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tyler d

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#15 Comic Strip




I.       Divorce rates are rising because couples in this world’s situation don’t have good support from the economy and other factors.

II.    Reasons why Divorce rate is rising.                                                                                                      a. Economy (Clift)                                                                  

III.Divorce rate now. Compared to other years. (divorce rate)

IV.Multiple marriage rates of success. Stepfamilies. (Deal, Divorce rate)                                                        a. How step couple’s marriages work out                                                                                                  b. Number of marriages each had

V.    How to better your marriage so it doesn’t end in a divorce. (Donaldson)                                                  a. Steps to take to better it.

VI.Ages at which divorces happen. Statistics of age to divorce ratio. (divorce rate, Clift, Hurley)

VII.                      Other countries divorce rates compared to the US. (Lawyersclubindia)                                            a. Chennai.                                                                                                                                              b. Other European countries rates.

VIII.                   Conclusion. Tie all this together to support thesis. Using one bit from every paragraph to explain everything one last time.






Tyler Denmeade

Period 8

Works Cited

Clift, Elayne. “Grey divorce on the rise.” Boloji. March 6, 2006. March 3, 2009. <http://boloji.com/wfs3/wfs344.htm>.


Donaldson, Ken. “Relationship success strategies- The 12 steps to creating divorce proof marriages.” Hogom. March 3, 2009. <http://hogom.com>. 


Hurley, Dan. “Divorce rate: It’s not as high as you think.” New York Times. April 19, 2005. Feb. 6, 2009. <http://www.nytimes.com/2005/04/19/health/19divo.html>.


Katz, Sanford. “New directions for family law in the United States.” InDret. April 2007. March 3, 2009. <http://www.Indret.com>.


Lawyersclubindia. “Divorce cases on the rise in Chennai.” Lawyersclubindia.com. Feb. 12, 2009. March 3, 2009. <http://lawyersclubindia.com/news/2009/2/divorce_cases_on_the_rise_in_chennai.asp>.





Family Story:  Goal...to tell stories from a loved one (3 biographies /1 autobiography)


Story #1 (Biography) Prom week at her school ( best memory in high school). Gave some good information on this topic. Had some holes in it but i got that all figured out and have my story on this part pretty much complete. Story number one completed. Added in after prom which i think helped the piece. All done though.



Story # 2 (Biography) Favortie sibling and why/ best friend and stories in high school. About to start a rough draft for this story. Migt have some part I don't know so I'll have to get another interview. Question was favorite sibling but she gave me a best friend too which is good information. Rough draft is started. Needed some more info and still need some. DId the comic and I think I did alright really considering the story. Complete thought.



Story # 3 (Biography) First time away from home at Akron University (bad/good time). Good story because most people have stories about their first time alone. And i could possibly expirience the same thing. About to start the draft for this one. About to start a movie thing for this one.


Story # 4 (Autobiography) Totally changed my story to better fit my mom and her relationship and a good story with me. Vaccation last summer her purse got stolen at Mohican state park. Now that wouldn't be very funny unless you know my mom so the story fits her well. Story will explain. Pretty much final draft and I think it has grown a lot.



Research: Goal is to research and present information that supports a thesis statement.


Thesis Statement: Divorce rates are rising because couples are afraid of the worlds situation and don't want to rush into a bad life.



Specific Research found:

Books on divorce and why it happens

two websites i found on why the divorce rate is increasing lately


reseach and statistics on the divorce rates now compared to back in the 1990s. 



Questions: Divorce rates in America? Why they are rising and why marrital rates are dropping?

Questions: What are the biggest reasons for divorce? Why are the divorce rates increasing in the past years? What is the divorce rate now compared to 1990s? Is there a connection between the marrital rates dropping because of the divorce rates increasing?










Topic: family conflict

Subtopic: Divorce rates in America? Why they are rising and why marrital rates are dropping?

Questions: What are the biggest reasons for divorce? Why are the divorce rates increasing in the past years? What is the divorce rate now compared to 1990s? Is there a connection between the marrital rates dropping because of the divorce rates increasing?

Possible reaseach topics:


Books on divorce and why it happens

two websites i found on why the divorce rate is increasing lately


reseach and statistics on the divorce rates now compared to back in the 1990s. 




In my glog I used the left side of the glog to represent athens the laws you must obide while there.

The left side is all fairy and woodland things that have to do with the freedom you have in the woods.

Then the middle is like vs and conflicting things about the two settings. Like the fairy and scroll and the father daughter picture.

I also have a picture of a man sleeping and a flower dripping juice on his eye to represent the flower juice put of the people in the play.

I have a picture of Titania and Bottom with a heart in between them. That signifys that they are lovers and they have to be also because of the flower.

At the bottom of the page i have the three choices that were presented to the Hermia and where and what she could do.

My two links are summaries of MSND and other facts and things about the play.

My thesis is at the top of the page.

My comic is supposed to represent thesius and how he overrules egeus at the end of the play.

The cops on the left are supposed to represent the athens law.

And finally my song is like fairy type music for the woods and what happens there.



Thesis- The setting chooses what is able to happen in the story. With the woods there is magic. Athens there is strict law. That is why setting is very important.

To get- Pictures of the woods and athens to compare. Text about what happens in the woods with magic and what happens in athens with the law. a movie clip about bottoms head being transformed. pictures of fairies and what they can do. Law scripts that show harsh law. fairy type music in the back: like fairyish ya know.  Photos of the cops or someone in jail then pictures of witches, leprecauns and other magical creatures to represent the faires.


To do- mix all the pictures i get and lay them in the backround contrasting eachother. Put the video in one corner and quotes and text in another corner. Put my thesis in the middle of the page. Get my music to play in the backround of the glog. Put other photos around to help expain my thesis.





Tyler Denemade

Period 8

English essay


The people in A Midsummer Night’s Dream are involved with love and infatuation in many ways and situations. Their love gets them messed up in many ways. And their infatuations get them in trouble too. One person loves someone and that person loves another person and the whole situation is just getting worse as the play goes on. Then there is a Duke and father who must almost put a woman to death because of this love triangle. Infatuation can sometimes be mistaken for love but once you actually find true love it works out for the best.

