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Biography 2 - Toondoo





Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography) - This peice reflects her time spent at the sandbanks in Leetonia, and her scary experience of being trapped underneath a log there and nearly drowning.



Story # 2 (Biography) - This story is going to be based on the time she spent working at the poultry foundation, and had witnessed chickens getting their throats slit.



Story # 3 (Biography) - This story is going to be when she went horseback riding and the horse took off and she did not know how to stop it and eventually broke her arm and she walked home.



Story # 4 (Autobiography) - This Story is based on the time that I was with my grandma going to football and Coach Spaite backed into her car as I was getting out.




Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement: When a loved member of a family is incarcerated, it is not only that member who suffers but the entire family.



Specific Research found:  That when a member leaves it does cause trouble in the family.  I found a very detailed topic on Effects of Parental Incarceration on Young Children which should help a lot.  I also found an article on Mothers in Prison.  I have another article based on a real life situation where someone has to grow up with a member of the family in prison.



Questions: What all real life situations can I find to use as an example?  What would a family do when a father that works would leave the family, would they get money to help them?



Problems: Finding a way to tie in my thesis and search through these large sources that I have.




Work Cited


Baxter, Samuel C., and Paml, Stacey L. “Mothers in Prison.” The Real Truth. 6 September. 2008. 24


     March. 2009 <http://www.realtruth.org/articles/080905-003-society.html>


LeBlanc, Adrian Nicole. “Prison Is a Member of Their Family.” The New York Times. 12 January. 2003. 24 March. 2009 <http://psych.colorado.edu/~blechman/Th2-27.html>


Parke, Ross D., and Clarke-Stewart, K. Alison. “Effects of Parental Incarceration on Young Children.”


      University of California. December. 2001. 24 March. 2009 <http://aspe.hhs.gov/hsp/prison2home02/parke-stewart.htm>




Assignment #11


Topic: Prisons


How do prisons affect the families of a member that has gone to prison?  How does this family adjust to a life without that family member (a dad, a mother)?  If this family member returns what would happen?


reasons prison is bad for something - http://popdev.hampshire.edu/projects/dt/37

effects on prisoners - http://books.google.com/books?id=0-oti4wfZogC&pg=RA1-PA121&lpg=RA1-PA121&dq=effects+on+prisoners&source=bl&ots=571y0WdFk5&sig=E6LJm1kawbercPxOBq2nYd2_xxU&hl=en&ei=7DetSaWII4_ftgfU-_2IBg&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=5&ct=result



"Love" Glogster and Links, Assignment #10




In the glogster I tilted the text towards the heart to show that this fighting for love and defending for it would lead to love, or in the glogster the heat

Also the heart I wanted to show the significance of it by giving shadows on the other objects away from it as if it was giving off light

I used somewhat dull things like paper to represent writing and text because A Midsummer Night's Dream was set in an older time

The significance of the bears was that they represent a type of animal side of humans that would fight for their love, like in real life with animals how they would duel and fight

The hands signify a type of reaching out for love, holding on to it and defending it

I used the song for the lyrics which the most significant part of it is below the player where there are the chorus' lyrics which talk about fighting for love


Hyperlinked Websites



Images used






Glog Link



Assignment #9


Thesis statement for "love" in my essay for MSND

Love can be a battle that is fought for and worked towards


To do list

I need to think of some pictures that would show people defending another for love

I should also find other pictures that would show my thesis

I need to think of a song that would fit well with my thesis and direction of my glogster

I am also going to need to find two useful websites to link to my page



 Assignment #8


            In the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare the characters have troubles with their love for each other.  In act 4, these characters look back and realize what they really want in their life and who they love.  This act also resolves much of the turmoil within the characters caused by the fairies magical flower.  I believe that Shakespeare is using this act as a way of saying that some people chase love without knowing if they want it or not, which can cause a major impact on peoples’ lives.


            From the middle of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to act 4 Oberon and Puck cause many problems by making people fall in love with those they do not truly love, or at least show that they love.  In the previous act they realize this great mistake and go fix it within act 4.  He fixes the love of Titania to Bottom by removing the charm on her.  It is weird that he would have caused such a great mishap with his own love, Titania.  Indeed he does realize this mistake and fixes it along with the others, Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia, and Helena.  Oberon upon awakening says to Titania, “Now, my Titania; wake you, my sweet queen.” Rather awkward to say after forcing her to fall in love with a character who would seem to be the last choice for someone to fall in love with.  Yet Shakespeare writes this to show that people make mistakes and they fix them upon realizing how they truly feel.


