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Family storys

The first: This is the first story that was interviwed and it was about the best and most memerable race.

My favorite race was every race because they were all new ones at a new track.

The Second:  This story was about what the first car was and what did it look like it, was it nice?

My first car was a ald jeep that me and my dad painted with a paint rooler.

The third:  What was your biggest regret?

The thing i regret the most was not playing sports and working all my life.

Autobiogophy: This is about me and what i think that i am going to do with this and i have preaty big plans because i havea  tone to work with.

# 11 Journal

Prison and prisoners.  (1)Can prisoners be free and indopendant but still be locked up.  (2)Things do they think out what is goin though there head.  (3)  You are not only a prisoner when you are behind bars but when you get out you are laboled as a prisoner.  These are three of the questions that interest me.

     The topic that im going with is Are prisoners still comsitered prisoners when they get out of serving there time.

(1)  The first sorce that i used was time magazine, the article that is was about was, it is so hare for them to get a job and other things.  When they go to do there resomay they have to right dont on there th at they were a criminal.  Wich no offence to any people that is under standable because who wanta criminal working for them.  I mean if you changed that is great but they dont now that.

(2) The the next one that i use was documentairy on crimianls, they said the total opposite of what times said.  They said that it is a new beging for them and it wasnt a sertion person that said this it was a new beging for them and that is what they use it for.

(3) The next question that i moved on to was do prisoners have to much freedom in the cells, And a wardon from a prison and he says that only the ones that are respected get the good treatment and they give everyone that works there respecet.

(4)  They say that some of the things are going thorugh ther head are why did i do what i did.  But the most populare one was im glad i am in here because i had nothing when i was in the real worl,  They say atleast they get a nice warm meal three timesa a day and that is more than they got when they were getting when they were on the streets.  Wich is vary sad that they hsve to resont to being behinde bars to get this.

(5)  Know this next one that i am doing is from me,  I think that all of thses people that get out of prison and cant get a job that is there own fault and they desuve what they are gettin.  Because they are the ones that did what they did and they should have to suffer from it.  And as far as them getting rights in there that is totaly fine it they are respecting them.  So this whole thing summed up they do get kind of screw over but they deserve it.


# 10


#9 Journal

The statemeant that i am useing for my Glogster.  Love is more boud to happen in the quiet woods than in the loud city.  I know that its kind of original but i think that it get the point across.  How many people tdo you see that are in a bad mood when they are in the woods, There is hardley ever any.  But as soon as you go in the city man there is people giving the finger and yelling and just going off the wall.  So its preaty obviouse that you are bound to do the right thing when you are calm not when you are mad. 



#8  Journal


The difference between love and infatuation, most peole think that there is not a big differance between these to but there realy is.  Like in the book Demtrous is like by hermas father and wants her to marrie him.  But Hermia is in love with Lysaner.  So the point that i am trying to get at is Hermia dad has an infatuation with Demtrious, like he is obsesed with him marrieing his daughter.  But Hermia is in love with Lysander, and she doesnt know how to tell her father tha she feels this way because he is so set on Demtrious.

     Know most people wouldnt be that afraid to tell their father that they were in love with someone else, that goes to so riight there th at it is a little out of hand what is going on. Then after all this goes on Demtrious falls in love with Helania.  So after Hermias father heard about this he tryed to do somthing about it  but the duke over ruled him and he couldnt do anything about it. With this all going on it maked it to were Hermia and lysander can be happy together and Demtrious and Helania can be happy togther.  Know that is the difference of and infatuation and love you can tell people that you really dont want to be with them that way it makes you and the other person happy.





#7   Journal


Assignment 6: "Foolish Boys" Discuss the journal question: "Lord, what fools these mortals be." Describe the actions of Demetrius and Lysander and describe how they could be considered foolish.

Demetrius and Lysander could be considered foolish because they are fighting over  the same girl.  At one time they were friends and they are now allowing a girl to come in between their friendship.  Demetrius especially could fall out of love with this girl just as quickly as he fell out of love with his former fiance'.  The girl is playing both of them and they are letting her do that.  She really doesn't know which one she is the most attracted to; she just wants to go against her father. 