            Demetrius was once in love with Hermia but she never loved him back. She treated him like dirt yet he still loved her. So he was possible infatuated with her or else he wouldn't act like he is. Then there was a woman who was madly in love with him and he just treated her like she didn’t exist. If he didn’t like how he was being treated by Hermia then it doesn’t make sense for him to do the same thing to Helena. But now that the flower juices have been places on his eyes and he loves Helena everyone is very happier. Demetrius loves Helena and she loves him. Same thing goes for Lysander and Hermia.So now everyone is better and they can all get along and be wed. "And he did bid us to follow him to the temple". Lysander says that the Duke did invite them to go get married along with him in the temple. Since love has taken its course and the infatuations have gone away only true love remains. So in this situation love worked out for the better for everyone.

            Then there was Egeus, Hermia’s father. He complained to the Duke that Hermia’s love was stolen by Lysander. Egeus had chosen to have Hermia wed to Demetrius and at the time Demetrius still loved Hermia. Demetruis was so infatuated with Hemia that he didn't realize she loved another and almost ruined her relationship with her father. So the Duke had given her options to choose from. Either marry Demetrius as her father had chosen, go and become a nun, or death. Now some fathers would have never let the third option happen. But Egeus, being infatuated with his daughter marrying Demetrius, said that he didn’t care. Yet Hermia still didn’t change her mind. She would rather die than not marry Lysander.That is the sign of the true love in the book. Then the love potion happened and Demetrius no longer loved Hermia. So now the Duke had no option to kill her because she only had one option to be wed to. "Egeus I will overbear you will". So the Duke says that true love must take its course and let these two be wed. That her fathers opinion no longer matters.And now her and her father would get along better because she married the one she loves. So now that all the infatuations have died away true love has shone through and fixed a relationship between a father and daughter.

            Then in a third situation there was the king and queen of the fairies Oberon and Titania. They were already together but aren’t very close to each other. They were fighting over a boy from India that they both wanted as their own. They were both so infatuated with this little boy that they would risk each others well being to get him. Titania was given the little boy from a good friend she had, which was the boy’s mother. So the boy belongs to Titania and Oberon desperately wants the boy. He was so completely infatuated with the boy that he comes up with a plan to get the boy from her. He would have her go and fall in love with an animal and then free her from the spell and get the boy back. He doesn't even care what would happen to Titania. So once he freed her from the spell she and him got along much better and are back together again. "Then my queen in silence sad, Trip we after night shade, We the globe can compass soon, Swifter than the wandering moon." So Oberon and Titania and happier and are going to travel around together and get along and be happier with eachother. That reminds me of some couples I know in high school. They fight and then get back together and are even happier after they had separated. So now they are no longer fighting over the boy and are much happier. So again and again infatuation has gone away and only true love remains to help improve the lives of many people in this book.

            So Shakespeare was very right in his way of portraying love and infatuation in this book. He showed many situations where love helped people in their daily lives. And how the infatuation just got in the way of true love. So if something goes wrong in your love life don’t worry because as Shakespeare has showed in this book it always works out for the better. Also if you and your parents are fighting over your boyfriend or girlfriend just let love take its course and everything will eventually work out. And if u think you are in love with someone before you do somthing drastic make sure its true love and not just and infatuation. As the book showed Infatuation can sometimes be mistaken for love but once you actually find true love it works out for the best.






     In the play Puck says the line "What fools these mortals be." He is talking about Demetrius and Lysander. Now there are many reasons they can be considered foolish. For starters they were both madly in love with Hermia and were trying to win her love many times. Niether of them were even paying attention to Helena. Then Puck puts this flower juice on their eyes in their sleep. Now all of a sudden the whole situation is flipped. They are both in love with Helena. Even though Helena was in love with Demetrius she now thinks he is playing a joke on her so she doesn't love either of them back. So in a sense Helena is being foolish too. But since Helena doesn't want either of them they descide to have a dual so see who will win her love. Now they never actually have this dual. But before the dual is supposed to happen they start a verbal arguement and start yelling at the one they both once loved, Hermia. They both threaten her for Helena's sake. So they are both very foolish for fighting over a girl neither of them would really want. It is dumb especially since she doesn't want either of them too. Then they curse the one they both really love which is very foolish.



     Dear Abby: How should I convince the man I love to love me back? This man I love is handsome and smart. Everytime I see him my heart beats faster and I treat him the best anyone can. I am nice and loving to him yet he still treats me like crap. But for some reason when he treats me like this it makes me love him even more. And on the other side of it he has the same situation. On one hand he has a woman loving him and he treats her poorly. Yet the woman he loves treats him like crap yet he still loves her. Should I move on or stay after him or what should i do?



     Dear LOVESICK: Now in your case there are many options you have for you. First you could call the man you love over and ask him why he doesnt love you. Talk it out with him and find out what about the other woman he loves. If it isn't too much you could possible try to change to fit some of his criteria that he likes in a girl. Or you could always become friends with this other girl and have her talk to your man for you. Have her tell him there is someone else in her life and its time for him to move on. Then have her explain her friend (you) and build you up for him to talk to you. Also try treating his poorly and see how he likes it. Then he will see how you feel and may have some simpathy and see you as a different person. Now those are the options for trying to get your man back. If those don't work i would say it may be time to move on. If you like it when he treats you poorly don't even talk to him anymore. That way you get him out of your life completely. If not seeing him at all isn't an option you could always just talk to him but try and find someone better than him to go to romantically. Thats how i would go about solving that problem.




     In the film of the play we watched today in class i noticed that the setting and costumes were very "modern" i think. There were things in the film that made it look like a modern day at least about 1950's place. Like the setting outside the King's quarters was wasn't like that you see in the old movies with nothing but more like an everyday place too. Like when I read the play I thought it was like a big castle with drawbridges and stuff but it's almost just an everyday house. As for the costumes i thought they dressed normal for times like that. But the actors looks didn't look like what i was thinking of in my head. For Thesus i was thinking of a man in a crown with a cape like an actual king of a country. And for Bottom i was picturing a younger man that just looked cool and funny. i thought the actor did a good job acting but the looks just didnt "tickle my fancy" (ha thats great line yairgs). And also no offence to Helena but i thought she was not good looking to be nice, but in the book i pictured her as an average good looking lady. But actually seeing people preform and speak this play helped me a lot to picture the characters talkin in the book. Hearing and seeing it also made me understand their language better. At the end of the clip i understood what was going on in the play and could tell what they were saying. Granted i didn't understand every word but i got the jist of them.