            In the beginning of the act Bottom is with Titania and he really shows that he seems to not care for her.  From the flower’s magical power Titania fell in love with Bottom, though it would seem that some people might fall in love back with Titania, instead Bottom would take advantage of such.  In the act Bottom orders around the fairies like slaves, and from Titania’s unknowing affection for Bottom she does not care, and Bottom continues to take advantage of this.  Though she seems to care about Bottom, all it took was for her to fall asleep and for Oberon to wake her up to fix her foolish love for Bottom.  To think that if she would go through with loving Bottom the fairies may have been treated like slaves and she may never have been treated with love.  So this foolish decision would have changed the lives of the fairies, Bottom, and Titania until their love no longer existed.


            Towards the end of the novel Demetrius comes clean to not caring for Hermia as he would have claim to.  Theseus, Hippolyta, and Egeus all traveled into the woods to find the four lovers, Helena, Hermia, Lysander, and Demetrius asleep.  They wake them up and question them.  Lysander talks of his running away with Hermia to escape Athens.  For this Egeus, Hermia’s father orders the law upon him and wishes Demetrius’ marriage to his daughter, but it would appear that Demetrius is skeptical.  Demetrius says after this, “But by some power it is, - my love for Hermia, melted as the snow, seems to me now as the remembrance of an idle gaud,” This shows that his love was not true, more of a temporary fancy in his life.  Demetrius’ true love was said to be Helena and Theseus takes this to overrule the order of Egeus and wishes to marry Lysander and Hermia together as it should have been.  This would have had a dramatic change on everyone’s life if Demetrius would have not stepped up to say what is in his heart.  Hermia would be forced to love someone she does not want to be with, while Demetrius never truly cared and might have left her for Helena later in the marriage.  As for Lysander, from that moment he might have been put in jail for trying to run away with Hermia.  And so Shakespeare wrote this to show that one should find want they really want in their heart not just by some temporary love in which they do not believe in, for it could cause a major impact on the lives of many.


            This act reflects upon the characters former loves and infatuations which they felt, which now seem meaningless and not knowingly they could have affected other peoples’ lives as well.  So Shakespeare concludes their dramatic event of falling in love with people they had previously shown no affection towards to show that some things are not meant to be.  He is saying that people should find their true loves and not these small things that get in the way that may hurt people later on.



Assignment #7 



Assignment #6



     In the novel Puck uses the phrase "Lord, what fools these mortals be."  Which is directed to the incident between Lysander and Demetrius.  Their actions are a result of the magical flower, and it would seem foolish because they had fought over their love for Hermia.  (Lysander and Hermia being the better matchup than with Demetrius and Hermia) And after this spell the fairys' put on Lysander and Demetrius they both reject their love for Hermia, and claim to love Hermia instead.  Even Lysander who loved Hermia so much, would claim to now hate her for absolutely no reason which would seem very foolish.  Also Hermia sees this as a big joke on her, she wonders to herself how it could be possible for them to fall in love with her for no reason and so she feels that they are just making fun of her.  I think a large part of the foolishness is the fight that Lysander and Demetrius want to have.  It seems ridiculous that they both want to fight for someone who just the other night would both reject without ever caring.




Assignment #5 


     Dear Abby: My name is Lysander and I have recently come under a serious problem.  I feel myself incapable of being with the one I love Hermia, whose father seeks in any way possible to separate us.  Though we seem to be perfect for each other and we both share love between us.  Yet, her father is blind to this and only finds his daughter's true love to be with Demetrius, who Hermia knows she does not truly love, nor will she.  I do not know what I could possibly do to convince her father that I am perfect for Hermia, that we are perfect for each other.  I hope he sees this through but he will not, please what can I do in the situation? I need help and I hope you can give me some guidance!



     Dear Lysander: This does seem like quite the problem, though this may seem very straightforward but have you ever had a heart to heart talk with her father and really reason with him as to why he seems to not see the love in your heart.  If you have and he truly is blind to you and your love with his daughter Hermia, perhaps there is no easy way out.  You may need to just accept you cannot be together through his wishes and find an escape out of his reach.  A possible way would be to leave the city all together and find a new place to stay and start a family.  Or find new villages where you could seek those who could bring you two closer in marriage.