# 5 Assignment

Dear Nate: I have a problem, You see we are starting this play and we have a guys thats just a real pain and all that he wants to do is give me a hard time.  Im getting tired of it and dont know what to do about this thing,  Should i be mea to hm that way he know i not messing around or should i just let him be the way thast he is being that way he doesnt try to start doing anything because i know people like this guy if they dont get there way god only knows what they will do.  So if i is possible at all can you give me a reaction to what i have ascked that would be great.

Dear the play man: The first thing that i think that you can do is try to make jokes to him about how the parts are what they are and they arnt going to change because he wants them to.  go from there bout his reaction if he seems to get the hint then you know that its all you had to do.  If he didnt get the hint one day after you guys are done going over the parts when everyone leave tell him to stay.  Then that when you tell him if he keeps it up then you are goin to have tokick him off the set.  Then the last thing you can do is just wait and if he does it tell him to leave.  That is what i would do it may work it may not you are just going to have to give it a try.


# 4 Assignment

The one thing that I noticed about the setting of the movei we watched was it was a for later time than I was expecting.  It was  a lot better time than the 1800s like I thought.  But everyhting was stone to i noticed.  THe people in the movie matched them excelant,  they had the language down so good that they made it sound as if we spoke that today.  I didnt think that i would understand the movie since i have prouble understanding the book, once again i was wrong.  The movie made the book even more clear just by watching it.  I would like to watch the movie at the end of every day because i know im not the only one that has a hard time to understanding it. 


#2 assignment

The reason that bottom is acting this way is because he is trying to act like th funny guy that everyone laughs at his jokes and thing like that.  But for so reason noone is like the things that he is saying and everyone is kind of getting sick and tired of what he is saying.  Then twards the end of this scene he is kind of being a little mean its not really funny any more and he is seenig that he is getting on everyone nerves.  So it is just kind of a little of enbarisement coming out ,  But many could say that this is not the right way to do it.  After the end of this scene they didnt really talk about what happend because he relized that he really made and idiot out of him selfand he doesnt plan on doing that again.



The 17 essentianl qualities of being a team player 


Week#18 #37 31-53 5/17/09

This chap was not to different from the first except there was statgies to be more sucsesful.  So of them were what i thought was be was when someone is talking its kind of like ezz droppingbut listen to people when they are talking even when they arnt talking to you.  They say that this si the best thing anyone can do.  and the next thing i wasnt a big fan on but i know that it is the best thignthat you can do that is read annythng that you can.  But that is about the only thing in this chapter that was worth righting about, the rest was quotes.  I  like this book and all but im not a big fan of this one its not as good as the rest.  But if this is the last one im glad im not shure if it is, but if not ill get you more next week.


Week #18 #36 1-31 5/16/09


This ia a new book that i am readin and it is called The Book Of Success.  It seem to be a preety good book and i like it real well there is alot of things in this first chapter that i read that i really liked.  Such as the quote  "the most danger in a young mans life is not to take the risk."  Wich they are saying take every oppertunity that you can it will do nothing but benifit you in Your life. I dont know what is was about that but it just gave me chills because it was so right.  Im not to shure about the tiltle of why they call it that i mean i get it that it is catchey and lots of people would wonder what it was about but im just nit shure, i guess i will find out when i read nore and ill le you know next time i talk to you.


Week #18 #35 182-197 5/8/09

This chapter was the enbd of the book and it really just summed up the whole thing.  And my comments on the tyhe book is that it really opened up my eyes and made me see how other people think and what they think of people.  This book also showed me how to be a stronger peopson it helped em with going in to my senior year.  My biggest thing is i worrie about what the other team mates think of me.  Them and the coaches or the only peopel i car about, and this book has lead me in the right way to be that ansd how to get get closer with both of them.  So that is about all i have for you and i will get back with you when i get a new book and start this bac up with you.  And i didnt say it but this book was my favorite out of the seriouse of them that i have read do far.