#3 ^^



      I think the actors in Act 1 Scene 2 are funny in the sense that they all bicker and argue over every aspect of the play. Like when Bottom wants to do every part in the play. And when someone else says he can't do it and gives a reason why Bottom just shuts up and has nothing else to say. When he says how he would roar like a lion so loud as to scare every person in the audience and Quince says that the crowd would hang they because of their freight. Then Bottom sounds really dumb and says then i would just quite down my roar which wouldn't make sense. And when Flute says he cant play a woman part is funny becuase of the reason he gives for it. He has a beard coming soon and that he wouldn't look much like a lady.



     I think the relationship between Egeus and Hermia is almost a typical father daughter relationship in some areas. Like most fathers don't really aprove of their daughters choice for their husbands. Not becuase they don't like their choice but because they are afraid of they daughter growing up and leaving them. Which is why in this story Egeus picked his daughters choice so he could know how his daughter will be living once shes on her own. So he knows she will be safe and protected and secure. If she were to marry Lysander i think Egeus would be afraid of what would happen to her because he doesn't really know how Lysander lives and would treat his daughter. I believe that Egeus loves his daughter for making this decision. Hermia on the other hand becuase of her fathers choice almost despises her dad. If he would just let her pick her own husband i think she would love her father more and respect him. That is what is going on with the relationship of Egeus and Hermia.


------------------------------------------INDEPENDENT READING________________________________________________________

Indie reading assignment #37 Pg 316-400 Sun 5-17-09

     Holy Cow Yeargs. Last Indie reading of the year. This is epic. Ok so this is now one of my favorite books of all time the more I read it. The detail and plot of the book is just unreal. Right now Harry and his friends have found another Horcrux and Hermione has now discovered how to destroy them. And as she had stated earlier in the book it is quite simple. Well for a magician anyways. The pace of this book is getting faster and faster each read. I can barely keep up with all the excitement I read. In fact sometimes in the middle of a chapter I have to stop reading and just think and try to comprehend what i just read. And if i get really confused i go back and reread from the point i got lost. Heck with all the spells and action Harry is going through I think it would be pretty easy to get lost sometime along the way. But overall the book is just quite amazing. I cannot wait to see this book come to movie because I can picture some things in my mind but others just will be amazing if the director can get it right. Same thing goes for the previous book which is coming to the theaters this summer. The previews look ok but I guess nothing will look as good once you have pictured it in your head. Ok well thats it for my last indie reading. I'm going to miss it Yeargs. BYE!!



Indie reading assignment #36 Pg 284-315 Sat 5-16-09

     Harry and his friends are now on their way to finding another horcrux to destroy Voldemort. J.K. Rowling is a brillant author with this series of Potter books, The way she has things that people would not even think important in one book, then the next book it some how plays into the whole goal of the story is amazing. I guess that is how all book series goes but I think that this is amoung my favorite series. How she ties the secong book to the second to last book is really something. I don't know how someone can think ahead that much time in their lives and plan stuff like that. Or even cooler that she rereads the stuff she has written and molds her new work to fit that stuff she had previously written. If only I could write like that you would be so proud of me Yeargs. But alas only the select few of the population can do that and I am not one of them. I am glad however that there are those that have minds that can think like that. Books open up new world to me and it really helps me some days. I can just start reading a book and actually go to that book and live it myself. It is really cool how much books help my mind. Ok Yeargs I'm out.


Indie reading assignment #35 Pg 250-283 Sun 5-10-09

     So Harry and his friends have found the first Horcrux and now they only have 3 more to find. Unless the RAB fellow has destroyed his which only leaves 2 more. This task was much harder without Dumbledore though. However when they actually went to get the horcrux he had other powerful wizards and witches to help. Some were actually teachers at Hogwarts that are trying to help. Others are members of the secret organization that Dumbledore had set up when Voldemort started coming back to power. So even though he has found this horcrux and retrieved it Hermione still has not figured out how to permantly destroy it. But I'm sure that will be no task for her. So they have the horcrux but Voldemort is still trying to hunt Harry. And it is a good thing that he doesn't know he is finding the horcruxes or else he could just wait there for Harry to kill him. But I'm sure once Harry finds and destroys all the horcruxes the battle at the end of the book will be awesome. Alrighty Yeargs Later.


Indie reading assignment #34 Pg 220-250 Fri 5-8-09

     This books pace is picking up rapidly more and more each time I read another chapter. Harry is on his hunt for the horcruxes with his friends. They think that they have possibly found one and are on their way to discovering it now. One thing that still bothers me about this book is that in the last book when Harry and Dumbledore found what they thought was a horcrux it really wasnt one. And Dumbledore had told him that it would take a very very powerful wizard to find and recover one of these. Dumbledore himself wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of Harry. But that's not what bother me. It's that it was a fake horcrux and Harry does not know where the real one is. The person leaves a note saying how he will probably have destroyed the horcrux by the time they read that note. But Harry has not found that out yet. So if he even accomplishes his task of destroying the other ones, which will be hard, he will have to find out who R.A.B. is which is the initials left with the note. If he cannot find this person he cannot be sure if he or she has destroyed the horcrux or not. Ok well just felt like sharing that with you yeargs, Im out now though. Goodbye.



