lord, what fools these mortals be."  talking about Demetrius and Lysander  he is right they are foolish for wanting to fight to the deth over a girl. But the real foolish thing is that they are willing to kill eachother over Helena, who till the day earlyer neater of them even wanted to talke to her. Demetrius was even avoiding her. but i also think that Puck dosent know what love really is. Yes it is foolish to die over a girl but i gess they are at leas both willing to die over some one they truly love in there mind even tho they are under a spell. 


Journal Entry 5

Dear all knowing Michael: Ok there is this guy his name is Demetrius. he is the love of my life and he has told me all of this and how he wants to be with me. We even had Sexual relashons so i know he loves me. but he is to marry my best frend Hermia her fahere is forcing them too. but now i call to him all the time he dosent even respond to me, and now it even seams like he is trying to avoyed talking to me or seeing me. im going crazy he is all i think about but i dont think he wants me eney more or it is probly Egeus Hermias father who is keeping my dear Demetrius from giveing all of his love to me. she dosent even love him i dont even think she likes him she is in love with Lysander. What should i do? should i go the Egeus, Or just keep wateing for him? Plese plese wright back i need al the help i can get.                                                                                                                                             


Dear Helena: First off im not going to hold back and you are probably not going to not like this advice. Your man Demetrius dose not love you. Honstly from what you wrote in your last letter it dosent even seam like the guy ever loved you. He may of liked you but what it seams like is that he yoused you for what he wanted witch was your twos sexual relashons and possabaly to get closer to Hermia. but a guy like this seams pritty selfish so i dout he even like her. but you need to quet beating your self up over this guy he is not even worth your time or energy just move on and get over him. he will just hurt you again and keep hurting you. but something you should do is help out your one frend Hermia. if she is your best frend she dosent deserve to be unhappy with Demetrius who clearly dosent deserve you or her. So just move on and get over him there are plenty of more guys out there.


Journal Entry 4

From watchin the film I got a much better picture of the play. Visually in the moive I felt like the time pered was set just a little to soon. from the play I was thinking that this was more set  in the middle ages with kings. But in the moive it felt more like it was set in the 1800s to early 1900s. I didnt think that the guys would be in tuxs. but seeing llof this deffently layed out a better picture for me. the actor did match what i thought they would look like, ecept for the father I pictured him as being a bigger man. Every ones personality matched  there person ecept for  Helena in the moive she seams alot mord despret and sort of pethetic. i almost feal bad for the girl because she is so in love and he wants nothing todo with her. also Bottom was more cocker then i thought he was and sortof to the point where he is a jerk. seeing the play accualy played out helped me so much more. I mean i had the main idea of what was going on reading the book, but accualy being able to see whats going on deffently painted the picture out for me and cleared up all my questions i had about all the characters.


Journal Entry 3

I know he is mean but i see myself more as Egeus. he is the father and all he wants is best for his daughter. And in his mind what is best for her is Demetrius not Lysander, and if i thought some one was better for my daughter I would be acting like he is . Just maybe not as mean. 


Wordle: Untitled 

Journal  Entry 2

What i found funny about all the actors is that Quince sead he has all the best actors around. But when he starts to give everone there part none of them really seamed like they wanted the part they where givein or if they could handel the part. Espashley Bottom every part Quince sead and gave out he wanted to do and acted the part out for him as they were given. but the funn y thing about all the other actors was when the one boy was given the part of the girl he didnt want it because he was trying to grow a beard. or the part of the lion all he had to do was roar and he wasnt shure that he could do the part because he was a little slow. Its just funny that all of this arguing over a play.



Journal Entry 1

The relationship with Hermia and her father it is not a very good one at all, Hermia is in love with Lysander and wants to be with him, but her father dose not approve of him because he has less money, or is not as powerful or high up as Demetrius. So he is forceing her to marry Demetrius, and that is just wrong to force love on someone that dose not love that person back. Especially his own daughter because most parents want the best for the chiled, and in her eyer and heart Lysander is the best not Demetrius. Im not to shour what will happen as the book goes on, I dont think she will die becaus that would make this a horrobol book but I think eventulay she will run away to be with Lysander and her father will get over it and just be happy for them.








By: Jim Tressel




Indie Reading #32 pg- 50 pg - 70In this chapter of the book it talks about humility in your life. a good quote that is sead in the book is "Humility precedes honor." PROVERBS 18:12. i think what that is saying is in your life or something you do the onley way to become better in your life is to be humilited, and how you react to it. also another quote from the book is  "With humility comes wisdom." PROVERBS 11:2. i also think that that is true in so maney ways. like if you drop a winning pass in football you are humilated and practis harder so you dont drop it the next time, or if you fail a test in school and get the lowest grade you dont want that fealing so you try harder to suseec and get better. something eles talked about in this chapter is Enthusiasm and how that affects your attitude. to sum up what he seas is if you or your team is enthusiasm then you will have a better attitude and ther for everthing will be more fun and easey. and all you need is for one guy to be enthusastic and that will bring the whol teams attitude. "A little spark Kindles a great fire." SPANISH PROVERB.  There are three types of people. Those who make things happen, Those who watch things happen, And those who say, "What happened?" Which one are you? this was a great chapter.


IndieReading #3 pg37-pg50 its chapter is called attitude so it is all about attitud in life. for exampel when something something bad happens to you how does your attitud change and how do you start to act compared to if somethis good happens to you attitued is everything if i got one thing out of this chaper is your quality of life can chang completly just by your attitude. you can be lower working class have a famley and life my be hard suporting them but if you dont let any of that get to you and have a postive attitud toworeds life it will be a good on and happy one compared to someone in the same boat as you but a bad attitud and be compleatly depressed.


Indie Reading #2 pg20-pg35 the block of o life. is all this chapter is about it just tells about it.


The top half of the Block O refers to purpose. Purpose comprises those aspects of life that define who we are as individuals and the kind of people you want to become. On the bottom half of the Block O  list youe goals. This section opposed to what we are. the componets of block o life are personal and family because famley is alwes going to be ther for you. another part is spiritual. careing and giving is the last componet of this


Indie Reading #1 pg1-pg15 this is the start of the book and so far it is realy cool. its not just one story and its not a memor its more like advice to bettering your life and there is a bunc of little storys in it. the first chapter is labeled "The Journey of Success"and in this chapter there i a goal sheat tressel puts in the book it is a sheat where he has all of his players fill out each year till they get out of coledge. they can update the sheets or change it and him and his coaches do all they can to help them reach there goals. one of the quotes in this chapter DECIDE YOUR PURPOSE,SET YOUR GOALS if you do the things you need to do when you need to do them, someday you can do the things you want to do when you want to do them. i think this is a execlent exampel on life i beleave with work.












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