Assignment #4


     The set design reminded me of a medieval setting like in a castle with the clothing being that of someone who would live during the 1600's or so.  I think the setting was a very good choice for this play because in another time in the future I don't think it would set nearly the same mood.  I thought the actora fit the story very well, I might not have guessed that Lysander would look how he does in the movie but most of the parts fit very well.  I thought Bottom fit extremely well with how I imagined him, I imagined him to be this cocky person who feels himself a much more priveledged person in every way and thats what he had shown in the movie.  I thought the movie had really helped with the understanding of the play, it set a much better mood, and the crazy words that were used in the book came out much more natural with actors speaking, then the way they are said in my head as I have read.




Assignment #3


    I would say the character I connect the most with is Lysander.  Even though I have never been caught up in a marriage situation like this one, or would I.  But I can see myself thinking the same, in the situation of Demetrius being as the same or lesser quality.  I can see myself not understanding one's decision to pick one person over another who has obviously not shown that they are fit for the role they are picked, as in the case of Hermia, the marriage of Hermia with either Lysander or Demetrius.


Wordle: Demetrius Lysander




Assignment #2


     Well I think the character of Bottom plays a large part in the humor of this scene.  Bottom in the beggining tells everyone the play will be great and it is an excellent play without really even knowing the parts, or the play itself.  Bottom also tries to throw in humor by attempting to enfluence Quince into letting him play another part.  I have a feeling if he would have got another part such as the lion he would have wanted to play the part of the lover in the story, which attempts to throw some humor in this scene.  It is also funny that a man would have to play the part of a woman in the play, and that yet again Bottom would be willing to have that part and be the woman that his current part falls in love with.




Assignment #1


     I would say the relationship between Hermia and her father Egeus is not a very good one.  He wants her to go against her will and marry Demetrius, who he loves and sees as the perfect husband for her.  Without even talking it over with her he decides he would be the best.  She does not love him and she wants to marry Lysander, who really does seem to love her and she loves him.  So her father would rather make her go with his abviously selfish choice of Demetrius, when she loves and wants to marry Lysander.  Egeus also doesn't seem to even care that Demetrius and Lysander are basically equal, it is no matter of money, or quality.  He also doesn't even seem to care of the consequences of the decision she could make to marry Lysander. 







Indie Reading #35 p.166-175 5-10-09


      Within this chapter the hobbits find a new character named Strider.  Who they find out is names Aragorn in a letter from Gandalf.  I like that within this novel there are characters they constantly find the hobbits and provide help.  It helps show that they are not alone on their journey and that there are many they will find that will provide their help.  Aragorn comes off as someone that they cannot trust and they question him.  They eventually find that he was connected to Gandalf and the journey they have taken.  He provides his assistance and they accept it.


Indie Reading #34 p.149-165 5-9-09


     Wordle: Untitled


Indie Reading #33 p.135-148 5-3-09


     I think it is evident in this chapter that Frodo and his companions, Sam, Merry, and Pippin that they are getting farther on their journey and that it is indeed much more dangerous than it used to be.  They are faced with an evil creature in this chapter at which Frodo is tempted to use the ring, which reflects upon how he must constantly fight the urge to use it even if he believes it to be for a good cause.  If he uses the ring and got away from this creature it may have brought much worse of consequences instead he turned back to the friend of Tom Bombadil to help, which in fact is the opposite of the ring, a force that is good and not evil.


Indie Reading #32 p.121-134 5-2-09


     I love the character of Tom Bombadil in this chapter.  I really love his connection with nature which is a theme found within the series of Lord of the Rings.  He talks to the trees as if they were people which introduces them more as a character than just simple objects.  I like how he sings a lot and seems to be a very cheery person which takes the edge off of the darkness found within the novel.  Even his talk of the hobbits coming late to dinner even had a light hearted feel to it.  "if you come soon you'll find breakfast on the table.  If you come late you'll get grass and rain-water."  This quote really shows how kind he is even when he is showing any disciplinary sayings.


Indie Reading #30 p.107-121 4-26-09


     I love how Tolkien had taken the time to not only come up with languages, stories and backrounds for his story, but had made up numerous songs which add to the story so much.  In this chapter the character of Tom Bombadil makes his appearance as he sings a song going through the forest.  There is really no other way to create that type of image and to imagine that scene without these songs does not feel the same.  Tolkien or any other author could have simply put in that the characters heard someone singing in the distant, but instead Tolkien had written a song for him to sing.  Throughout this entire story there are many songs he had written which add so much to the background of the novel.