Indie reading assignment #33 pg 200-220 Sun 5-3-09   

     Harry has survived yet another encounter with Voldemort. It is really interesting how Voldemort has the whole magically world under his control. Pretty much at least. He can control you with one flick of his wand. If Harry had that power than I could see this as being a fair fight. But Harry hardly has his friends on his side. Lately he does, but before that he didn't even have some of the people he considered friends on his side. Everyone in the previous years thought he was making up the whole Voldemort story. Every time Harry would face Voldemort and tell about it no one would believe him at all. Even the minister of magic didn't believe him. Not until he say him battling Harry in the ministy did he finally believe. Even then he chose not to believe it. The people didn't want to think that the dark lord had returned. Because of what he had done when he was once in his prime days with power. They thought if he is back with the same amount of power, this time he may be unstoppable. But the one person who could stop him is... Harry. That is why people are risking their lives to save Harry's. So by dieing they are really helping the world become better. If Harry can fulfill the prophecy that is. Ok YEARGS goodbye again.  



Indie reading assignment #32 175-200 Sat 5-2-09

     So pretty much the same stuff has been going on in this book for a while now. It's basically Harry, Ron, and Hermione running from Voldemort and his followers. But I'm just going to state how brave Ron and Hermione are. Now Harry doesn't have much choice on the whole Voldemort thing. He has to be running from him and just trying his hardest to survive. However his friends Hermione and Ron must have some guts to be going on this adventure with him. In fact for the whole seven years of Harry's career at Hogwars I can't think of a time when he was in trouble and his friends weren't there to back him up. Every time Harry seems to get into a jam at school or in life it always seems his best friends are there to help. How that is the true test of friendship. Only true loyal friends would follow Harry on this seven year journey when they know that they could die in the process. I think that they would even give thier lives just to keep their friend Harry alive. Some people aren't so lucky to have friends like this. I couldnt imgaine Harry having to go on this journey alone. But with Hermione and Ron next to him I can see it being a little easier. Me myself would almost enjoy this journey with my friends. Even with the danger I could see myself just having fun with my friends. Although it would be different once i was actually in this situation. OK so thats it Yairgs. Later.



Indie reading assignment #31 111-175 Sun 4-26-09

     Another chunk of this book is gone and it is going so fast its hard to keep everything in order. As I said last time the Ministry has been taken over and now it will be even easier to find Harry for Voldemort. However something is being said about wands in the book and I'm not sure what it all means. One wand maker was tortured until he told Voldemort that any wand that wasn't his could kill Harry. However that didn't work when Harry's wand acted on its own as Harry claimed and disarmed Voldemort. And in previous books it was said that there was a link between Harry and Voldemorts minds. Each of them could see and think what the other one was seeing and hearing, to an extent. So in this book Harry has a vision of Voldemort torturing the one wand maker, then searching for another well known wand maker that has since retired. He is looking for a link as to why Harry, since he is much inferior in skill to Voldemort, has been able to survive all these encounters. Voldemort thinks it has something to do with the wands him and Harry have. But as of yet I do not know how or why. Or even if there is a link. So I will have to keep on updating you on this. Good-Bye.



Indie reading assigment #30 pg 63-110 Fri 4-24-09

     Ok well Harry in this book is really messing peoples lives up big time. I would not like to be Harry because it seems everywhere he goes no matter where, someone either dies, gets seriously injured, or their lives become horrible. When Harry was transported from one house to another the people helping to protect Harry had to create 5 Harry's with a potion so Voldemort didn't know which one the real Harry is. In this process a very powerful wizard dies and another one of Harry's friends gets his ear whacked off and cannot repair it. Then the person Harry was traveling with that night also got hurt and almost killed. The only reason he was able to save him was because his wand acted on its own and stunned Voldemort so he didn't kill him. Then once Harry is finally at the safe house. He is planning his departure to start his quest for the horcruxes. The day he was about to leave he finds out the Ministry of Magic was taken over by Voldemort and that the Minister is dead. Just then death eaters, Voldemorts followers, appear and start cursing people and others are fighting them back making is easy for Harry to escape. But he was also in discise so it might have been even worse had he not been. So Harry is pretty much ruining lives and he knows it and tells people that. Yet they think he is going to destroy Voldemort so they risk their lives to save him. That all... Prom was great Yeargs! You do a wicked robot.


Indie reading assignment #29 pg 30-62 Sun 4-19-09


     The book is still in the beginning so it is still kind of boring. Harry has departed from his house to go on his quest to find Voldemort. And one thing I didn't expect to happen, especially since his aunt and uncle were so cruel to him as a boy and still are mean to him, is that the Order of the Phoenix is giving the Dursley's protection from the dark lord. They are taking every precaution because once Harry turns 17 his magical barrier will be broken and that is when he will be especially vulnerable to Voldemort. This barrier is what keeps Voldemort from knowing where Harry is when he is not at school. Once it is gone his magic will be traceable and able to find. Now along with Hermione and Ron helping him as they said they would in the last book; he has some of his close friends and other people from the order helping him. Including some of the past and current teachers at Hogwarts. This will be a huge help considering the horcruxes will be guarded by very powerful and dark magic. He will need those teachers' knowledge and wisdom to help him even track them down. I also think that the memories he and Dumbledore witnessed in the last book will have a major rule in some or maybe all the horcruxes. Alright Yeargs bye bye.



Indie reading assignment #28 pg 1-29 Sat 4-18-09

      I started my new Harry Potter book. This is the last in the series and where everything goes down in the series. Harry duels someone dies and everything happens in this book. So far not much has happened as what could be guessed because it is in the very beginning. It is not fast reading yet but I know that once I get in the middle of the action everything will be very good. I have a feeling that this will be the best Harry Potter book of all. And even though some people have ruined the book for me because it came out a while ago I still think it will be good. Harry right now is at his aunt's house which is where he lives when he is not at school. Although in this book he says that he will not go back to school. This will be weird for me not reading about his school work. I don't know what he will do for this whole book. But I know the overall gist of the book is to find the horcruxes and destroy them. Then at the end of the book I'm guessing he battles Voldemort but we will have to wait and see. Later Yeargs.