Week #18 #34 161-182 5/7/09

This chapter that i read today was kind of boreing.  It was about storeys that people had about beeing person of influence.  Some of them were ok but some of them were really boring.  The one that stuck in my head the most was about a football coach in michigan, he had a star player that went down hill he said.  He started skipping plactice and not comeing to school and just things that hwere out of the ordinarey for him.  So he pulled the kid off to the side one day and started asking him why he was doing this and to him so stop.  Well the kid broke down and told him that he wanted to kill him self, he was saything he wasnt good enough for anyone.  And the coach a team meating and they all pulled the kid back togeter and he ended up telling the coach at the end of this hole thing that he hopes he can grow up and be someone like his coach. And the coach said that is was more than he could ask for soemone to say something like that to him.


Week#17 #32 146-161 5/3/09

This chaper was about how you have been a person of infulence in your life and they made you think of it to your self.  And the reason tthat i could thinks of was when we were lifting a couple of weeks ago there was a younger kid in there and he was haveing a lot of trouble with the lift that he was doing and people were making fun of him.  Personally i didnt like that a hole lot so went of and i help the kid for about half an hour but eventualy he got it.  Then i had a talk with the guys that were makeing fun and made shue that they knew that they were not perfect when they started lifting.  But the pont i am trying to get at is i all paid off when when he came up and shook my hand and asaid thanks he couldnt wait to be able to help people like i did him. to me that was a huge pay off.

Week #16 #31 121-146 4/26/09

This chapr was a add on the the last chapter, the one were they are sying that you may just get " the answer" about what people want to know.  they say if peopel would take half the attention more when people are talking to them they would get 45% more of what you would than if you would any other time.  I think that this is a good idea because i catch my self doing this, i ont know why people just blow people off when they are talikng to them you learn so much more when you pay attemtion.  so the next chapter is about why people dont listen to you and ill let you know that about that then.


Week #16 #30 103-121 4/22/09

"You never know how close to you are to a million dallar question unless you listen".  What they are trying to say about this is never stop listening to people you can never know to much there is always things that you can be learning to teach other people, and what they mean by the million dollar question is if you listen then you might think of something that noone has ever thought of thinking and i might be the question that cures somehting,  it sound stupid but this is how questions have been answered befor in the past.  That is all i have for you about thins chapter so ill have more for you next time.


Week #15 #28 83-103 4/19/09

This times eading was about how peopel feel about people of influence.  They relly do look up to them from what the book read and they would do anyting for there likeing and for there attention.  But htere are people that are really jelouse and they dont want nything to to do with them. And those are the ones that are in the out cast and they dont let anyone try to help then and they dont take advice from anyone.  And by the way that the books talks about this that you want to try to get them to listen to you and fallow in whatever you are trying to get them to fsllow in. But that is all the more that i can tell you about this chapter beacuse ghat is all that they talked about.



Week #14 #27 64-83 4/15/09

This weeks first reading was about how if you  want to be a person of influence the main thing that you have to do is be yourself dont try to put on a face for some one your not.  People will look up to you more if you do this not be the coaches pet.  I know when i was a freshman i looked up to 3 people and that is because they wernt out to imopress anyone they were just doing what they had to do for the team and everyone else followed.  LIke for an example me and my buddies all like to ware boots and thing like that and i cant even begin to tell you how many people started fallow the thing they were are doing just because we are upper class man.  Most people wouldnt like ting like that but we all really dont mind it.  That goes to show that we are doing the right thins that they want to do the things that we do and they always likie to be around us.


Week #13 #26 47-64 4/9/09

"When a person feel encouraged, he can the impossible and the overcome incredible adversity".  This means for example new things can encouraged people more than something that they have been doing for a long time.  So the way to make this to were you can influence people just keep the same idea of a thing that you are doing and cahnge it abound. Here are some ideas for that, like starting last summer we werent getting the resalts that coach wantedf in the weight room, people just wernt showing up.  So he desided to go to this new thing in youngstown called iron man and whqt you did there was nothing but stuff to make you stonger but the way that you did  it was we didnt touch a singel weight.  It was for raw and brute strength. so this is just one of the many ways that you can do thins type of thing to keep people interrested.


Week #12 #25 31-47 4/5/09

The reading that i read was about the kinds of peoplet that are looked up to the most.  And the kind that was picked the mosted were the onesa that could get things going and not take long.  Thoes kind of people are most likley to know the most about what you are talking about.  There are most kind of the people that are looking up to people are younger kinds lokking up to older kids.  And what i mean by looking up to is they are influenced im not making that vary clear through the whole thing.  That is about all that there is that i read in this chapter.