Indie Reading #28 p.98-106 4-19-09


     I am back on Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring on this one,

     I like in the novel the constant attemps of Frodo to leave his friends and go on this journey alone.  He constantly will keep information from them from a thought of trying to keep them safe.  This plays upon the theme of friendship in Lord of the Rings, which I believe is one of the strongest in the novel.  Even through him trying to protect his friends, they still seek to help him and stay with him.  This shows the theme very well that they could easily go home and leave the way Frodo would want but they stay along the journey to in fact protect Frodo from danger.


Indie Reading #26 p.306-334 4-12-09


     I have finished the book and I personally love how this book has played out.  In the end you find there is no defined enemy, there is no single man or woman that has a main goal to destroy the world.  Instead you find a person that everybody looks up to within the world come up with a plot considered crazy, and though they try to stop it, in the end it actually stops the war and saves everyone.  I love this book that it is unique the bad guys are in their own ways good, and the good guys all have their own bad traits they carry.  The ending was unexpected but in a good way, and I would probably end up reading this book again sometime.


Indie Reading #22 p. 286-306 4-05-09


     I like how the main enemy within this chapter is a friend of those who are seeking to stop him.  I like that instead of being some type of mad criminal who comes up with some plan to destroy the world he actually has a very well thought out reason to kill many people.  He is not mad at all the way he talks, he speaks just as though he is explaining sometihng to a friend.  I like how he has a historical background to back his thoughts up, as though he is continuing the work of others.  He claims that his biggest hero was Alexander the Great and he looked up to all his achievements of trying to unite the world and wanted to continue this progress in the modern world.


Indie Reading #21 p.258-286 3-29-09


     I like the historical reference in this book that it is based upon the cold war and even vietnam plays a big part in the book.  In this chapter people continue to worry about the nuclear threat from Russia.  I find it interesting that the author would use this, because they could always just come up with some new nuclear war with any country or some othe made-up war other than vietnam.  But instead he chose real events to create a background and a type of connection to the reader and a time period that people can understand.  Instead the author changes these events to have different outcomes that have changed because of these superheros.  Like Jon has actually ended the Vietnam war and won it for the United States.


Indie Reading #20 p.230-258 3-22-09


     I think that I understand Jon's point of view in this chapter, and I can connect with it.  I find this book amazing that it finds different point of views at superheros that they are super in their own ways.  Jon, in this chapter talks with Laurie about saving the world and takes her to Mars for their conversation.  I can connect with his point of view and understand what he is saying about life and the universe.  He says that life is really not all that significat when it comes to the universe, he observes mar's major landmarks and asks Laurie how they would be improved with an oil pipeline.  I love how he says this and then at the end can show a completely different point of view that life is also a miracle that each person is a collection of the people before them and without them they would not be the same.


Indie Reading #19



Indie Reading #18 p.202-230


      In this part of the book the author continues to use a seperate story that someone is reading to tell the story.  It is really neat that this one kid is reading a comic and they use lines and images from that comic to show what is happening in the actual world.  And in many parts it goes with it.  Like this line from the comic the boy is reading in the story "Truly, life is hell and death's rough hand our only deliverance." Is used at a time when a gang is gathered talking about the riot and the freeing of Rorschach and how they are deciding to go attack one of the old superheros at his house.  I like how the author uses this to tell the story it gives a very unique feel.


Indie Reading #17 p.166-202 3-08-09


     In this chapter of Watchmen it begins to bring back the heros and shows them they must do something in this world to fix things.  Laurie and Dan, who are both superheros begin to fall in love with eachother and yet as they do this they feel that they long to go back to the old days and pursue the life of a superhero.  They claim to miss it, and they take out the ship and save these people from a burning building.  Since doing so and bringing back the old superhero feeling they realize that they must act on the current situation in the world.  So Dan says to Laurie that they must go and free Rorschach from prison at the end of the chapter. 