Indie reading assignment #27 pg 512- 652 Sun 4-12-09

     So I finally finished this book and I was pretty pumped when it was done. So the end of the book pretty much was Harry went with Dumbledore to destroy a horcrux and they got it but Dumbledore became very very weak in this effort. So Harry had to help him get back to the school. And Malfor comes out. Now I had thought that Malfoy's task was to kill Harry but i was totally wrong. All along he was supposed to kill Dumbledore. At the end he let in some death eaters, Voldemorts followers, into the school. So Malfoy has Dumbledore there by himself wandless because Dumbledore had frozen Harry under an invisibility cloak so no one could see or kill him. Then professor Snape comes out of the school. And even though Dumbledore had trusted Snape for so long; Snape just killed him right there since Malfoy showed no signs of doing it. Then the teachers were talking about closing the school, but that doesn't matter to Harry because he said he isnt coming back to the school anymore. He is setting out on the task to find all the Horcruxes. And Ron and Hermione tell them they're coming with him. Although now that Harry doesn't have Dumbledore it will be harder. And now I'm going to start the next Potter book which is the last and should be very interesting.




Indie reading assignment #26 Dag gon it i forgot over the long break my bad yeargs!!!


Indie reading assignment #25 457-512 Sun 4-5-09 

     Ok so they shared Professor Slughorns memory and this may seem like a summary but I'll try not to do a total summary. So Voldemort is in an office with Slughorn and the class is dismissed to go to bed. So Voldemort stays behind to ask a question to the professor. The question was about horcruxes, which, you find out in the dream are spells in which you split your soul in two and hide it in a object so you are almost immortal. So Voldemort gets all excited about this idea but he is still only a mere boy in school. But he asks if you can possibly split your soul in 7 or more and hide these horcruxes all over. He also wants to know the spell on how to do so. Slughorn tells him how, which is by the act of killing someone, but he does not know the exact spell to preform. This is also when the memory fades as Slughorn stops talking about this subject. So the significance of this memory is that this is how Voldemort has been staying alive all these years. And when Dumbledore leaves the castle for weeks at a time he is trying to track down these objects. Him and Harry together have thought up about 6 horcruxes although they don't know if they are actual ones. And two of those six Harry and Dumbledore have destroyed. So that only leaves 4 more and than the part of his soul that is in him. That is the only way to be able to finish off Voldemort too. All the Horcruxes must be destroyed first then the last one can die also.



Indie reading assignment #24 pg 416-456 Sat 4-4-09

     In a few chapters this book will be finished and I am very excited to start the new one already. After reading this one I have a better appriciation for the series. Now knowing that half of the book is not in the movies. so I cannot wait to see how this exciting series will end. In the book Harry has been tailing Malfoy around the castle with house elves in order to find out what he is up to. He found out that he is using all his spare time in the room of enchantment. Which is the room that Harry and his fellow classmates used in the last book to learn their own form of magic since the school was taken over and transformed into a non-sense magical school. So in this room Harry believes that Malfoy is preparing for his task Voldemort has given him. And at the beginning of the book we found out that the task was to kill Harry. But for Malfoy this will be impossible because the proficy states only Harry or Voldemort can kill the other. So how Malfoy is preparing I do not know. However Harry is trying to find out. He is sitting outside the room trying to get in. Though it is impossible without knowing why he is in there. For it is a magical room and the door only appears for those who know what is going on in the room. Then there is the memory that Harry obtained that is supposed to be the most important memory Dumbledore knows of. But they have only said that he has got it. Not what is in it. So i will talk about it next time. BYE!


Indie reading assignment #23 pg 383-415 Sun 3-29-09

     So this book is getting towards the climax I believe. I think soon that Harry will either discover Malfoy or Snape doing something that will prove his relationship with Voldemort. However Harry is still preparing for his battle with Voldemort. He is continuing his lessons with  Dumbledore although they, in my opinion, are not very worthwhile. The one he showed Harry was about Voldemort going and trying to find his mother. And when he couldn't find her he found his uncle. He told him that his father was a muggle, non-magical, and Voldemort hunted him down and killed him. However he used his uncle's wand and put a fake memory in his head so he thought he had committed the crime. Then Dumbledore said that this next memory was the most important memory he has in his collection. But it was just professor and Voldemort talking about cruxifixs which they haven't said what they are though. I still haven't figured why this is important. But there were different times when the memory was messed up on purpose by the professor. So now Harry's job is to get the whole memory so he can find out more about why it is so important. That's all for now YEARGS. Saw you paintin your fence. Good JOB!!!



Indie reading assignment #22 pg 302-382 Sat 3-28-09

     Read another big chunk of the book and I'm liking it more every time I read it. Hogwarts however is not doing so well. There have been attacks on students there and many students' parents are worried about their kids safety. Hogwarts is almost closing down for good because of Voldemort's doings. There was a girl who was carrying a box that was to be delivered to someone and it broke open. It turns out that there was a hexed necklace in it and it touched her skin and she was immediatley cursed. She was so bad that she had to be taken to a special hospital for magical injuries and still hasn't made it out. There there was Ron, Harry's best friend, who was poisoned by a bottle of wine that a teacher had in their office. The poisen was not meant for Ron however. Though it is not known who it was for. It could have been for Harry, the teacher who had the bottle, or Dumbledore. The only reason Ron did not get hurt was because Harry was there to save the day. He shoved a stone that cures almost every poisen with his fast wits. Also because the book Harry has with the Half Blood Prince's writing in it helped him too. The day before he had to make an antidote for a poisen in potions class and the book just said the stone's name and that it cures mostly everything. So Harry again saved the day. In fact he has helped save 3 of the Weasley, Rons last name, family. They owe him their lives. So hopefully when the time comes they can help him defeat the Dark Lord.



Indie reading assignment # 21 pg 237-302 Sun 3-22-09

     Harry had his second personal lesson with Dumbledore to help prepare Harry to face Voldemort. His so called lessons pretty much consist of Harry going back and looking at Dumbledore's and other people's personal memories. Using a magical device called a Pensieve they can actually not just watch the memories but also relive them going back and walking around in them but you cannot be seen. So these memories Harry is going back and watching are various memories that have to do with the Dark Lord. Dumbledore is doing this because he wants Harry to know everything he can about Harry so that when he faces him the next time he will know the strengths and weaknesses of him. Also he may see something in Voldemorts past that he can say to him that can just get him a little mad. Like get on his nerves. If people knew everything about me it wouldnt take long for them to get me annoyed and furious. This could really play to Harry's advantage as he goes along the path to his fight. He has seen two memories so far which include his mother as a child putting a love potion in his fathers drink so that they could be together. Then the other memory is when Voldemort first finds out he is a wizard and is able to attend school for wizards at Hogwarts. Another thing that is interesting is from the very beginning of the book when Dumbledore first comes in his hand is blackened and scarred and eveytime Harry asks what happened he says another time Harry. But he says it is a very cool and interesting story. I kind of want to know how it happened. L8r Yeargs.