Week #11 #24 2-31 4/3/09

I just started  a new book this week it is call Becoming a person  of influence.  "influence doesnt come to us from instaaneously it grows by stage".  The first thing that they talk about in this book is that everyone has in common is we all have out names preety much drawn from a hat.  And the reason that we have this is because our parents were influenced by another name that some one has had.  So there is the first thing that you were influence by and you didnt even know the word or know any word was.  It is bad to say but people are more easly influenced in this time and age more than people have ever been before. So this is all i really know right know because i just started this book and this all i really know know.  I know its not alot but i will get you more next time when i read more.


Week #10 #23 102-189 3/29/09

I read a little more than usal and finished the book so i am going to try to sum it up for you.  First i want to strat by saying how good the book was.  It realy told me a lot that i didnt know about being a leader, there is a lot more to it than i thought to being a leader.  Just the little things that i didnt even think of, and it really helped me with uderstanding the coach.  Im not going to lie i relly thought that i knew what he was doing and the reason that he was doing it for.  But i was wrong and im glad that he does the things that he does and pushes me to the limmit.  He thoought me how to be a football player and this book taught me how to be a better leader.  And i thank him and this book for that.  So there is nothing more to rwally say about this book because it just summed the rest of the book that i already read and told you about.


Week 9 #22 89-102 3/26/09

This was a rather intersting chapter it was about the the startiges of a coach to be a leader.  And some tof the thing that they said to do was totally opposite of what they told the players to do.  Wich is understandibol.  Like they told us as player to be nice and to take your time explainign thigs, and they said for the coach is totally opposite it was be be bemanding.  And to push the fact that they are treying to get through.  The resaon for this is to kind of put you in a game situation and try to make you thing on your toes. And why they told the upper classmen to take your time is so they get the bets of both worlds in it.  What i liked the most about this whole chapeter it got me to understand whay the coaches do these thins and will keep me from getting frustrated when they are jumping on me.  And i like because it will get me ready fopr games to think on my toes and not even know that i was doing so in practice.  So i have alot more respeced for the coaches whena dn why they are doing this for the team and me.

Week 8 # 21 74-89 3/22/09

 This chapter was abou the strngths of bein the leader that everyone stives to be and what they mean by that is how to have big sholders and how to takes constructive critosism.  And it also takes how to give it also,  because for some people it is harder to tell people how to do that kind of stuff and people dont under stand that they are only doing it to help them out.  That is what this one was saying how to tell people the ways to do it not to be so harsh and lightin it up and try to put it in turms that they understand.. so these ways were to dumb it down and not be so straight to the point.  There r some people that you can be like that to that can take it but you have to be able to know the people that can take that and the ones that cant take it. 

Week 8 # 20 53-74 3/19/09

This chapter that i read was about how to be a leader in practice and the way that you can do this is hepl out the under class man with the play and know i could use this way is the weight room since it is the off season.. And tis is a little off topic but i really do use the things that i learn i am trying to get things done this because it is my turn and the other guys urn to step up and take to roll that they are supposed to do.  And i can really say that i have not seen any guys that hasnt taking this on.  They all have read quotes out of this book and i know they will tell you that this is the reason that it has helped them and me also.  But other than that there is really nothing that you cant repeat you so this rreally all that this way about.

Week 7 

(19) The things tha i read about in this chap was the loiolty to our team.  That is another huge thing to being a good leader and a team player.  And one of the ways that you you can be a good team leader is by being to to our team and staying out of trouble..  the thing that you do say on week end that are dumb they dont only hurt you they hurt your team mates and they all so hurt your coaches.  So that is why a good leader couldnt do he stupid thing that most people do.  But the other thing is to be a good leader you cant do thoes thing and then not take resposibility for them because in know sone that is liket that and just makes them look even for dumb then when they are trying to say that they went apart to what is going on.  So if they is any one reading this and you are giltyos doing this then you need to relize that you arnt a leader you are nothing but a sneak that doesnt even desurve to be call a leader.