Indie Reading #16 p.138-166 3-07-09


          In this chapter of Watchmen Rorschach is caught by the police who had wanted him for the fact that he is still a masked hero and it is illegal  to be.  He is a very interesting character, and his past is very dark.  I really like this chapter because he it really tells who he is and why he is like that.  He comes from a mother who didn't care for him at all and was a prostitute.  His mask he wears was from a dress made for someone who thought it was ugly.  And 2 years later the person that was supposed to get the dress had ended up getting raped and murdered as people heard and were aware but did nothing to help.  After this he wore the mask to give a driving force for fighting crime, which he not only sees in criminals but in all.  Which the whole idea of all of mankind is a sort of criminal seems to be present throughout the whole book.


Indie Reading #15


Didnt Do


 Indie Reading #14 p. 110-138 3-01-09


    I believe that I can connect with the character of Rorschach because throughout the book he continuously tries to bring everyone together and alert them of danger.  He continuously is trying to solve the murder of The Comedian who he defends his actions in his life.  I connect with him and understand that he is just trying to help everybody because he senses that thing are not right in the world.  Everyone is worried and it seems that a nuclear war with Russia is going to happen and I can connect with Rorschach's attempts to help and bring the group of superheros together so they can solve what is going on and save the world.


Indie Reading #13 p. 82-110 2-28-09


     This chapter in The Watchmen was very unique to the rest because in this chapter it is narrarated by the character of Jon, Mr. Manhattan.  Since he is a very unique and interesting character his narraration is very random and jumps around in time as he tells what happened to him.  He keeps on referring back to a picture of him and his girlfriend back when he first turned into the super being that he is now.  He tells about how he became this super hero and how he moved onto another girl from her.  It is also very neat that in the end of the chapter he brings up this massive structure from within the sand on mars.  Since he has these amazing powers that allow him to do whatever he wants he was able to make the sand into glass and create this large structure that looks like a lot of clock work.


Indie Reading #12 p. 54-82 2-22-09


          I like how the author in this graphic novel uses a scene where people may be talking, while going between different other scenes.  One example in this book would be when these two people are ta;lomg after a fight with these criminals who attacked them in a dark alley.  As the woman, Laurie leaves and she says "Look... I's shaking once the adrenaline wears off I always feel sorta weird..." and as the next scene it goes to Jon who has just yelled at an entire crowd of people to leave him alone and makes them dissapear she says "sorta empty"  I think it is a very clever way to write it as it creates connections between events and he can almost narrarate a completely different scene with the dialogue from another.


Indie Reading #11 p. 26-54 2-21-09


     In this second chapter in the graphic novel The Watchmen it allows you to see deeper into the character of The Comedian.  I find this character to be very unique because he does not seem to be much of a hero.  He seems to be more wrong and cause more problems than what he helps.  It also shows there is something unique about Rorschach because he defends him and believes that there is something to him that makes him a good man yet Rorschach condemns the other heros who have done bad things.  Also about The Comedian I like that he died off early because right from the start you know you are going to have to find out about him by hearing what he has done and not what he will do in the story so he can't change his life cause he is dead.


Indie Reading #10 p.1-26 2-20-09


     In the beginning of the Watchmen it has an interesting start to it.  There is no slow intro to get used to the characters instead you are thrown right into a key moment.  One of the members of this so called super hero group has been killed.  But you don't even know who these super heros are.  The beginning part I read follows the character of Rorschach who follows an investigation of a murder of one of his former partners, The Comedian.  This seems very odd to him, more than all the others, and I really like this book so far because of how different these superheros are.  Mainly because they do not seem super at all, none of them are this perfect hero, they all somewhat detest one of the others, nearly all of them have had problems.  So far I am liking it as it lets you know more about the characters one by one and fills you in as you go.


Indie Reading #9


Indie Reading #8


Indie Reading #7 p.85-96 2-14-09


     In this reading Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry go along with their journey and come across Mr. Maggot a farmer.  He helps them by giving them food and it goes to show how throughout their journey which would have just started with Frodo it has dragged in Sam.  After they had started their journey Pippin and Merry have joined in and they have met Mr. and Mrs. Maggot who have helped them.  It goes to show that this is no small journey and it will affect all that they come to pass and that they will meet many that will help them on their journey and want to step up against the evil forces in their world.