Indie reading assignment #20 Pg 168-236 Sat 3-21-09

     Harry is attracting a whole lot of attention at school nowadays. Ever since he was called the chosen one everyone has been treating him like a celebrity and just staring at him in school and the hallways. And in potions class he has become the best of the best. On the first day he mastered a potion that even trained wizards mess up. Although it wasn't all him alone. And he was resentful to tell his friends this but he had gotten help fro the "half blood prince" who had written in his potions book. Giving him different  instructions and also different results. So his friend hermione the top of the class was getting mad at him for using it. Although Harry had offered to let her use the book too. As a prize for mastering the potion the first day he was given a luck potion. Whoever drank it would become lucky for up to 12 hours. He pretended to put this in Ron's drink before a quiddich match. Ron thought he had the luck so he played wonderfully saving goals left and right. Afterwards Harry told him he didn't use the potion and Ron was astounded. Just shows you if you're thinking lucky you will be lucky.



Indie reading assignment #19 Pg 137-167 Sun 3-15-09   

     Harry is back at school for only a few days and he already got in a fight with his enemy, Drako Malfoy. Drako is and has always been a jerk to Harry. He gets mad because Harry gets all the attention at school. His family is rich and has very high connections in the wizarding world. However everywhere Harry is he gets all the attention from everyone. He is also the son of Lucious Malfoy. Which is another reason Drako is mad at Harry. His father was a ferm follower of Voldemort before Harry survived the curse Voldemort put on him. If Harry hadn't lived his family would be in high power right now with Voldemort ruling the world. However since Harry survived he saved the world. Thus all the death eaters (Voldemorts Followers) were left with no one to help and went back to being normal. Then when Voldemort came back to power two years ago the death eaters came back out of retirement and started helpin the dark lord again. So last book they all fought against Harry and his friends. So everyone now knows that Lucious is a death eater and was sent to Azkaban the prison for magical beings. So Drako is even more mad at Harry for putting his father in jail. Dang yeargs im done later.



Indie reading assignment #18 pg 121-136 Sat 3-14-09   

      I have read a little more in my book and it is getting very interesting.Harry is now getting private lessons from Albus Dumbledore getting reading to be prepared to fight Voldemort in the end. In the last book Harry heard of a prophecy in this wizard world about him and the one who tried to kill him. It stated that neither Harry or Voldemort can live while the other survives. Which in english means that in the end one of the two will have to end up killing the other. Now only Harry and Dumbledore know the prophecy's contents which helps their case because they have knowledge voldemort doesn't. So Harry can begin preparing for what will become probably his last fight either way. Either he kills Voldemort and lives yet no one would dare mess with him after he accomplished such a feet and Voldemorts followers would try but Harrys friends would be there. Or he dies in the battle. And since Voldemort is being hunted and tracked down by almost every powerful good wizard out there Harry has one step on him in the end. So this year at Hogwarts should be interesting since Snape is now working for Voldemort as well. He is feeding the "dark lord" info from inside the walls of Hogwarts. So in the end I am excited to see how this book as well as the one that follows it will end up and how Harry will fight Voldemort. Later Yarggy.



Indie reading assignment #17 pg 78-120 Sun 3-8-09   

     I read a lot last night and earlier today. The book got pretty interesting in the few chapters and I'm starting to like it more and more. I don't really think that when books are made into movies that the movie does the book enough credit. Like with this series. I have read most of the previous 5 books and I have seen every movie out so far. Yet there are many differences between them. There are scenes cut out of the book to fit it into a movie. That just doesn't make the movie very good if you have read the book. I think this about most movies I have seen and the books I have read. Like I visualize the characters in my mind I have a specific look that Harry and other characters have. Then when I see the movie it doesn't always fit. Like the last book I read. They made a movie about the first book in that series. And although I haven't seen the whole movie I saw the previews and other things on the movie. When I saw the previews i almost didn't want to watch the movie. I thought that it would ruin the book all together. The characters were nothing like i imagined and the objects and city in the book just seemed out of place in my mind. I think Harry Potter movies are not as bad as this since I have seen all the movies i can visualize when I read characters and the movies look the same. So some movies do the book justice like Potter movies. Yet others don't give the movies enough detail like the books like Ember. Thats it for today. See you next time on Write about YOUR BOOK.


Indie reading assignment #16 pg 52- 78 Sat 3-7-09

          The book picked up more since last time I read. There is more action going on inside the school and I can tell that the next few chapters are going to get really interesting. Im going to talk about Ron. He is Harry's best friend at the school and is a wizard along with the rest of his family. From previous books I know that Ron has 3 brothers and 1 sister. His oldest brother is training dragons somewhere in another continent. Then his other 2 brothers are the class clowns at Hogwarts. They goof around in the school and always get in trouble. Then there is his sister who end up being Harry's girlfriend. Now Ron's family isn't very wealthy and he always has to use hand me down items for school. For this reason he recieves a lot of torment from others at th e school. Especially Malfoy who is rich. But since he if friends with Harry most people at the school respect him. He also isn't the best student either. But thanks to his other friend Harmione he makes it through ok. Thats all about Ron later YAIRGINTIME.




Indie reading assignment #15 pg 46-51 Sun 3-1-09

            I just read some more of the book and its starting to pick up a little more than it has been so far. Harry is back at school for his 6th year at Hogwarts. He is being reunited with his old teachers and classmates and I think in a little bit the book will really take off. Like I know school always does when I got back. In the summer you almost want school to come so you can see your friends all the time again since you barely see them in the summer. Then you get to school and think why did I want to come back to this place. Then once again it goes quickly and before you know it you are out of high school as you know it. I know my years in Columbiana have gone quickly. Especially since I have had practice almost every day of school for some sport or another. So what I’m saying is if the book is anything like the experiences I have had in my school days Harry is soon going to start with action and adventure at Hogwarts.