(18)  In this cahpter was bout beening stong mentaly.  They were saying that antone can be a stong person and lift a lot of weight,  But the thing that not everyone has is storn mind.  You can take alot and do preaty much anything that people tell you.  And the there are a couple of things that this can help you in football, They are being able to take directions from the coach and have the team trust you in the game.  What i mean by haveing the team count on you in the game is if there is a situation and they need you to get them out of it or if there is a fight or something they except you to back away from it on not start it.  I know that it is hard to kepp your mouth shut because i have trouble doing that but there are somethinf that you have togrow up and not let them bother you and this is one of them. You just have to get a set of higger shoulder and brush it off and not let theat kind of stuff bother you.  And im shure if the coach sees you dong this then he will think moreof you as a leader and count on you more.  So those are a few thing to think out if you are trying to be a leader.

Week 6

(17)This next chapter was just a continuing of the last one because it is preaty much what the book revolves around.  But that is the whole point, it was telling people that anything is possible.  This one was saying that when he said that he wanted everyone of his players to b leaders he ment that so that is what he did.  Some people thought that he was taking away from his job but that is the thing he thought that a life lesson was more important sometimes than football because he knew that they wernt going to play football the rest of their life.  Wicj i think that is a really cool thing to do and what makes it even cooler is because the players are cool with it.  But some of them the coach used words like they were him project, to get them to think is the right state of mind.  But i know this is short but it was a short chapter and that is really the only ting thay talked bout in it.

(16)  I just stared a new book on leadership, it is by the same author that the last one was by author that the last one was by.  But i read the first chapter of it and im not gana lie i am realloy starting to like reading know that i found book that i raelly liked.  But the first chapter that i read of this was a story that was about a coach that was told over and over again that he wouldnt be able to make it as a choach.  And then he ened up goin out on a mission and finnding a coaching job.  He ened up at the collage of LSU.  And im shure you know that they are a really good team.  And the reason that this person highered him was because when they asked him what the reason that he wanted to come and coach there was because he said that he didnt want to be a good coach he waned to be a great leader.  and that is all that it took for the athletic director to higher him to the head coach.  And when he got the job he called all the people that told him that he wouldnt make it and told them thank you for inspiering him to go for what he wanted and what meant the most to him.


(1) Inflexibilitys is one of the worst human failings.  You can lear to check impetuosity, overcome fear with cofidence, and laziness with dicipline. But for rigidity of mind there is no antidote. It carries the seed of its own destruction.

     This is the opening line of the book, its the most powerful and inspiering books that i have ever read. Then as you go on there is stoys that pertaine to the saying that was infront of it.  LIke the story that goes along with this one is about Duke Ellington, he was trying to be the best in the bebop business.  At the time Michael Jackson was the best with "Thriller".  Then before you know Duke was on the top a couple weeks later, with the song "We are the world". So ill have more for you tomorrow because im an idiot and cant do it on time.












Week 3 

(7)  "Team work and personal rigidity just dont mix."  This satement is what this section of the  book is about, or what it is baced on. Such as team players who exhibit adaptability have certian characteristics adatable people are teachable.  And from the sports that i have played to be teachale is the most important thing from being a good player and a great player.  and in my book Diana Nyad thinks the same way because she says " I am willing to myself through anything Temporary pain or discomfort means nothing to me as long as i can see that the experiance will take me to a new leave."  Those words are so true, i live by them during two- a- days, because that is coaches favorite line " the pain is temporary" and some of the hings we do that is the state of mind that you have to be in.  I tinks that is why i love this book so much because everyhting that is said in it is nothin but the truth.


(8) "To collaboraitive team member,completing one another is more important that competing with one another." What this chapter is about is to be a team player is saying that Try to help out your team mates dont try to compet with them. Because all that does is creat conflicts and tears a team apart.  The big start of doing this is your attitude, if you hve the attitude that you are going to try to carrie the team worrie about nothing but your self then that is how your team mates are going to think of you.  They are going to think vary little of you and think that you dont need any help in the game.

     What i am trying to get is you want your team mates to be able to count on you, and know that you think the same that you count on them.  That is the biggest thing to having a succsesful season, and have in a winning team.  I know with our team i count on ever single one of the guys.  When we start the season we all become a family and we remain the same out side of the season, we do everthing together and that is the best ting about being on a team. 