Indie Reading #6




Indie Reading #5 p.64-84 2-8-09


     In chapter 3 Frodo departs on his journey to where he is not even sure it will take him.  I can connect with Frodo in this chapter.  For earlier in this book, Frodo was a Hobbit who longed for adventure, but seeing adventure within his life because of the ring he is unsure of his feelings.  I can feel the same I would love to leave this place in Ohio and go somewhere throughout the world and see many things, but if I was forced out of my home, I might also feel like lingering and be scared to move on.  For if you are forced many thoughts go through your head and you start to realize that these things you could not wish to leave are the things you are scared to leave behind when you don't know if you will ever see them again.  Aside from the connection I also really like Tolkein's writing of the beginning of the journey because he can take a wise and smart wizard Gandalf and really show that he has a realistic side to him.  Gandalf says to Frodo that he cannot see what will happen to him and is unsure himself of everything that might come to pass and at this time he even says that Frodo may yet be the one to destroy the ring or it could be the task of someone else.


Indie Reading #4 p.41-63 2-7-09


      In chapter 2 of Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo waits in the Shire for several years.  Frodo holds a party every year for Bilbo since his departure from the Shire, over time there are rumors of much evil building up throughout the land.  Gandalf talks to Frodo about the ring and tells him of the enemy of Mordor and their knowing of the ring in Frodo's hands.  He then tells him that Gollum was tortured and told Sauron, who previously had the ring, that Bilbo had the ring and told him that the ring is in the Shire.  After told this Gandalf tells him that he can no longer stay in the Shire and that the best thing to do is to destroy the ring.


Indie Reading #3


     Didnt do (for some odd reason I cannot take off underline here?)


Indie Reading #2 p.22-40 2-1-09


     In this reading it begins the journey and the passage of the one ring.  I think it is neat to look at the connection between this and the last book.  In The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins has the ring and goes throughout his journey.  In this first chapter in the book it is about Bilbo's 111th birthday party, which I also wonder if the number is significant to the author.  Also it is the day of Frodo's 33rd birthday, which I also find very neat, because it is said that it is a very important age for hobbits, and it has a strange connection also to the fact that when christ died, he was at the age of 33.  I like that the ring is passed from Bilbo down to Frodo, it is a great transition between the two books because they are not direct sequels so it is a good way to connect them and show that the ring is on this sort of journey even starting from the last book.


Indie Reading #1 p.1-21 1-30-09


     For this journal's reading I read the prologue.  In the prologue it really shows the creativeness and just how well thought out this book is from the author JRR Tolkien's mind.  The prologue is titled "Concerning Hobbits" and it does just that.  Twenty pages of writing about the hobbits.  What they look like, what they like to do, and it goes over their history and culture.  He doesn't just stop at the basics either he goes into much detail about the hobbits, about their liking of the colors green and yellow.  I also find it amazing that JRR Tolkien can write a section in this prologue about pipe-weed.  So this proglogue really does show Tolkiens attention to detail and his great knowledge of this fantasy world. 

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justin f said

at 8:36 am on Feb 4, 2009

Wow phil lets get serious here, my hacks are Nick proof, he cant take them. The quality of my hax are so great you cant even understand the way they work. Nicks done with, 1337 crits and the OP of my hax will end his small little wiki.

nick m said

at 1:42 pm on Feb 5, 2009

My wiki is invulnerable you can't handle it!

Jayson Yeagley said

at 10:11 pm on Feb 7, 2009

Week 1----------------IR-----------------2/3

Jayson Yeagley said

at 8:58 am on Feb 16, 2009

Week 2----------------------------IR-----------------------2/3

Please put more effort into your IR. You should not miss an entry as you have 7 days for 3 entries. Easy points!

Jayson Yeagley said

at 11:27 pm on Feb 16, 2009

You have a basic understanding of ICE. Make sure you work on making a little more subtle and smooth!

Jayson Yeagley said

at 11:20 pm on Feb 21, 2009

No assignment 9? Seemed like a very easy and functional assignment. Your IRs are not done either. I think we need to refocus our attention. Not only are you missing ones for this week...but you are also going to be missing for next week. Lets change this!
Week 3-------------------------IR---------------------3/3

Work on your glogster by re-reading the instruction sheet and reviewing the rubric

Jayson Yeagley said

at 9:59 pm on Mar 16, 2009

No 19..............

Jayson Yeagley said

at 1:18 pm on Mar 29, 2009

Your autobiography seems like too big of a topic. Remember, it should be like an episode with one specific tale. Make sure your workspace is up to date at all times! Your IRs look good as historical references can be very effective in writing.

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