Indie reading assignment #14 pg 21-45 Sat 2-28-09

     Well this book is still in the exposition but its not bad. Because I have seen and read the one previous to this book it is almost like a continuation of that one almost. But Harry is pretty much a beast of a character in this book. Well in the whole series too. I wish I could live in a world like that. To have magical powers and be able to do the things that Harry can do would be the coolest thing ever. But to have a person like Valdamort would be bad too. If i was Harry i would honestly be scared my whole life. Especially if I had to parents to protect me and my school was going bad and people and situations were threatening me left and right. Thats why I give props to Harry. If that was a real place and he was getting treatment like that and things were happenining like that to me I would have ran away a long time ago. I mean if there was a person out there trying to kill me and people didnt believe me about the person i might have to hurt someon. Then they even see that person and they still dont believe it. Thats just not right. Heck there are even people around Harry who are working for the evil Valdamort. That would be one scary life. L8r Yeargs.


Indie reading assignment #13 pg 1-20 Fri 1-27-09

     I have just started reading my new book. I decided that since I like the Harry Potter movies and the books I have already read in that series that I thought I would try Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Now this is the next movie supposed to come out so it should be interesting to see what happens in it. I usually enjoy reading these books. Whenever I read a series it is usually good. I like series because when the next book comes out you know about it already and it is easier to read and get through the exposition. I found this out with the last book I read. Which was part of the series of Ember books. And i have also found this out with the Harry Potter books. It is much easier to understand because you know the authors style and what he or she means when they say a certain phrase. Also it is better because if you like the first book of the series you will probably like the next few which has happened for me as well. Well we'll see what happens Yeargs. TDOG out.



Indie reading assignment #12 pg 251-285 Sun 1-22-09

     Book completed. Finally I see things tie up at the end of the book. At the end they found out how to use the diamonds for electricity and they use them with lightbulbs to retrieve stuff from Ember. At the end they have a much better live with items to trade and Lina has a horse to deliver messages. The end of this book made me realize how lucky we are to have all the inventions and things we use in everyday life. To live by only the light of the sun and just candles would be bad. And then their houses were in bad shape too. Today we life in a world where people have a bad attitude about everything in the world pretty much. But in this book the people are happy just to get more than one potatoe for dinner. Then they find an electricity making diamond. That pretty much makes their world 100% better. They now can see in the dark without a candle. And they also found out how to use the diamond to make other things run on electricity. Now what would happen in our world today if we found some new invention that would change the world as we know it. My guess everyone in this world would either A. fight for it and end up destroying it all together or B. just not even care about it and complain about everyother aspect of their lives. That is what is bad about how we live. We should be more like Sparks.



Indie reading assignment #11 pg 237- 250 Sat 1-21-09

     Man i didn't read too much this time but it was two chapters so i went with it. I'll make up for it next time though don't worry. Ok so now the book is making more sense to me and im glad because for a while I was thinking I was not going to like this book because of the ending. But today I think im going to talk about the smarts of Doon Harrow, one of the main characters of the book. There are several instances in this book, and in the whole series, where he demonstrated some very good wits on his part. In the first book he was the one that got them out of the city. In the second book he was the one that stopped a war that almost ended the lives of the whole town. And now in this book he has first off because of thirst for knowledge he purchased a book that everyone else would have just looked over and never really read. But Doon got it and it turned out to be a book that was meant for the city he came from. So after he finds this book he gets the idea to go back to his old city and find things that his new town would need, food, clothing, medical supplies, ect. And after all that he finds a diamond that is able to make electricity which is not around anymore, until now. But there was only one. So he thinks about that and then realizes that when he left Ember there was only one boat to ride in. But when he looked around for a little bit there were rooms full of boats. So he searched around the diamond and found rooms full of them. Now thats one smart kid. I guess it's true when you say everyone smart reads in their spare time. Just like Doon.



Indie reading assignment #10 pg 212- 236 Thurs 1-19-09 

     Ok so now in my book is getting confusing now more than ever. The jewel they found that would help their lived out was shattered and i have no idea what is going on. Other than that the book is awesome. The two kids found eachother and have made it out of their dieing city fine. But then wolves attacked them and Doon has hurt his ankle. So Lina and him must somehow limp back to thier old city. Then when the wolves attacked they shattered the diamond that would help their city. So now when they go back they have nothing to show off from their old city. So basically they will be in trouble for causeing a lot of trouble and gaining nothing out of it. Although they shut of the water and electricity in Ember so no one else can live there. So now they can go back and collect some supplies



Indie reading assignment #9 pg 194-211 Sun 1-15-08

     WOW! What a suprise another two chapters read away. So now im pretty sure im getting pretty close to the climax of the book. The action is getting exciting. I just cant wait to see what is coming next. I actually like reading this book. This whole series is great. I just can't guess what is coming next and it keeps me on the edge of my seat when im reading. I usually read before I go to bed at night and i almost don't want to go to bed. I usually start around 10:30 or 10:45 and read for a while sometimes i don't even go to bed until 11 or 11:30. Now books i read at school I usually don't do this. I dred reading because I think most books i read at school are BORING. But now since we get to choose I like reading a lot. Especially when i get in the middle of the action and the book gets interesting. Well thats all for now. Later Yeargs.


Indie reading assignment #8 pg 175-193 Sat 1-14-08

     Oh boy yeargs another 2 chapters down in this thrilling adventure. But this book is actually really confusing me. One moment I think I have figured out what is going on and what will happen next. Then the next thing I know the book is making no sense and I dont know what is goign on anymore. Like this book they found was about a jewel to find in the new city. But where the book was the person that found  the book said the jewel was next to it. So I don't know what is going on anymore. But i actually think i have an idea once i thought about it long enough. Since this jewel is pretty big and it could be powerful in some way. So i think that they will actually find a machine in Ember somehow and have to get it out to  Sparks. And this giant blue diamond will power this machine and the machine will help their whole city be better. But we'll see YEARGS.