(9) "True progress in any field is a relay race and not a single event."   What this quote is saying when you work together with your team mates you can do things that you would not be able to do alone.  Some people get this mixed up with being a leader, Sometimes one teammate has to get the team up and get everyone moving.  See that is different then trying to carry the team on your back and thinking you dont need anyone else.  Know with that there is a problem some of your team mates can get the wrong impretion when you try to get everyone up and moving, If you are not shure if you are doing the right thing an people are getting anoyed with you then try to go about it a different way.  You could even as one of your closer team mates that you are friends with for some help about what you should do.  Beacaue like i saind in the last summary, you have to be a family and in order to be a family you have to be able to talk to one another.  That is all i have to this one, and how bout this Mr.Yeagley i got them all done for the week.


Week 4 

(10) "The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender".  Sometimes people mix their emothions with there depth of pain.  If you tell your self that it is to hard then yeah you are gana want to give up fast than if you you are tellimg your self that is not hard enough, or if you tell your self that you can do this all day.  You must be a team player to be a solid player, because then people will see that you cant even count on your yelf so why sould they count on you.  Then as i read on through my book i see this statement that say " Dont depend on gifts, depend on them"  Witch is say dont get a big head because once you get a big head then that is wjen no one want to be around you.  I know that we had a player this year that was really big headed and thought that he was he back bone to the team and we wouldnt be anything with out him.  And i can promice you tha i not the only one that wouldnt mind if he just quit the team.  But that is over and done with so we will move on.


(11) "Anytime you make choices baced on life values then you are in better position to sustain your level of commitment."  How important is a comment to you,  It all depends on the comment that is coming at me.  If it a positive comment then i am all for it, but if it is a negitive comment then i dont really care for it and it would plrobley make me mad.  Some times team mates have a problem with blaming thing on theur own team mates because they all have the same feeling of wanting to win.  Which is ok, but when something goes bad there is no need of going and putting it on someone else.  One of the things that the book had to say about this was are you a solid supporter?  That means yeah you are going stong when the game is going in your way buy when it starts going south do you have that same good attitude.  Most people are like that and that is the wrong thing to be doing when you are on a team, especally when you are a leader because people see you getting donw then they are going to do the same as you.


(12) The reading that i had this week didnt have a quote but what is was about was vary interesting, it was about the stae of mind that you are in when you play a game.  The way that people get is like a whole different person.  You so in to a trance and it makes you feel like you can do anything.  And the thing that they say when you get like this you really can, you push your body to the limmit that it can go past.  I dont know bout everyone else but that is the thing that you want to do.  I know when i get ready for i game i get in like a zone and that zone is that i feed off that me my meanmate and me do the things that need to be done.  So back to the book they were tell you how to get in this state and the way tho do it is vary easy.  You pre play the game in your head of all the thing that could happen and what you know is goin to happen. So other than that is the only thing that you can really do.

Week 5

(13) This reading that i did was about the way that you feel about the sport that you play, more less the love you have for it. The thing that was touch on the most was if you really love somthing you will go out of your way to make it work and get better with it.  For example when all of the football guys lift, yeah we like it but it gey to be a chore to us.  But it is still somehting that we have to get done.  I know that i dont have a problem with lifting because it is something that you can never master.  And the way that i think when i go in to the wight room is im goin to beat it.  There is many of reasons and another one would be that i feel like it is one big project and i like seeing the resolts from it.  And that is all nothing but a love for the game and bein in the competive attitude, wich is what you have to have to play this game.

(14) " Building the team is as important as producing the product."  What they mean by this is if you dont have a well ballanced team then you may as well not try to make them a good team.  What i mean by this is they will be more interested in getting in trouble and not haveing any focus on what is goin on with there sports.  If you want a good team then you cant have things like that , they havet to be fully devoted to the the sport that they are doing.  If they dont have that then you are not going to have a vary good team that will go vary far in anything that they do.  So if i was a coach then i would choose vary wisley who would be on my team and who i could count on,  because there os not vary mony coaches out there that care what there players do.  The only thing that they think of is as long as they will me games then i dont care what they do in there spair time.  And thats not right at all. 