Indie reading assignment #7 pg 147-174 Fri 2-13-09   

  Yet another two chapters are gone in my book. I really like this author Jeanne Deprau. Well I have only read this series but I like the way she writes. She has a lot of adventure in her books. She incorporates many things into to her novels. She has many subplots in her books yet they all tie together at the end of the book in a way that makes it all sensible. And the things she writes about I like too. Her first novel was my favorite by far The City of Ember, about an underground city made to survive in case the real world died off. Then there was The people of Sparks. Now this novel was about the outside world when the people of the underground city escaped and came out. I didn’t like this book as much as the first one because there wasn’t as much action. But it was still a very good novel. And there is The Diamond of Darkhold. This book is becoming my favorite of the series but we will see how it ends up.


Indie reading assignment #6 pg 125-146 Sun 2-8-09

     Another two chapters down in my book. And I can already tell the rest of the book will be interesting. There have been some twists and turns that i was not expecting in the book. But thats part of what makes it a good book. I think it would be awesome if i were Doon or Lina in real life. Not Lina because she is a girl but what they have done and how they are is really interesting to me. They both lived in a city that during its good days when they had enough supplies was almost perfect. They had nothing to worry about. They always had food and water and clothes. And they didn't really have too many things to think about. And then when they did get in trouble with their city they were the ones who saved everyone in Ember. They freed the whole city or else everyone would be dead. To have that happen and save almost a whole civilization is pretty awesome. Then to stop two sides of almost 400 people each from starting a war and ending practically half the population in the world from dieing is pretty sweet too. Then in this book they are trying to save their cities again with a new tool they are going to find. So i think overall it would be really cool if something like that happened to me. Like if i were to even really save 1 person from something or find something that would help the world would be wicked.


Indie reading assignment #5 pg 101-124 Sat 2-7-09


     i just read two more chapters in my book and now i think the book is almost leveling off in its pace. At the beginning i thought the reading was much better than now. Becuase i somewhat had an idea of what would happen when they got to their city. But my idea was totally wrong. So i think that kind of added to the dieing off of the intensity of the book. Also in the beginning i thought that it went faster because i knew what everything was from the first book. And i also knew what was going on and where they would be going next. Now that he is back in the city and kidnapped i do not know what he will do but it is just getting boring. But by the end of the book i have a feeling what they will find and what will happen. So i have a feeling the pace will be picking up soon as Lina goes back and has to rescue Doon


Indie reading assignment #4 pg 76-100 Thurs 2-5-09

     These two chapters are about when Doon and Lina go back to their old city to look around for useful things. And they went through all the places they used to know as children and things they remember about the city they grew up in. This reminded me somewhat of myself in the sense that my older brother used to live up where we moved from in an apartment. And when we would go to visit him we would sometimes go and drive through our old neighborhood. This was very interesting especially the first time we did it. To see our house we spent 14 years in and see how it has changed just really was kinda of weird. The people that moved in there changed the front a lot. It almost didn't look like my house. Then to see our neighbors and other places we once visited was really wierd since we never go there anymore. The same thing happened in this book. These new people moved into their old city and are ruining it. Burning things Doon and Lina once loved and treating the place like trash. It just reminded me of my move and going back to my old house.


Indie reading assignment #3 Pg 33-75 Sun 2-1-09      

     I have read another two chapters in my book. The first chapters deals with the long journey that Lina and Doon had to make to get back to their old city. It took one day and they walked the whole time barely stopping for anything so they could get there by nightfall. Although sometimes along the way Lina had thought they were lost. But then they finally saw it. A crack in the mountain where they had once seen their old city and dropped a note to them to escape. So they went to the crack to see what they thought would be total and udder darkness. But they saw something they never expected a dim light in the city. They didn't know what the light was but were so tired they couldn't make a journey down there that night so they went to bed. The next morning they finally after observing the spot many times found a way down the mountain side and into their city. So they got their packs and the book they had found that had led them here and went all the way down the city into the dark regions known as the Unknown Regions in Ember to go to their city and see what the light was.


Indie reading assignment #2 Pg 32-52 Sat. 1-31-09

     I read another two chapters in my book. The first of these two chapters talked about the book with eight pages in more detail. It talks about how all the things Doon has found in this book. He knows some other words and figured out that this book had something to do with an object left for the people of Ember to use. Something that would extremely help them out in this new world. So he discusses these findings with his best friend Lina, who helped lead their people out of Ember. While talking about this thing that they have discovered about they both agree that it is their job to find it. But how? They must go back and somehow get back into Ember to look around for the new "thing". So in the next chapter they start discussing their plan for departure. Knowing that everyone will want to go with them they descide to leave unanounced. So they both start preparing for their journey and get packs to bring along the way. Then at the end of the chapter they descide on a time and day to leave and get ready to go back to their old dying city.


Indie reading assignment #1 Pg 1-31 Thur. 1-29-09

       I just read the first two charpters in my book and the introduction. So far the book is not very exciting but thats what i expected in the exposition. But now im almost at the end of the beginning and i can tell the books about to pick its pace up. So far not much has happened in the book. In the introduction the tell about the City of Ember and a book and invention that was left on the way out to help the struggling new city as them emerge into the real world. Then in the first chapter it pretty much describes the life of their new city in their first winter there. So then chapter two talks about a roamer who comes and trade with people for goods they find in old abandoned cities. So he comes to town and has nothing of interest until the end when a boy named Doon sees a book. Not in great shape or even with all the pages. But Doon loves to read so he trades for the book. It only has eight pages because the others were ripped out. But on the last page it says "For the people of Emb" and he figured out this book was meant for his people.

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Tyler, nice assignment number three. We are using this in an upcoming assignment. Most of your work shows a solid understanding of the play. The setting was a little older than you said in the film version of the play, but good overall comments. Your advice column offers some really good advice. I like how you gave options to lovesick lassie. Really nice work. Keep things up!

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Week 1--------------IR------------------3/3

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Week 3--------------------------------IR--------------------------------3/3
Sounds like you are having a pretty good relationship with your book. Sometimes a good book is challenging like that. One minute you know and the next a twist comes in and leaves you scratching your head! Overall, it sounds as if you really like the book (thanks for not summarizing so much...discussion is much better).

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