(15)  This time in my reading it was about the trust in your team mates.  Its one of the qualitys that it takes to be part of a winning team.  In my oppinion i wouldnt be on team if i didnt trust them enough to play on the same team as them.  I know that they would do anything for me and they all know that i would do anything or give anything up for them.  There are some teams that are torn apart of this problem, that they have a problem with talking to and or having fiends from a different school.  Wich is totally unecseptible.  There is no reason with having other friends  there is a huge line and that i crossong the whole thing, there is no reason for that.  What i thought about this was there is no reason for this be a happing like that im glad that we dont or havent had anything like this that went on on our team.  If ther was i shure that a good coach could see that it was goin on and would have put a stop to it.


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Jayson Yeagley said

at 11:11 pm on Jan 26, 2009

You still have this in the wrong order. Where are the rest of the assignments? Please inform me why you are not keeping up with this? Down the road soon you might be wondering what happened...you are at a cross road now. Get going on your assignments. Please see me on this topic! Your # 5 assignment is really not exactly what I was looking for. Focus!

Jayson Yeagley said

at 10:08 pm on Feb 2, 2009

Nothing Nate. We are going to have to set up a meeting about the lack of effort on your part.

Jayson Yeagley said

at 10:04 pm on Feb 7, 2009

Nate, you need to label your Indie Reading. Why are you not doing these?

nate g said

at 11:05 am on Feb 9, 2009

i tryed to do then at home but i couldnt figure it out. and im really struggleing with this computer stuff because im not good with them.

nate g said

at 11:05 am on Feb 13, 2009

is it ok that i am starting my IR with quote from the book. Or sould i do it a different way?

Jayson Yeagley said

at 8:54 am on Feb 16, 2009

any way is good Nate...sorry it took me so long to comment but you need to put your comments on the front page.
You also need to label like I asked as this is impossible to grade the way you did it. There is an example on the front page of the wiki

See Me after class on Tuesday!
Week 2-----------------------------IR-------------------------0/3

Jayson Yeagley said

at 11:24 pm on Feb 16, 2009

Nate, you need some extra help with this. ICE is used to support quotes in writing. You used it yet you have no quotes. I don't understand what you are highlighting.

Jayson Yeagley said

at 11:13 pm on Feb 21, 2009

Nate, number 9? IT was easy and should have been completed. I like how you have your IR set up now. Start with a quote and follow it up with insight! Keep it up (your IRs are in the wrong order).
Week 3--------------------------------IR------------------------------3/3

Work on your glogster by re-reading the instruction sheet and reviewing the rubric

Jayson Yeagley said

at 10:32 pm on Mar 2, 2009

Maybe the text in the glogster was a mistake. That space would have been better served with quotes and paraphrases from the play. I don't see any explanations...no music either. I know you struggle a little with the technology end of things. You are getting much better at that. In the future, make sure you understand the entire assignment! Use the rubric as your guide (I do while I grade)....good job on keeping up with your IRs

Jayson Yeagley said

at 8:21 pm on Mar 9, 2009

Why did you not complete your Indie Reads this week?

nate g said

at 4:42 pm on Mar 12, 2009

i had the Indie Reading done dont forget. Thanks man

Jayson Yeagley said

at 9:56 pm on Mar 16, 2009

I just graded 18 and 19 from last week and you didn't do them!

Jayson Yeagley said

at 9:57 pm on Mar 16, 2009

nevermind...see me after class...even now, you are still not labeling these correctly! See front page for a sample on how to do this

Jayson Yeagley said

at 1:12 pm on Mar 29, 2009

do you work in word and spell check it. Do this before you post it on the page. Your work is out there for all to see. Have a little more pride in it. Your IRs look much better! Just make sure you write like it is for English class and not a text message on your cellphone. YOu also need to add the research aspect of your assignment under your family story. See me if you have any questions. Get this done by the end of the day on Monday March 30th!

nate g said

at 8:04 pm on Mar 29, 2009

when do i have my phone out i dont even bring it to class i keep it in my locker.

kassie c said

at 8:12 pm on Mar 29, 2009

he means make sure you spell everything okay and instead of putting like idk. put "i dont know" get it?

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